Surpass God or Truth Chapter 10

Envy has never had a weakness. Until now. He didn't think it was a problem at first but now he knew he was in trouble.

He couldn't help himself, it was too amazing.

Envy has become addicted to the well-known fast food chain of America, Taco Bell. Nothing could explain why or how but the first time he had one of their tacos he couldn't stop.

So there he was, in line about to order his favorite taco. Just like every day.

Now, nothing interesting happened at Taco Bell but Envy still went there just like every day. But one day, he heard something that soon changed his life.

"Have you heard the news? About the top kishin egg that's on the DWMA's most wanted list?"

"No, I haven't."

Envy sat at a booth chewing on his crunchy shell taco when the two girls behind him started talking. Interest getting the best of him, he listened intently.

"Ya, apparently it's a woman that has blades for fingers."

"What, you mean like an Edward Scissor Hands wannabe?"

"Not exactly, it's kind of hard to explain, but she kills them and absorbs their soul. It's really strange."

"Ya, don't kissin eggs eat their victims soul?"

"Exactly. It's really weird and apparently she has an accomplice. It's a fat guy who eats everything and everyone. He eats the body whole and the soul at the same time!"

"Dude, seriously. I'm eating."

"Sorry, but that's what my friend at DWMA told me."

Envy's interest perked at the description. Was it possible Lust and Gluttony were dropped off here too?

Excitement taking over Envy, he ran back to Medusa's home.

Explaining everything to Medusa was a little difficult. Especially when she asked, "And I care, why?"

Admitting you want to pursue your brother and sister because you want to explore and not feel as home sick was something the homunculus had a too hard of a time admitting. Thought they definitely weren't his favorite siblings they were close enough.

"They are good allies to have." Envy said, confident in his answer.

Medusa rolled her eyes. "Why not, the more allies the better. Knock yourself out."

Envy smiled at the witch and ran to DWMA, hoping to find his long lost family.

"P-please! I don't want any trouble! Please don't hurt me!" A fat old man put his hands in the air as a long spear was inches away from his throat. The woman had him where she wanted him.

"Hand over the bag."

"Yes! Of course, but please don't hurt me!"

Lust smiled. "I won't hurt you, honest."

The man eyes widened in joy.


"Of course. I'm not sure about Gluttony though."

A sick smile crept on the homunculus's face as Gluttony smiled at the man.

"Time to eat!"

Envy ran through the streets and alleyways. His disguised was very unlike himself. He took the face of one of the soldiers he would impersonate but he wore jeans and a t-shirt, a regular looking guy. He ran faster, his feet making almost no noise as he heard a familiar voice.

"Time to eat!"

Envy's eyes widened and he ran as fast as he could to the voice.

"Lust! Gluttony!"

Lust looked at the man in front of her. He was unfamiliar to her but he somehow knew their names.

"Who are you?"

The man stopped, obviously confused. The confused look on the man's face only irritated the female homunculus more.

A sharp pain ran through Envy's being. He saw that the woman homunculus had sent a long spear into his head.

Red sparks engulfed the wound until it disappeared. Envy realized he was still in disguise and the red sparks covered his body, turning him back to his preferred (palm tree-like) form.

"Envy!? You were left here by Truth too?" Lust asked.

"Ya! I've been here for a few months!" Envy exclaimed.

"I've been here for almost a year." Lust said. "I found Gluttony a short while after I was killed."

Envy nodded. "Where have you been? What have you been doing?"

Lust flipped her hair and it fell lightly on her shoulders.

"Just doing what we can. Killing helpless humans and absorbing their soul for my philosopher stone. I don't want to die anytime soon you know."

Envy nodded. "I've been working for a witch that sent me to spy on the DWMA. I'm acting as a normal student."

Lust frowned. "But you're not a meister or a weapon."

Envy smirked. "Yes, but I learned about a technique used when a meister and weapon want to be partners. They have to watch soul wavelengths. I can fully transform into any weapon I want and since my weight is that of my actual form, it would seem every meister that could try and match my soul wavelength, is incompatible with my soul."

Lust smirked. "That's good and all, but don't meisters come after you? I've had meister after meister come after me. I don't know how they track me down."

Envy nodded. "It's a meister technique. They can read your soul and since we have millions of souls in our philosopher stone, when the meisters try and read your soul, it's like a million people are in one cramped alleyway.

As for me, I've had a witch teach me a technique called Soul Protect, where they cover their unique soul so it looks like a regular humans. That's why no one is coming after me."

Lust nodded. "Do you think you could take us to this witch? So Gluttony and I won't be tracked down anymore?"

Envy smirked. "Why do you think I came to find you guys?"

Medusa crossed her arms. The three homunculi that were her best allies. They couldn't die, they didn't need food, and they did what she said.

"Envy. Report?"

"No kishin eggs were hatched at all during the month. Soul and Maka are on their ninety-seventh soul. Black Star and Tsubaki are on their sixth soul. And the grim reaper's annoying son, Kid is on his ninety-eighth soul, and no one suspects me at all. And one more thing-"

"Maybe later Envy."

Envy frowned. "But it's really impor-"

"I said later, child."

Envy sighed. "Whatever."

"Lust. Report?"

"Just got hired as DWMA's school nurse yesterday and I will be able to spy on the staff soon."

Medusa nodded. "Good. Gluttony. Report?"

"I killed that meister and weapon that was getting suspicious of Envy. They were tasty!"

Envy did his best not to get sick right there in the ally way.

"Medusa this is really important!" Envy exclaimed, trying to get the witches attention.

"What is so important, Envy?" A small vector snake crept out of her mouth, showing her aggravation.

"The Fullmetal Alchemist is here!"

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