Chapter 1

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He parked in front of Sweet Desires, who the fuck names their bakery Sweet Desires? Maybe they sold porno in the back.

The first thing that crossed his mind was "what the fuck?" and from there on things got worse.

The chairs were a baby blue with pink spots splattered on the back, and it looked plushy. The tables were also pink, a softer hue then the chair but still. It was pink. The tiles were white but they looked fucking glossy as hell. The door closed softly behind him.

He had come here because Tiedoll had insisted that he needed to pick up Daisya's cake for he was finishing up his decorations but shit, he didn't think he could stay here any longer than one more minute before he lost it and wreaked havoc in this place.

Tearing his eyes from the floor he made his way over to the counter, but no one was there.

"Hello?" the shop was very quiet, he looked for the bell and with one satisfied smirk he beat the living shit out of it.

"Hold on!" A voice came from the back and Kanda finally stopped hitting the poor bell. He started to tap his foot though, cause damn he needed to get out of this place. Fuck, Kanda was gay and all but he wasn't that gay. He was a manly gay so to speak. He loved to top, not bottom for Christ's sake.

He glanced around the room once more and saw a coffee machine with a pink sticky note that said "Free coffee!" and a smiley face at the end to top it off.

Well if he was going to have to fucking wait then he'd at least take advantage of it and get some free ass coffee while he was at it. He grabbed the biggest coffee cup they had and pored some in, the smell wafted over him. He didn't practically like coffee but it smelt pretty damn good.

Closing the lid over his cup he went back to the counter waiting for the mysterious worker who was taking their sweet time.

What felt like forever the worker finally stepped out holding a pink box that made him cringe at how girly it was, but there was also black spirals on its side which sort of made up for it.

He lifted his gaze up to the person holding the box and almost dropped his coffee. Holy shit. It was the Moyashi. He said he was going to work at a bakery but really, he never thought the Moyashi had it in him. Seriously, what sane man worked in bakery?

"Sorry for the long wait, I was just putting the finishing touches on the face." Moyashi still hadn't seen him and he wondered if he could make a run for it. But then the Moyashi stopped and looked at him.

"Kanda?" disbelief colored his voice. His eyes wide in shock.

"That's my name." Moyashi graced him with a rare smile, rare as in his smiles were always directed at other people. Never him.

"I thought you were never coming back to uh… this shit town again?" he winced, when they had graduated Kanda took off to college cursing this town his whole way there.

"I already finished. I'm going to start looking for a job somewhere far from here, but for the mean time I'm staying here." Moyashi nodded in understanding.

Placing the box on the counter he stared at Kanda expectantly.

"Well aren't you going to open it and see how it turned out?"

He grunted in response and put down his coffee, opening the lid slowly, he prepared himself for the worst. He stared at the cake in disbelief. Daisyas face was staring up at him with one of his mischievous smiles.

"I tried to make him look as realistic as possible but there's only so much you can do with frosting."

Moyashi always doubted his work, never giving himself enough credit. Damn this was a master piece. He put the lid back on and made to reach for his wallet.

"Oh you don't have to. Tiedoll already paid ahead of time."


The Moyashi smiled at him. Fuck he just wanted to grab him by the collar and kiss him. He hadn't seen the Moyashi in years and he looked better than ever, his shirt clung to him and his pink frilly apron made him look adorable.

He had always had feelings for the Moyashi and he never realized them until he was in college, 300 miles away from the Moyashi.

He had always dreaded that when he came back he would find out that Moyashi and Lavi had gotten together, or worse that they had gotten married. But he had hunted down some information and found out that no such thing had happened. Moyashi was single just like the day he left.

He realized that he had just stood there staring as he was lost in thought. With one last nod at the Moyashi he picked the box and made his way out.


He stopped midstride, did the Moyashi feel the same way about him? Was he about to confess his love?

"You forgot your coffee." He gestured to his abandoned cup on the counter. Stupid coffee.

"My hands are full." He lifted the box in emphasis. He tried hard to mask his disappointment.

"I'll help you." Moyashi grabbed the coffee and met him at the front of the store.

"Where's your car?"

He gestured to the only car in front of the Moyashi's bakery. Red started to creep up the Moyashi's face.

"Of course." They made their way out and the Moyashi put the coffee on top of his car.

"Enjoy the cake. Tell Daisya I said happy birthday."

He turned to face him. He just had a brilliant idea, someone needed to give him a pat on the back for being such a genius.

"Why don't you tell him yourself?"

"D-Did you just invite me to your house?" Moyashi's face was covered in disbelief.

