Surpass God or Truth?

The beginning

"Ah! Great apple pie, Winry."

"You're being nice to me? Don't tell me you already broke you automail!" Winry shrieked, picking up her wrench.

"What! It's good! I didn't break your automail!" Ed said, cringing at the sight of the wicked wrench.

Winry sighed.

"Might as well check it out. To make sure you won't break it anytime soon."

"Fine." Ed sat on the table and let Winry check out the leg.

Ed came back home from the west before Al. He decided it was a good idea to see his mechanic.

"Your leg is fine." Winry said.

"Good, good." Ed said.

Suddenly, black tentacle hands grabbed Ed. Ed's eyes widened in horror.



He reached for his friend but it was no use. Ed was taken to the white universe where Truth was.

Ed stood before Truth.

"Oh, Mister Al~che~mist!" Truth sang mockingly.
"Oh ,god, no!" Ed yelled.
"Dont you remember? I'm the world. I'm the universe. I'm god. I'm one. I'm all. And I am also you."
"What do you want? I didn't do alchemy or anything! I kept my promise!" Ed yelled franticly, afraid he was about to lose his brother.
"Oh, I know, Edward Elric. I'm here to make a deal."
Ed crossed his arms.
"What ever it is, I'm not doing it! I know about equivalent exchange, so I'm not buying it!"
"Even if your reward is you being able to do alchemy?"
Ed looked at Truth and glared.
"That depends on what I have to do."
Truth smiled widely. "There is a powerful being in another universe. He will do anything to surpass god." Truth frowned. "Because he wants it so badly, he will do anything in his power to do so. We cant have that, now can we?" Truth asked. "Your job is to either get rid of him, or convince him otherwise."
Edward frowned.
"Why can't you do it? Your the world, universe, god, and all that!"
If Truth had eyes, he would be glaring.
"He doesn't nor ever used alchemy. I can't do anything to people who never had a gate."
Ed sighed.
"What about this new world? Is there anything too different about it?"

"You have to figure that out on your own." Ed thought about the situation.

"Are you ready to go?"Truth said.

"Ya. Wait what about the-" Ed was already being pulled into the new world.

"Maka, this is so not cool." Soul said.

Soul and Maka were going over 80 miles per hour on his motorcycle.

"Soul! We have to go! My favorite author is signing books tonight and I have to meet her!"

"Whatever, Bookworm."


"I knew it, Soul, we're lost!"

"No we're not! I know where I'm going."

"We are outside Death City borders and in the middle of the desert!"

Soul sped faster. "So not cool." he muttered.

"Hey, Soul?" Maka asked.

"What!" The weapon yelled, obviously irritated.

"What's that?"

Soul squinted. A couple feet away were a body, lying on the ground. Soul sped faster to get to the person.

He skidded to a stop and Maka and Soul jumped out of the motorcycle. They ran to the person lying on the ground.

Soul and Maka listened carefully.

Maka sighed. "He's breathing, but it seems he's unconscious." Maka reported.

"No kidding, Sherlock." Soul grumbled.

The person was a boy. He had golden hair and wore a red cloak over his black shirt and pants.

Soul and Maka picked the guy up and put him on the motorcycle.

"He'll have to sit between you and me or he'll slide off." Maka said.

"Whatever." Soul said lazily. When Maka got on, he sped off, towards what he hoped was Death City.

'Where are the lights?" Ed asked himself. It was pitch black in his mind. He heard voices. On male the other female. He couldn't make out the words but he heard the voices. He felt someone pick him up and he sat on something. His senses were going black and soon he was unconscious again.


Soul rode in the streets of Death City. He finally made his way back and Maka and Soul were now carrying a body up the one-thousand steps to the DWMA.

When they finally made it to the top, they dragged the kid to the nurse.

"Nygus? You here?!" Soul yelled.

"Yes. Over here." The mummy woman said. When she saw the person, she dragged him to a hospital bed and turned on the machines she may need.

