The Corporate Catch

By: Sandreline

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The Finale

Kagome was warm, and comfortable – almost overly so. She felt so content, so happy.

The warm breath on her neck caused her to stiffen. The priestess went from a deep sleep to being fully alert with wide, open eyes. As her heart raced, her brain took note that a strong and familiar body was curled around behind her, and the stripes and claws on the arm across her waist confirmed the identity.

Yup, it was Sesshomaru. Yup, she was in his apartment. More specifically, she was in his bed. How did she end up here again?

Ah, yes. Desperation and depression. Guilt and loneliness. Yup, she was up to speed.

Her voice cracked out in a whisper so soft, that she was afraid even his superior hearing would not catch her words. "Sesshomaru?"

A rumbled was her response, and a nose nuzzled into her back of her neck. "Sleep, bitch." The dog's voice was husky with sleep. "This one shall discuss with you whatever you wish, later."

"…ok…" she answered just as soft as Sesshomaru's arm snaked up her chest and pulled her even harder against his own. Her body relaxed, and her eyes slowly closed. She would let him win, this round. After all, why waste a moment like this with words? She once again welcomed the content feeling from before as she drifted off to sleep in the arms of the Demon Lord.


Kagome awoke again much later, so much later that the bright blaze from the sun outside stirred her from her slumber. When she finally got her bearings, she realized that she was very much alone. The blankets behind her hardly looked rumpled. Did she dream that her demon was sleeping with her?


Blue eyes turned to the door to see her demon, standing as flawlessly as ever, with his gold eyes piercing her form. "Sesshomaru, I..." She began, her eyes slowly filling up with tears.

His silver head of hair shook. "There have been few things in this Sesshomaru's life that I have not been proud of. I am aware that the way that I chose to go about Courting you was very underhanded and improper,"

"Sesshomaru," Kagome tried again.

"However, when I want something, I get it. This Sesshomaru is willing to do whatever it takes to obtain what is his, and you most assuredly belong to this Sesshomaru."


He slowly began to approach her on his bed. "You stir my beast in ways that I never imagined possible. There has been no other female to claim my attentions as you so fully have captured mine. It may have started out as desiring to have the best assistant in the company, but it became so much more than that. I was not going to risk losing you, as you were so determined to be rid of This Sesshomaru, so I will not and never will apologize for the course I took to win you."

"Sesshomaru…" Kagome once more tried to interrupt as Sesshomaru moved to sit before her on his bed.

"I will not apologize, Kagome. This Sesshomaru needs you, more than you will ever know."

"Sesshomaru!" Kagome cried out, and it was then that the tears broke free. "I'm sorry!"

The Demon Lord blinked. This was not what he was expecting.

"I am so sorry, I overreacted." Kagome continued, wanting nothing more than for her demon to take her in his arms. "I was not thinking straight, and was being selfish and weak. I pitied myself instead of seeing the big picture."

Silence enveloped them for a moment. "What is the big picture, Kagome?" Sesshomaru asked in almost a careful tone.

The priestess clutched the blanket in her hands. "That we are going to be together forever; and," with a small and hopeful smile, she continued. "I would not want it any other way."

Neither was sure who moved towards the other first, but the two of them met in the middle of the small distance, and sealed it with a kiss. Sesshomaru easily scooped up his fiery priestess and laid her back on his bed. Their bed.


"Director of Marketing, Kagome Taisho speaking. How can I help you?" Kagome's voice answered happily.

"Kagome, my darling daughter dear!" Inu's voice cried out over the phone. "InuPapa is so happy to hear my darling daughter's voice! How are you? How is everything going?" He asked.

Kagome smiled warmly. "Everyone is wonderful, Inu Papa." Kagome answered.

"Marvelous," He answered. "Can I still expect you and my eldest pup for dinner at the mansion tonight?"

"Of course! I cannot wait."

"Izaiyo is anxious to assist you and your mother with the wedding plans." He added with a purr of pride in his voice. He would have his long awaited grandpups very, very soon!

Kagome laughed. "I would greatly appreciate her help. Lord knows that Sesshomaru does not care of that sort of thing."

The former Dog General let out a booming laugh. "That's to be expected, I am sure. Though it is rather pointless, considering you have been Mated for several weeks now."

Kagome smiled fondly as one of her manicured hands moved to rest at the Mating mark on the side of her neck. "True, but it would make my mother happy. Not to mention I have always wanted to wear a big frilly wedding dress." Kagome teased.

"There will never be another sight as lovely." Toga flattered. "Aside from my own Mate, of course." He added, in case said Mate was in hearing range.

Kagome's eyes lit up at the figure that entered the door to her office. "I am afraid I have to let you go, Inu Papa. See you tonight!" Faintly hearing his response, she hung up the phone as her smile stretched her lips wide. "Sesshomaru," She greeted as she stood from her chair.

The silver haired demon walked around to his Mate and claimed her lips in a kiss. "Come, it is time we go home before seeing this one's parents for dinner."

Kagome simply nodded and gathered her purse and blazer. Sesshomaru wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked out. Kagome gave Ayame, who she had promoted to her personal assistant, a farewell as they walked passed.

The redheaded wolf demon gave a knowing smile as they passed her, and for just a moment she followed their forms as they headed to the elevator. It was such a rare thing to see; two beings that were molded for one another and having found each other. Opposites in many ways, yet they completed each other. With a wistful sigh, she then gave a scowl. If only Kouga would hurry it up already!

As the elevator doors shut them out to the rest of the office, the Demon Lord looked down at his ebony haired Mate. When she felt his gaze, her blue eyes met his gold, and he was given a bright smile full of love and devotion. Lord Sesshomaru had sought to obtain only the best for himself. In more ways than one, he had succeeded in obtaining the corporate catch.



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