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"Are you okay?" Peter asked, and gave Megan another ice packet for the bruise on the left side of her face and a cut on her upper lip.

"Yeah I guess, thanks for asking," Megan said, and despite the circumstances she still managed to smile her beautiful smile; and shine her light. But Peter was just trying to get one thing out of her.

"Megan, you know you can tel-" Peter was cut off by Megan yelling.

"I told you, I slipped and fell and cut my lip on the countertop," Megan screamed, Peter backed away, and went to talk to the rest of the team. All of them were there concerned about what happened to Megan she seemed cold; worried.

"Megan, come here for a sec," Kate said, and took her into the the restroom.

"Megan I know this tough, but you need to tell us the truth, did Todd hurt you?" Kate said and gently placed a hand on her back and Megan's eyes flooded with tears.

"He broke in and punched me and demanded to make me tell where Lacey was, " Megan said barely managing to get the words out of her mouth. Her eyes were really red and you could see the dried tears on her cheeks, and new ones were making their way down.

"Did you tell him?" Kate asked, worried might Todd might do to little Lacey.

"No," Megan said, it was firm and cold.

"I will not let that bastard get anywhere near my daughter I would rather die." Megan said, rage burning inside as she clenched her fists, her expression turned from sad, and worried to mad, and protective.

Kate took Megan and walked out of the restroom cradling Megan in her arms as they walked out.

"It was Todd," Kate said to the team. You could see the anger boiling out of everyone; especially Peter.

"I need to call Lacey," Megan said and took out her phone and made her way over to someplace quiet. Peter took this as an opportunity to find out what really happened, the truth that he couldn't get out of Megan.

"What did Todd do to her?" Peter asked leaning in towards Kate so he could hear better.

"Megan said, he showed up at her apartment and punched then demanded to know where Lacey was." Kate said, and sighed.

"Did she tell him?" Bud asked.

"I asked her that too, she said no, she would rather die than let that bastard get any where near her daughter." Kate said but turned around when she heard Megan and Lacey leaving and were never seen again.

Chapter 2 Spoiler: It's going to be a fast forward after 3 years, and going to show Megan and Lacey living in a different part of the country and having different names.

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