"Yeah, when are you getting off?" Moyashi gave him a shy glance.

"I own the place." Kanda tried to hide his shock. Well, he didn't just work in a fucking bakery shop he fucking owned it? Jesus could the Moyashi make everyone doubt his sexuality even more?

"Then close it for the day."

"I can't, I'll lose profit-"

He gave him a glare, he really wanted him to come over now.

"-and besides I didn't even buy him a present."

He smirked. "You made him a cake, that's a present."

Moyashi laughed at that. Kanda tried not to swoon like a fucking school girl.

"Tiedoll bought it so it doesn't count." Man he was being stubborn about it.

"Moyashi I don't have all day. Just come over, we don't bite."

The Moyashi made a frustrated sound and went back to the shop.

"Just give me a few minutes while I close up the shop."

He nodded but the Moyashi didn't see. Kanda waited in the car a few minutes with the cake safely secured in the back and his coffee in his hands. The air outside was cold so he turned up the heater in his car and turned on the radio.

Moyashi appeared with a sign and hung it up on the door, "closed" was written on it in elegant writing which would be the Moyashi's, he always managed to make everything look beautiful. He closed the door and made his way over to the car. Kandas gaze was on the Moyashi the whole time as he got in.

Moyashi rubbed his hands a few times and then put his seat belt on with a click.

"Okay, I'm ready." Kanda started the car and turned up the heater even more. Well it was cold, not like he was concerned that the Moyashi was cold.

They stopped at the first red light when he turned his gaze over to Kanda.

"Um… So how's it been going? I haven't seen you in years."

Kanda kept his gaze on the road. The light turned green.

"Not much just studying, I was trying to get through college as fast as possible. You?"

He sighed, "I went to school for about 2 years, but then stopped. I wanted to open up a bakery and even if Cross absolutely forbade it I couldn't help myself." He nodded in understanding. Moyashis next question surprised him.

"Are you seeing anyone right now?" Kanda clutched the wheel in a tight grip. He had to stop himself from confessing right then and there.

"No. You?" Moyashi sighed and turned his gaze out the window. Oh shit. He was sweating bullets. What if his information was wrong? What if him and Lavi had really gotten married and they adopted and the Mo-

"Nope. Forever alone." Kanda sighed in relief and then he laughed, the Moyashi always had suitors, both men and women but he never went out with any of them.

"I find that hard to believe. Especially with Lavi and his confessions of love all throughout high school." Man, were those fucking annoying. He always punched Lavi in the face after school though, so that was nice.

The Moyashi turned in his seat. "I know, but I never felt that way about him…" he got a faraway look in his face.

They went into a comfortable silence after that.

"Oh by the way, you said you didn't have a job…" he trailed off, Kanda took the bait.

"What about it?"

"Well… I need some help around the bakery. I can teach you how to bake the basic stuff. I just need some help, mostly at the cash register and cleaning up the place. It'll only be for a while until Link comes back from vacationing." Kandas heart started beating insanely fast, he could hear it pounding in his head. Moyashi had just presented to Kanda an excuse to be near him without anyone suspecting anything. But something wasn't right.

"Link?" that fucker had stalked Allen all throughout high school, and they kept telling him to be careful but he never listened telling them that Link had 'good intentions'.

"Yeah, he's quiet but he gets the work done. He had to leave to take care of his grandpa, something about a heart attack."

Kanda frowned, they had met Links grandpa a while ago, and boy was he a total fucking Douche. He was ready to split his head open but Moyashi had begged him not to. It wouldn't have been worth it anyways.

"It'll only be for a short while, Link said he'd be bac-"

"Sure." He interrupted him before he got too out of hand and started to ramble on and on, Moyashi did that sometimes when he got nervous.

"Really?" his expression showing his disbelief. Kanda smirked.

"It's what I said wasn't it?" Moyashi smiled at him.

"Yeah. Thanks. When can you start?" He thought about it for a moment. He wasn't about to say that he wanted to start tomorrow. It would seem way too fucking desperate.

"Whenever you want me to." Moyashi fidgeted with his hair for a while, Kanda found it endearing.

"How about tomorrow?"

"Eager aren't we?" Moyashi gave him a half hearted glare.

"You said whenever I want you to!"

Kanda held up a hand to shut him up before he complained even more.

"I was just kidding. Jeez. I'll start tomorrow as long as I don't have to wear a pink frilly apron." Moyashi nodded in agreement.

"I have a black one you can use." He offered.

"That'll work." With that Kanda slowed down the car and parked in front of Tiedoll's house.

"We're here."


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