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Through It All

By 18lzytwner

Chapter 1

"Fiyero! We have to slow down!" Elphaba pleaded with him as he pushed his way through the forest. They now ran through the forest, Fiyero sure that he'd been followed back to the abandoned Kiamo Ko. He could not shake the feeling he'd been having since departing the Emerald City.

"Fiyero! We aren't all made of straw! I can't keep on like this!" The words stung and Fiyero halted, releasing Elphaba's hand, causing the tiring green skinned woman to run into him. They ended up on the ground, Elphaba crying out in pain. His anger at words vanished as she grabbed her left knee. She'd struck it on something he could not see as the waning sun's light dipped below the horizon.

"I'll build us a fire," he said it as though it was no big deal but her hand stopped him.

"Not unless you want to burn yourself up, you're not. Just give me a few moments to catch my breath and find out what is going on with my knee," Elphaba smiled slightly and quickly cast a spell to give her light. Not a large one as she feared whatever Fiyero believed was out there would spot them. Carefully she lifted her torn skirt enough to look at the damage. Her knee was bleeding from a gash that looked quite nasty.

"Oh Unnamed God," she cursed slightly and cast a healing spell, fixing her knee. She flexed her leg and it felt much better. Carefully she stood, letting what remained of her skirt fall down into place.

"We need to keep moving," Fiyero said.

"Where are we even going? What has gotten into you? You're running like whole world is after us. I'm dead, remember?" Elphaba didn't mean for her tone to be harsh but she couldn't help it. She'd been looking forward to seeing him again but when he arrived at the castle he'd been preoccupied and barely said a word to her. He heaved a sigh.

"I'm sorry about what I said but it was the only way to get your attention and I promise that once we've settled somewhere I'll change you back. Please talk to me Yero. I love you," he could tell she meant it and he was mad at himself for shutting her out. If it was possible he fell into a depression after the "defeat of the Wicked Witch". Everyone around him was so happy she was gone and he ached for her despite the fact that he could not feel her touch or taste her lips when they kissed. His instant celebrity made it incredibly difficult to get away and finally he decided that the middle of the night in the back of a hay wagon was the only way to escape the city. Even after he left the hay wagon, he was continually ducking off the road, trying to find a way to not be followed or noticed. There were times he longed for his trusty rifle.

"Yero?" It was then he realized he'd never answered her question.

"I'm sorry," was all he managed to say and she pulled him into a hug. They stood there, not moving, and Fiyero could tell that despite her brave façade, Elphaba's tight grip of him belied her true feelings.

"We can talk later. Lead on. We'll get to wherever you want to go first," the witch smiled.

"You need to sleep," he pointed out.

"I'll sleep later. Come on," she took his hand and started in the direction they had been heading when a voice said,

"I could use some sleep." The two froze in their tracks. Fiyero cursed under his breath and said,

"Who goes there?" The ground rustled and tree branches broke as the figure came out of the shadows.

To Be Continued…