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Jac left the room with Joseph's arm around her shoulders, while her head lay on his. He kissed the top of her head like a child; she looked like one at this moment, even pregnant she had such a frail frame, and the tear tracks down her face did not help.

The ward was quiet and Joseph had disappeared while Elliot was busy in their office, so Jac sat alone at the nurses station, pretending to be on the computer while really peering into Jonny's room at regular intervals, as if a certain number of seconds between glares would make him wake up. Four minutes hadn't worked so she was going to try five now. She stared at the clock on the computer screen, oblivious to the blaring of an alarm signalling that there was trouble with a patient. Mo ran from the opposite side of the ward tapping Jac on the back; she jumped, registering what was going on. She got out of her chair and waddled over to the patient who was crashing. Mo was doing fine on her own but Jac watched over her in case she needed help. She didn't however, and the patient was fine, Jac let relief flash across her face before moving to let an irate Mo past.

"Look Jac, you need to sort yourself out. You're out of focus. I get it, Jonny and everything but ya' know what? It's the same for me and I still manage to do my job. So snap out of it yeah?" Jac stood dumbfounded staring at Mo for a moment, registering what she had just said to her. The Ice-Queen losing her concentration over a man, and it wasn't even Joseph; she nodded at Mo and walked to the staffroom.

Joseph was sat at the table drinking coffee and looking through some papers. She went and sat next to him quietly; he didn't even notice. She coughed quietly and he jumped, spilling a small amount of the drink over the crisp white papers.

"Oh, sorry Joe, here let me clean them." She grabbed them off him despite his efforts for her not to see what he had previously concealed under his arm.

"What's this? Manchester General, why are you looking at these?"

"I was just looking, they... they have an job vacancy for a CT consultant, I was going to see-"

"What, why?! You've come back to go swanning off again!"

"No, it's not like that Jac, just listen. I think it would be for the best. It's obvious to me that you have feelings for Jonny, but because I'm here it's like you're fighting with yourself. When was the last time you ate? When was the last time you went home?!"

"I... that's not anything! Joe I need you, please, don't go again." her voice was quiet and desperate.

"Need is different to love." and with that he walked out of the door leaving her alone at the table with the papers in her shaking hands. She felt like crying but the tears wouldn't come, she was all out; she didn't know how to feel right now but decided that it wasn't important, Mo was right, she needed to be more focused.

Feeling light-headed she left the room, she must have stood up too quickly. She somehow made it to the locker rooms. She looked into the mirror on her locker door and was shocked at the face looking back at her; her hair was scraped back into a pony tail but it was greasy, well she hadn't been home for these past few days. There were bags underneath her lifeless eyes and her usually brilliantly pale skin was discoloured from malnutrition after not eating much more than an apple over the whole time period of Jonny being in a coma. She checked her watch, only an hour before she would usually pretend to go home but instead hide in the on-call room. Not today. The old Jac needed to be here because right now she was a mess. Jac decided to go home early, Elliot was an old softie and so getting him to cover for her pretending she was tired or sick was easy. She turned to leave, but was halted by a panting Mo, who was running towards her.

"He's...waking...up!" she shouted between breaths.

"What?!" Mo grabbed Jac's skinny wrist and led her to the side room. Jac looked through the gap in the door while everyone else crowded round his bed, he finally caught her eye after scanning the room and tried to smile beneath his oxygen mask, Jac couldn't see this but the smile on her face was enough for the both of them.