Maka waited silently outside. Soul just sat next to her.

After a while, Nygus came out.

"He's awake. You can come in now. He doesn't seem very fond of me, so maybe you two could talk to him." Nygus told the team.

Maka and Soul walked in. The boy looked at the door in fear and surprise. He seemed to calm down when normal people walked into the room.

"Who are you?" The golden eyed bog asked. His eyes trailed to the weapon and he tensed.

"You're an Ishvalan." Ed said.

Soul narrowed his eyes. "What did you call me?" he asked.

"Oh. Nothing."

"I'm Maka Albarn and this is Soul Eater." Maka introduced breaking the awkward moment.

Soul just stood with his hands in his pockets.

"I'm Edward Elric." Edward said. "But just call me Ed."

Maka shook his hand.

"Why was there a mummy in my room? Ed asked.

Soul snickered. "That's Nygus. The nurse here."

"Where's here?" Ed asked.

"Death City." Soul said.

Edward looked confused.


Ed shook his head.


Ed continued looking at him.

"Where are you from?" Maka asked.


"Huh? You know what? Never mind." Soul shook his head.

"How did I get here?" Ed asked. Then it hit him. His mission.

'I can't tell them! What if they turn me in! I didn't mean to accept Truth's mission. I know I said ya but, I didn't mean to really accept it. I remember trying to ask Truth about something. What was it?'

Ed was so deep in thought be didn't notice Maka poking him to get his attention.

"Ed. Hey, Ed!" Maka said.

Ed looked up. 'What was the toll?" he thought.

"No need to yell. I hear you." Ed said.

Maka put her hands on her hips. "I tried to ask you something, but you wouldn't respond." she said.

"What do you mean?"

"Maka tapped your shoulder and poked your head. It's not cool to ignore somebody." Soul said.

"I didn't feel-" Ed slapped his face and noticed something horribly wrong. He couldn't feel anything. The breeze on his face, the clothes on his back, his own skin. He felt numb.

"The toll."

"Ed! Don't hit yourself! You'll get hurt." Maka said.

Ed got up out of the bed and bolted for the door. Soul grabbed his shoulder.

"What's the hurry? Come on, man. Bolting out on us isn't cool." Soul said. He shrugged. "Plus, since you're obviously not from around here, we could show you around."

Maka smiled happily.

"Anyway. I was going to ask. What are you doing in Death City?"

"I... I... I..." Ed muttered. "I'm enrolling for a school."

"Cool. You mean DWMA right?"

"I think so." Ed lied.

"We go to this school too!" Maka said. "Are you a weapon or a meister?"

Ed started panicking. He didn't know what a weapon or a meister was or how to be one!

"I'm a meister." Ed finally decided.

"Me too!" Maka said.

"I'm her weapon partner." Soul said.

"I want to see." Ed said. He wanted to know as much as he could about weapon-meister pairs as he could.

Ed watched as Soul turned into a weapon. He thought of Envy when Soul transformed.

Dramatically, Maka swung Soul around.

"Wow." Ed said when Maka finally finished.

"Awesome! Thanks!" Maka replied.

"Really! It was so cool." Ed said.

"Duh." Soul's reflection stated. "I'm the reason it's so cool."

"Do you have a weapon partner?" Maka asked.

"No." Ed said. "I'm still looking for one."

'Please be believable. Please be believable.' Ed prayed to himself.

Soul transformed back to his human form.

"Ok! We'll find you one in no time!" Maka said.

Ed sighed in relief.

A ringtone went through the air and Soul took out his phone.

"It's Black Star. He's with Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, Patty, and Ethan. They're hanging out and want to know if we want to come." Soul reported from his phone.

"Ed! Come with us. It will be fun! They are our friends and you have to meet them!" Maka said. "We're going!"

"Alright! Let's go!" Ed said.

WGLB: "Alright! My first chapter is done! Yay! I notice a lot of authors do this in their author's notes so I decided to do it to!"

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