Jane by Design

Telling the truth

Rita- Jane I a have something very important to tell you so you know how you have been working for Gray as her assistant at Donovan's well the truth is Gray is your mom

Jane- Wait your saying that Gray who I have been working for is actual my real mom and you finally decided to tell me that

Rita- Well I just found out today and throwing a party was not the best on your part so shes coming to meet you

Jane- Does even know I'm daughter

Gray- "Comes in" Hello Jane

Jane- Hi Gray

Gray- Whats this all about

Rita- Jane has been living on her own for a few weeks now and sense her half brother Ben left to go playing professional baseball. I was searching through her files and found out that you were her mother I also found out that she is is working as assistant for you. At this time that she cant live alone I thought she would move in with you and Jane don't worry Billy knows

Jane- He does

Rita- Yes and hes alright with it

Gray- Your best friend is a guy

Jane- Yes mom he is the only one in school who doesn't make fun of me because of my fashion sense and interest

Rita- He is harmless trust me those to grew up together

Gray- Alright now we better get your things

Rita- I talked to the principal he said you could take a few days off to get settled

Jane- Thanks Rita

Gray- Jane come

Jane- Yes mom

Outside walking to Grays car

Gray- I still can't believe how much you have grown and how I could have not noticed that you were my daughter at work

Jane- Its new to me to

At Grays House sitting on the couch

Gray- How did you always get to work on time

Jane- I left class early got a ride from billy who was waiting outside for me in his car and took and subway and ran once I got off the subway and once billy borrowed your car to get me on school time so I could take a huge test the drove me back to Donovan's then back to your house and had the other car waiting for us at the park when we got off the subway

Gray- A lot of work my darling but good job

Jane- Thank you mom

Gray- Your welcome

Jane- Mom do I still get to work for you

Gray- Of course your the best assistant I got do you have any homework to do

Jane- Mom I got all my homework done go ahead ask me questions

Gray- Why didn't you tell me you were still in school

Jane- Because its a grownup business and besides it was my dream to work in fashion also Ben almost lost our apartment he still had not gotten a job yet and this was the only way to keep us from being broke and losing our apartment

Gray- No one told me that

Jane- That I was your daughter same with me no one told me that you were my mom

Gray- That's right

Jane- Its fine do you want to see where I grew up

Gray- Of course

At Jane and Ben's apartment

Jane- This is it

Gray-Its alright for an apartment

Jane-This is my bedroom

Gray- Small place and so is your closet

Jane- Its the only place I can keep my cloths. Well I better pack mom could you hand me that suitcase and my tops thank you "folding her tops the her skirts and jeans put them in her suitcase and in a separate suitcase she puts her dresses and etc then in a box are her makeup pictures and the rest of her stuff " her bedding is in her closet.

Gray- Its time to go

Jane- I got my things

In Jane's new room

Gray- I hope you like it

Jane- Mom I love it

Gray- I knew you would and my room is right across the hall if you need me oh and one more question who designed your dresses

Jane- I did I also customized my old ones

Gray- Outstanding job

Jane- Really because I wasn't sure if they looked alright

Gray- There perfect