AN: I really need to stop coming up with new ideas, but I couldn't help myself and I have absolutely no intent of making this too long (I hope). Also this first part isn't really funny. Through this fic there will be instances when someone (most likely only Quinn and Rachel) talk to a puppy, and you'll kind of have to just imagine what the puppy says back. I own nothing.

He was in the animal shelter when Rachel first found him; a tiny golden puppy with a broken hind leg. He was found a week prior to Rachel's arrival and had been very hesitant to receive any food. One look in his eyes could show how terrified of people he was. Rachel was currently sitting cross-legged at his cage, halfway through volunteering this day.

She had been informed about the little dog and was very worried about his well-being. Rachel tried to put him at ease and did what she did best. She sang, quietly, so as to not cause a ruckus. He seemed to ease up a bit and slowly approached the gate to his cage with his three good legs.

Rachel stopped abruptly at the sudden and unexpected movement. She opened the cage and gently pet the tiny puppy. He nuzzled into her hand and barked appreciatively, the first hopeful sound that she'd heard from him since she got there. He eased out of the cage while Rachel got the bowl of food that she had prepared for him. The golden puppy eyed it hesitantly before looking up at soft, concerned brown eyes.

Seeing an image which could easily be trusted, the puppy quickly dug into his meal, filling his empty belly. "Good puppy," she said, rubbing his back before leaving him to his meal. Rachel went on to assist the other poor animal while keeping a close eye on the tiny Golden Retriever. She felt as attached to him in the short time that she'd known him; she wanted to make sure he was okay and ate his fill.

He looked so vulnerable, it kind of reminded Rachel of someone. Thoughts of that certain someone caused Rachel to take another look at the tiny puppy. The golden fur was another feature that gave Rachel fond memories. She smiled absentmindedly, dropping her work, and approaching the dog that had just finished his meal.

Carefully she placed her hands on the puppy's sides, waiting to see his reaction. When he didn't try to escape her grasp, she lifted him up and hugged him close to her chest, making sure to take extra care with his injured hind leg. "Good boy," she cooed, placing a kiss on the top of his head. "You nice and full?" She rubbed his belly, earning some happy barks.

She loved him already and so the following day she came back, with her dads (they wanted to get a look at the puppy before adopting), and brought the small Golden Retriever home. She was sat in the back, running her hand through her new pet's golden fur that was sat comfortably on her lap. Her dads were in the front idly chatting about something that she didn't pay much attention to. Rachel never had a pet before, so she was extremely excited about having one, especially having such a cute puppy as one.

Once they got home, Rachel noticed that something was odd when she saw Quinn sitting on her front porch. It suddenly dawned on her that they had a project to work on. She darted out of the car, puppy in hand (or arms), and rushed towards the blonde.

"Quinn, I am so sorry," she apologized. "I completely forgot, but you shouldn't have stayed out her," Rachel chastised once she realized how cold it was. "I've already told you where the spare key is hidden." Quinn merely shook her head at Rachel's diva-esque tendencies. Quinn had used the key, but once inside, found it uncomfortable to be inside the Berry household without Rachel present. But right now she had other ideas in her mind when she saw the cute little puppy in Rachel's arms.

"Who's this little guy?" Quinn crouched so that she was face to face with the golden puppy.

"Oh, him I um… adopted him from the animal shelter," Rachel explained, clutching her puppy closer to her.

"What's his name?"

"I haven't named him yet." Quinn tentatively reached out a hand to pet the small puppy. "Oh Quinn, please be careful. He's not exactly accustomed to…" Rachel trailed off when her puppy nuzzled into Quinn's hand and then proceeded to lick the blonde's fingers when she pulled her hand away. The brunette frowned slightly; it had taken far longer for her to get even a similar response, but on the bright side she did like how her puppy already liked Quinn.

"He's a cutie," Quinn commented, maneuvering out of the way so that Rachel could open the door to her house. They entered and quickly ascended the stairs to Rachel's room. Despite having been there before, Quinn would always giggle upon the sight of the gold star plastered outside her door.

Quinn settled herself onto Rachel's bed, with the singer following soon after and settling her new puppy down on the bed right next to her. Rachel sat down next to the dog, so that he was directly in between the two girls. The two of them worked diligently, only stopping for snack breaks or when the puppy would whine for some attention.

The two girls would take turns petting him, spending more attention on him than their actual project. At some point the doorbell rang. Rachel got up to answer, but then sat back down when she heard one of her dads say they were going to get it. A few seconds later she heard him call again, "Sweetheart, its Finn." The tall boy was then seen in the doorway.

"Hey Rach," he greeted quietly, the tension between them still very apparent, and added a "Quinn," when he noticed her presence.

