"Ginger, do you know where Mary Ann is?" the Professor asked as he passed the redheaded movie star doing the breakfast dishes.

"No. Why do you ask?"

"I found a notebook down where she does her laundry and figured it was personal. So I decided to give it to her directly." the scientist answered with a slight frown.

"No, I haven't seen her since breakfast. I hope she gets back soon. I know I can't manage cooking lunch by myself."

The Professor nodded knowingly. "Well, I'll be getting along," he said.

He decided to take the scenic path down to the lagoon and ask the Skipper and Gilligan. But he hardly noticed the scenery. He felt a bit uneasy, as if something were about to happen.

"No, she hasn't been down here at all," the Skipper answered when the Professor questioned him. He turned to the first mate, who was reeling in a fish. "Gilligan, when did you last see Mary Ann?"

"This morning at breakfast." the first mate replied without looking up from his task.

"Ginger hasn't seen her since then, either," the teacher sighed.

"What about the Howells?" the Skipper inquired as he slipped another piece of bait onto his fishhook. "That's right, I haven't asked them! Thanks!" the Professor exclaimed, breaking into a run towards the huts.

A few minutes later he found himself walking disappointedly away from their hut. He sat down at the communal table. Neither Howell had seen the brunette since breakfast, and it was now almost time for lunch. Surely she'd show up and spare them Ginger's cooking. It would be cruelty to subject them to the horrors that came from the movie star's thoroughly distorted food preparation mind. Each second that ticked by on his watch seemed to take a minute in itself.

"Professor!" Ginger cried, running toward him and jerking him out of his train of thought. He was on his feet in an instant.

"What's happened?"

"Oh, Professor!" she whispered. "I was just in our hut and…and…"

"And what?" he asked urgently.

The movie star was shivering and for a moment it seemed she was almost unable to continue.

"All of Mary Ann's things are gone!" she burst out before the tears began. "Oh Professor, she's gone! Gone for good!"