Sudden urge to write an Aqua fic... Probably Prankwar that caused it...

Nearly forgot, I don't own KH.

Aqua strode through the shadows of the Realm of Darkness, never stopping. She didn't know how long she had been in the Darkness, maybe hours, maybe years, maybe even centuries. Time held no meaning for her any more. Seconds seemed like years, years felt like seconds. Who could say how much time had passed.

Nothing seemed to hold any meaning. All she could do was fight to stay alive. Fight, and cling to those last strands of hope. Hope that she would escape, that Terra and Ven would save her.

Master Keeper hung at her side, loosely gripped in her hand as she watched for the inevitability of the next attack. Watching, and waiting. All she had done in the time she had been down there.

Another attack was inevitable. She just had to be ready, at all times, in all places. She could count on nothing to protect her, even after so long she didn't know anything about the Realm of Darkness.

She had no clue where she was going. She could barely make out the ground at her feet. She wandered forwards, always forwards, as she worked her way through the shadows.

A lone, small monster, so like an Unversed, jumped at her, and was quickly destroyed by a simple Fire spell. She had grown strong, she had to. Her magic was so strong it had become almost divine.

She sighed, one of the few noises the Keyblade Master ever made, and stopped for a second, listening, hoping for some sign of rescue, some sign of escape. She didn't care how, she just wanted to escape.

There was no change, nothing but the sound of many creatures, nothing else. Not even a breath of wind.

Wind. It was one of the things Aqua missed most about the Realm of Light. There was never the slightest breeze in the Dark Realm. There was nothing she wanted more than to feel the breeze on her face, blowing through her hair. Nothing, except for seeing her friends again. Terra... Ven... I'll find you. We will be together again... She promised herself, and them, that constantly. She had to. It was the only thing that kept her going, that kept her from allowing the Darkness to swallow her.

She heard something. Something that she had never heard in the Dark Realm before. Just the one thing, in a slow, steady rhythm. Nothing else.


She couldn't help it. It was the first changed she'd encountered in the endless expanse of the Realm of Darkness. She had to. It was the first sign that she may have a chance to escape.

For the first time, the first time since she'd sent Terra, possessed though her was, back to the Realm of Light, she smiled.

Considering this was going to be a drabble, I'm impressed with the length.

Just a note, I have watched a walk through of BBS once, and only actually played as Terra in the Mirage Arena. Do you think it was good? Did it sound like Aqua? I'd love to hear your thoughts.