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Quinn watched Rachel get in her car make her way to school. She waited there until the brunette was out of view to go back upstairs to Tony. The golden puppy was outside the singer's room. He was flat on his bottom, waiting patiently. The blonde scooped him up in her arms and entered Rachel's room. "We have the whole day to ourselves, boy. So what do you want to do?"

He scrunched his nose up in thought; an entire day with Quinn rather than Rachel. He'd miss his mama of course, but now he had the chance to make for lost time with Quinn. But what to do? He had so many ideas, but so little time. But first things first, he was hungry. With a bark he darted downstairs, the blonde right behind him.

Tony raced to the kitchen, using his nose to find the non-vegetarian dog food. It was just off in the corner. Quinn walked over to him to see the golden puppy nudging the giant bag with his head. She giggled at his actions and then went to get his bowl. She laid it down in front of him and poured a good helping for his breakfast. As she expected, Tony quickly dug in.

"Stay here, boy. I'll be right back." She only received a garbled bark in response. Quinn casually strolled upstairs and up to Rachel's room. A smile graced her face just by entering its threshold. This stupid little prank of Santana's (or so she thought) had worked out far better than she could have ever hoped for, but despite that Quinn had imagined something a bit more romantic for when she finally told Rachel how she felt.

There were supposed to be flowers (gardenias in particular) and shy smiles under the night sky with the stars watching down on them. There would only be tears of joy as she confessed her profuse love for the singer and Rachel would smoother her with a kiss to show that the feelings were and had always been mutual. Nothing but the best for Rachel, and Quinn had to make it up to her.

Quinn descended the stairs as she thought up ideas on how to surprise Rachel when she got back home. She approached Tony, who was finishing up his meal, and squatted down in front of him. "Hey boy, I was thinking. We should have some fun for a bit, but after maybe you could help me with a little something for Rachel," she suggested. "What do you say?"

*bark bark*

"I knew I could count on you. Okay, let's go!"

At school…

Santana watched as her girlfriend paced back and forth in front of her. They had heard about Quinn's accident. Falling out of a tree; Santana wanted laugh, but Brittany was already upset with her and was worried. As such Santana had to be worried too. But she really wasn't; she knew that Q could take a fall like that, but if she didn't act the part then she'd suffer later.

And sure Santana could survive without having sex with her girlfriend all the time, but Brittany wasn't playing fair. Her head was starting to spin from having to watch Brittany's repeated movements. Brittany refused to move from their spot, in front of Quinn's locker, until they knew for sure that she was okay. Santana had tried calling but received no answer. She assumed that Quinn couldn't hear her phone or she was still accusing her of sending that text. She would have tried Rachel, but wouldn't make herself go through the torture of hearing her go on one of her rants.

A few minutes later they saw Rachel down the hall with no Quinn in tow. Brittany immediately sprinted towards her, Santana lazily following after. "Where's Quinn? Is she okay?" she asked frantically.

"Brittany, Quinn's fine. She's resting at my place," the singer answered. Brittany sighed out in relief. Once assured that Brittany would be fine Rachel departed for class. "I'll see you later." The pair watched her leave and round a corner. Brittany waited until the pint sized diva was out of sight to speak.

"We need to be more careful, San. Can't let Q hurt herself like that," she said. Santana held back a scoff and whatever thoughts her mind initially raced to. She wasn't even part of this plot to get Q and Berry together when Quinn decided that falling out of a tree would be the perfect way to grab Rachel's attention. She could only nod and hope that the two of them could just make out so she could have some peace and quiet with Britt (minus the peace and quiet, since sex with Britt was… yeah).

"So I think we should use the silk ties instead of handcuffs," Brittany suggested. Okay, Santana could deal with that. "And we should give leave them some snacks so they can eat without us having to risk them getting out." That's fine too. "And we should probably move your shoes out of your closet so we can put in some chairs if they want to sit down." Wait what? "And not the wooden ones, but the comfy ones. And…" Oh, this would definitely be a long weekend.

Rachel's house…

Tony darted back and forth as Quinn gave chase. They were playing tag in Rachel's backyard. Frankly, he thought it was kind of unfair since he only had full use of three of his legs, but Quinn even the odds by crawling on her hands and knees. Quinn was surprisingly fast on all fours, but Tony's experience allowed him to run circles around her, literarily.

Round and round her ran, confident that she's never catch him. On a whim, Tony sped in the direction of the tree that Quinn had fallen out of. He ran around it, expecting Quinn to follow, but instead the blonde awaited him and capture him in a hug after his first lap. He placed him on his back, tickling his sides in victory. She then got up on her feet and ran off, "Catch me if you can!"


Back at school…

On her way to class, Rachel passed by Finn's locker. It wasn't her intent to run into her ex, but it was the quickest route. The tall boy was still trying to remove the stink of his locker, although the air fresheners he was using only mixed and created a far more foul odor. Normally Rachel would feel sympathetic, but she couldn't feel sorry for him after he locked poor Tony in that locker.

Squeezing his nose shut with his thumb and forefinger, Finn held the can in his other hand and sprayed a dangerous amount of the fumes onto every inch of his locker. Within seconds he emptied its contents and discarded the spray can onto the floor. He buried his face into his locker to take a sniff only to violently recoil. He turned to the side bent forward; his hands on his now bent knees to hold himself up, looking close to vomiting.