"Finn," the two girls replied simultaneously. "How are you?" Rachel continued.

"I'm good, I'm- hey, you got a puppy!" His uneasiness wore off as he saw the golden dog. The giant boy walked swiftly towards him and reached a hand out for his head. "Hey, there little- Ow!" The puppy barked out and bit down angrily on his finger. "What the fuck! Stupid bitch!" Rachel quickly got up and defended her new pet. Quinn on the other hand was biting back laughter.

"Finn! Don't use that kind of language around my puppy! He's afraid of people." Finn was bewildered by Rachel's actions of defending the dog that just bit him and showed her the injured finger. He was clearly being a bit melodramatic as there wasn't any blood drawn and hardly even a mark. Quinn burst out at how childish he was being, but that was expected, she had always known that he was a bit of a man-child.

"What's so funny?!"

"Nothing, nothing," Quinn answered in between giggles.

"Yeah, well I'd like to see you pet that demon dog!"

"Finn!" Rachel reprimanded.

"Okay I will," Quinn readily accepted his challenge. "Come here boy," she cooed. The puppy easily calmed and slowly made his way to Quinn, curling up on her lap. "Good boy," she praised, rubbing his back and giggling once more while flashing a triumphant smirk towards her dumb-founded ex. He furrowed his brow and made to approach her but was stopped by Rachel.

"Why don't we go to the downstairs bathroom and check on that finger of yours?" she suggested, showing off that side of her that Quinn readily admired. Rachel could almost always forgive people; Quinn had never seen an instant when she hadn't.

"Why can't we just use-"

"Downstairs, Finn." The tall boy grumbled and begrudgingly went along.

"I'll be right back Quinn." And then they were gone. Quinn frowned at the thought of Rachel being with Finn, but smiled again at the sight of the puppy in her lap. She pet him again, his tail wagging back and forth appreciatively.

"Such a good boy," she cooed. "You'll protect Rachel from big ol' Finnhead, won't you?"


"Good to hear," she said with a laugh. "You don't do like him do you?"


"Thought not; I don't either." She was silent for a bit, reminiscing about the history the three of them had. It was a messy one to say the least. But she was soon brought out of her trance by another bark. She looked down at the dog that was staring up at her with adoring brown eyes. "Hey, can you do me a favor?"


"Watch out for Rachel okay? And if you can, try to find her someone special." She felt kind of silly for talking about this with a dog, but she didn't really have anyone else to talk with this about. Santana and Brittany didn't know, and Santana would undoubtedly throw jokes her way while Brittany would make crazy suggestions. So it was nice for her to finally talk about this, especially with someone who couldn't answer back. "She's been really upset since Finn. She doesn't show it, but she is, and she deserves someone special."

*bark bark*


Rachel soon reentered the room sans Finn. Quinn didn't bother to ask her how she got him to leave. Their mutual ex had been coming by consistently in a vain effort to win back Rachel's heart. Quinn played the role of the supportive best friend, but talks of how Rachel should stay single felt hypocritical to her when she truly wanted the tiny singer all to herself. So for now she tried to bury those feelings, at least until they were halfway through college. And if Rachel was still available, Quinn found that highly doubtful, she'd make her move.

They'd managed to get a fair amount of work done so they ordered some pizza (half vegan and half bacon), since Rachel's dads were going out, and watched a movie in Rachel's room, her puppy once again settled between them. They did this often after they were done working, which was probably why they were taking so long to get their project done. Not that either of them minded.

Spending time with Quinn helped fill the void left in Rachel's heart. It was always just the two of them, unless they spontaneously ran into some of their friends. For Rachel, it was almost like being in a new relationship except without the kissing, flowers, gifts, and intimate touches. But then again Finn never really gave her flowers or gifts so that wasn't much of a change.

But there were hugs, and lots of them. Rachel felt safe in Quinn's arms. And she enjoyed how she could easily bury her face in Quinn's chest or rest her head on her shoulder; a luxury that was unavailable with Finn. She liked Quinn's hugs.

The movie came to a close and Quinn gathered her things to leave while Rachel made sure to double check that everything was in order. "Okay, so I'll keep the poster board and I already e-mailed you our powerpoint."

"Yeah, the hour long powerpoint," Quinn exasperated. "We're only supposed to have a twenty minute presentation."

"I'll shorten it," Rachel replied, sounding irritated, but she was anything but.

"Okay, bye Rach."


The puppy eyed his new owner as she watched her friend depart. He liked both girls. They were nice and their hands were very soft. Quinn had asked him for a favor, and looking over at Rachel he knew that he'd live up to it. He'd find Rachel that special someone, and he already knew who that someone was.

AN: I have no idea what Rachel should name her puppy, so suggestions would be nice.