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"But Professor, I feel fine!" Mary Ann protested.

"Mary Ann, bed rest is the best thing when you've been lying out in the cold for who knows how long in such skimpy attire." He said firmly, beginning to pack up his bamboo medical equipment.

"But that was two weeks ago!"

"Side effects may be lurking under the surface."

"Professor, it was my understanding…" He silenced her with an icy glare.

"The moment I'm sure that you won't have a relapse, I'll let you out of bed. Until then…" he grandly left the hut.

Mary Ann had never been the suspicious type. But there was something about the way her fellow castaways had been acting lately. Like the whispered arguments she sometimes heard after dark when the others thought she was asleep. Something about the Olympics…

No wonder they did it when they did. She'd usually done a pretty good job of bottling herself up and not troubling them, but this…

She just hadn't been able to control herself because of those countless feelings rushing through her mind all at once. And it hadn't been her intent to cause them any inconvenience. That was why she'd run away. Why did they have to bring her back here? She never would have told them otherwise. It wasn't as though they needed her problems as well as their own…

Oh, I'm so stupid! She thought angrily. Why couldn't I just hide everything like I always have?