The stench was strong but thankfully didn't travel very far. Keeping a wide berth and covering her nose was enough to avoid the terrible smell. Sadly Rachel's luck wasn't good enough for her to go unnoticed by the quarterback. Just a single glance up from his hunched over state allowed him to spot the tiny singer. She quickened her pace as he got to an upright position, chasing after her and calling out, "Hey, Rachel!"

"I have nothing to say to you Finn," she said simply. "I'm just trying to get to class." Even with lengthen strides Rachel knew that she couldn't escape Finn due to his height advantage. Within moments, she felt a hand on her shoulder, halting her movement and spinning her around. She came face to face with a nauseated looking Finn Hudson. He looked awful, really awful. "You should see the nurse, Finn," she told him, both as an excuse to get him away and because he probably needed it. He shook his head; the simple action seemingly making him dizzy.

"I'm fine. Besides we need to talk about us."

"Us?" Rachel questioned incredulously. "Finn, there is no more us. And…" she trailed off momentarily. Saying what she wanted to say could have him back off or more likely it would cause him a temper tantrum, but it would be better for her to say it sooner rather than later. "I have a date… Friday."

He looked sickened at the words… or maybe just sick because the next second he spun around and emptied the contents of his stomach onto the floor only inches away from the feet of one Sue Sylvester. "Disgusting," she spat. "Clean this up, Hudson. And after you're done report to my office." Rachel used the opportunity to escape, silently thanking the cheerleading coach.

Back at Rachel's house…

With his nose to the floor, Tony sniffed for any trace of Quinn's scent. The current game that he was playing with Quinn was hide and seek. The golden puppy was sure that his acute sense of smell would guarantee his victory.

The only problem, Quinn's scent was everywhere. It still lingered on his doggy bowl, there were traces of it on the couch in the living room, and Tony could even smell some coming from the laundry room. Finding Quinn proved to be far more difficult that he could have ever imaged. He wondered how often Quinn had been to Rachel's house before his arrival; he would guess that it was fairly often.

After finishing the first floor, Tony found no definite sign of Quinn. It was possible that she was behind some of the closed doors, but Quinn told him that she wouldn't do that since he couldn't open them. He continued his search upstairs.

Tony entered Rachel's room and instantly got a strong whiff of Quinn's scent. It wasn't surprising to him that he'd find an abundance of her aroma in this room but instinct told him that he was about to win. He looked around bookshelves and dressers and then under the bed. She wasn't there. Tony was about to exit the room when he noticed that the closet door was slightly ajar.

With careful, quiet steps he approached the closet. He placed his nose at the door and with a swift movement opened it. Inside, he found Quinn nuzzling into one of the many dresses Rachel had hanging there. She quickly got into an upright position when she saw him and hid a lacy piece of material behind her back.

"Oh, hey boy. You found me," she said. "Let's get out of here." Quinn gently nudged him out of the closet. "What do you want to play next?"

Back at school…

Lunch. Rachel was trying to eat her lunch, but was currently being bombarded with questions from Brittany regarding Quinn and the events the previous day. She wouldn't have minded Brittany's inquiries, but she seemed to be more interested in things other than Quinn's well-being. It made her nervous.

Santana had on occasion made jokes about the nature of Rachel and Quinn's relationship. At the time Rachel didn't make much of it, other than the few times she wondered how things would be if she and Quinn were in fact girlfriends. She'd have to admit that even then, without the feelings that she had now discovered, that the idea of being with the blonde was quite appealing.

Rachel had gotten used to the teasing which was in a far more friendly nature than what she had to endure before they were friends. But now that Rachel actually liked Quinn more than a friend and learned that Quinn her back and the fact that the two of them were going on a date, any implication like the ones Brittany were giving made Rachel feel uneasy.

Rachel had always been open with her sexuality, but even then she was nowhere near ready to tell everyone that she had a date with a girl, an amazingly perfect girl like Quinn no less. Mostly it was due to a fear of their relationship not working out. Until the two of them went steady, Rachel would feel more comfortable if they didn't tell anyone… at least not without talking about it first.

And besides it wasn't entirely up to Rachel to tell people about them, so she gave vague answers, only telling as much as was needed. Brittany was obviously not pleased and the rest of the Glee Club (minus Finn, who was currently missing), who were fully invested in the conversation, were quite curious about the whole situation. Rachel quickly finished up and left the cafeteria.

As she left, Brittany pulled Santana off to the side. "See, I told you nothing happened."

Even Later…

The day was done and Rachel was exhausted. If she knew at the beginning of the day that she'd miss Quinn and Tony this much she probably would have just stayed home with them and made sure to take good care of Quinn; they surely couldn't go out on a date if Quinn happened to get a head injury from her fall.

She opened the to her house to find Tony sitting down in front of him, patiently waiting for her return. Rachel quirked an eyebrow and squatted down, wondering where Quinn was and mildly worrying that Quinn wasn't doing too well. But then she noticed the light green ribbon wrapped around Tony's neck. "What's this?" she questioned, inspecting the ribbon that so resembled the one that was part of Quinn's corsage during junior prom. She found a small folded up piece of paper and pulled it out from between the ribbon and Tony's fur.

Upstairs. Your room. I have a surprise for you.


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