Chapter 5

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AllenxEveryone, Yullen.

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Kandas heart danced, ready to burst out of his chest, fuck why did the Moyashi just have to be so fucking perfect?

"We'll talk about this later."

Kanda could only nod in agreement as he followed the Moyashi back into the house.

They were met with confused glances by everyone else still in the house and Timothy was nowhere in sight.

"Where's Timothy?"

The young girl Beth spoke up when the other kids kept silent.

"He went into his room and locked himself up."


The Moyashi made to go upstairs but Kanda took hold of his shoulder.

"He needs some time."

The Moyashi hesitated for a moment, not knowing what the right step from here on out was but slowly he leaned into Kandas touch.

"Come on its bedtime, its Aden's turn to choose the book." The children all ran upstairs and Kanda followed close behind. They all surprisingly willingly got into their beds. Weren't kids supposed to be little bitches when it came to getting in bed? The Moyashi pulled up a chair and sat by what he assumed was Aden's bed.

Aden can up to Allen and placed a small book on his lap, in all honesty the whole time that the Moyashi was reading to the small kids all Kanda could do was stare at the Moyashi, lost in thought.

When the Moyashi was finally done with the small book, Kanda found that all the kids had gone to sleep, all except one that is. Timothy had snuck in and was intently staring at the Moyashi with what Kanda knew could only be an emotion akin to admiration.

Kanda felt a surge of possessiveness come about him, the little shit still thought he had some sort of chance with the Moyashi?

The Moyashi was looking at Kanda, unsure again of what to do, when Kanda made his way over to him. Tilting his head up and staring at his lips Allen couldn't think straight even if his life depended on it.

Slowly he leaned down to capture those luscious lips in a kiss when Timothy, the little fuck, wedged himself in between him and the Moyashi, stopping any further progression from them kissing for the second time that day.

Deciding he had enough with the kid he grabbed him by his arms and spun him around to face Kanda and his wrath.

Just when hateful words were about to spew out of his mouth, Kanda found that he was stopped by the hands of no other then the Moyashi.

"Timothy, let's get you to bed."

The Moyashi took the brats hand and they left, Kanda frozen in place.

When the Moyashi finally came back a few minutes later, Kanda had cooled down a bit and was ready to start off where they left off.

The Moyashi though, stopped him and signaled to the children. Kanda rolled his eyes at Moyashi's weak attempt to preserve the kids innocence. It was stupid.

Sighing he took the Moyashi's hand and dragged him into the living room.

They both sat down in the love seat, not saying a word, just content to be by each other. They had a few things that soon they would need to talk about and clear up, but for the mean time they were just content to sit by each other and bask in one another's presence.

The Moyashi turned on the Television and they sat here watching until the Moyashi drifted off to sleep. He felt a slow weight on his right side as the Moyashi leaned on his shoulder. Shifting over Kanda slowly laid the Moyashi's head in his lap, giving in to the urge and threading his fingers through the Moyashi's soft white locks.

Kanda hadn't realized that he too had fallen asleep until he felt someone shaking him awake. Shaking his head to clear the fuzziness of sleep Kanda looked up to find the women that had greeted them earlier giving them a peculiar look.

When she realized that he had finally awoken she gave him a small smile.

"Thank you for looking over the kids! You're free to go now, or if you would like I can set up a guest room."

Kanda appreciated her generosity but the fuck would he be staying here any longer.

"Thank you. I think we'll be leaving though."

She nodded and excused herself. Kanda turned his gaze on to the Moyashi. He stayed there for a while, taking in the sight of the Moyashi. His lashes long and his hair tousled all over the place. Those full pink lips that were parted as the Moyashi breathed in and out.

Kanda had never thought that it would be so easy to just come and sweep the Moyashi off his feet. It was just too good to be true. Dreading the worse he shook the Moyashi awake, if only to confirm that this wasn't a dream and that it was all real.

The Moyashi groaned in protest and swatted Kanda's hand away.

"Moyashi come on. We have to leave."


"Moyashi, I'll count to three and if you're not up by three I'll throw you off the couch."







"I'm up!"

"Thought so, come on. Let's get out of here."

Kanda felt the pressure leave his lap as the Moyashi lifted himself up.

"Jeez. We could have stayed here. Didn't she offer us a room?"

"You were up the whole time?"

The Moyashi gave him a coy look.

"You were staring at me when I was sleeping?"


The Moyashi smiled and got up.

"Let's go then. Oh, what time is it?"

"Time for you to get a watch."


"Fuck Moyashi, its 11PM. Look behind you."

The Moyashi turned around and sure enough there was a grandfather clock, ticking time away.

The Moyashi groaned, Kanda tried not to let the sound do to many things to his body.

"Take me home Kanda."


They turned off all the lights and got in Kanda's car, the low hum of the car lulled the Moyashi back to sleep and Kanda tried to keep his eyes on the road. Kanda knew of course where the Moyashi's house was and when they arrived he realized that there was a small problem. Kanda didn't know where exactly the Moyashi lived. sighing in exasperation and at the whole fuck of this situation he shook the Moyashi awake again.


"Shut up. Which one do you live in?"

"You want to sleep at my house?"

"I'm tired. It would be your fault it I died in a car crash Moyashi. "


"That's a good boy."

Kanda parked in a visitor spot and they both got out, making sure to lock his car he walked side by side with the Moyashi.

The inside of the Moyashi's living room was surprisingly well kept and elegant, there was a picture of a clown with a casket on its back in the living room. Kanda decided he wouldn't ask about that, and there was décor that seemed much more expensive then Kanda's loans combined. The whole place was color coordinated and everything was well decorated. The Moyashi would indeed be responsible for their house decorations.

"I'll bring out a spare blanket."

Kanda nodded and sat down in the sleek black couch, the pillows soft and comfortable.

The Moyashi came back with a black cover and handed in to Kanda with a dust of red covering his cheeks.

"Good night."

The Moyashi turned to leave but Kanda quickly caught hold of his shoulder and spun him back around. He caught those lips in a light kiss.

"Good night."

The Moyashi stared straight ahead, then groaned and went into the hall way, presumably to what Kanda thought would be his room.

Awaking the next day Kanda was momentarily confused as to where exactly he was but he quickly realized that he was in the Moyashi's living room. With an idea in mind Kanda quickly woke up and searched for the Moyashi's room.

He opened the first room to see only a white grand piano, closing the door he went to the next room only to be met with a bath room. Opening the second to last door in the apartment, Kanda was content to finally find a sleeping Moyashi. He crept slowly to the Moyashi, trying not to make a noise when he realized that something was wrong as fuck. It reeked of booze in the first place, and was it just him or had the Moyashi gotten not only taller but fatter?

Concern making him care a flying fuck about whether he was making noise or not he snatched the covers away to find a full grown ass man with red hair, he only knew two people with red hair, this was not the annoying one, this was actually the one that he dreaded the most. After all it was because of this person that Kanda never got the courage of asking out the Moyashi, it was because of this fuck that Kanda was always just a friend and nothing more.

"Give me back the fucking covers."

Kanda lost in thought came crashing back to earth, hard.

"Fuck off. Where's the Moyashi's room?"

"Oh lost are we?"

"Fuck you."

"That's no way to talk to Allen's Master."

"You're not his master, he's 21 after all."

"That's what you think. The fact is that I will always be that boy's master, even if he has someone he cares for, he will come to my every beck and call."

"You piece of shit!"


Kanda's arm was stopped by none other than the Moyashi and Kanda let a low growl out. Why the fuck would this man be spared when he was fucking implying that the Moyashi was a servant, the lowest a person could become?

"Allen, how nice of you to come and save me. I noticed you don't have much booze in this house. Now why don't you be a good little boy and go buy your master some."

"Cross, I'm not your servant! And stop with the all holy then thou attitude. Who did you get in here anyways?"

"Why your whore let me in."

"That is it."

Allen couldn't stop what was about to happen next, but if he could have somehow… well that didn't really matter. In the next moment Cross found himself punched in the face and dragged out of Allen house.

Kanda and Allen just stared at each other for a moment before bursting out in peals of laughter.

"D-Did you see his face?"


They could hardly contain there laughter and were only interrupted when the phone rang.


Allen took in deep breaths to calm himself as he made his way over to the phone.

Kanda studied the Moyashi's profile for a moment and then slowly made his way over to the Moyashi, snaking his arms around the Moyashi he brought him to Kanda's chest.

"Yes. Today? I thought that was tomorrow."

Kanda parted some of the Moyashi's hair away and started to kiss his neck, starting from the right of the Moyashi's neck and slowly moving towards the Moyashi's earlobe. Giving it a tentative nip Kanda felt the shudder that the Moyashi produced and could hear as the Moyashi's heartbeat rose up.

"N-No. Don't worry I'll be ready."

Kanda smirked at the stutter in the Moyashi's voice and decided he enjoyed it quite a bit. Going back to the Moyashi's soft neck he gave it a tentative kiss before sucking, hard.


The Moyashi unconsciously bared his neck further and Kanda took advantage of it by moving up his neck and sucking again.

"Uh. N-No I'm f-fine. Ah. I have to g-go!"

Kanda hummed and could hear the beep as the Moyashi ended the call.


Kanda moved away from the Moyashi's neck and met the Moyashi in a hungry kiss. It was all teeth and tongue and Kanda made sure to make the Moyashi into a puddle of want. When Kanda felt the Moyashi was give himself up Kanda made his way to the living room. The couch would do.


All further progression was stopped when the Moyashi ripped himself from the tight embrace that Kanda had him in.

"Kanda, you're moving too fast. We've only been together for about three days and since when have you started to like me? You hated me in high school!"


"Kanda you were gone for four fucking years!"

"Moyashi, I've always felt this attraction to you since high school. You were just too oblivious to notice it, as was I."

The Moyashi gave him an uncertain look and seemed to further retreat form Kanda.

"I know I was gone for four years but in those four years all I could think about was you. Damn it Moyashi, I never dated anyone because I wanted to share everything with you."

"You didn't?"


"Kanda, it's just… You left us, you left me. You left Lavi and Lenalee, did you realize how guilty Lavi felt about the whole paint thing? He blamed himself for you departure. And Lenalee! She cried so much. Damn it Kanda you can't just come back after four years and expect everything to be alright!"

The Moyashi took in deep breaths; he looked exhausted, worn out.

"I have to open the bakery, lock the door when you leave."

With that the Moyashi grabbed his keys from the counter and slammed the door closed.

It hurt. Everything was going so well, and damn it to hell did it hurt.

Kanda realized then how much he had hurt everyone, and seeing the Moyashi with that miserable look on his face… Kanda decided that he would do everything to convince the Moyashi that he loved him; he would just have to call in some favors.


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