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"I'm sorry to have left you guys, I really am. But as I said before I NEED to protect Lacey, she's all I have. I will ALWAYS remember you guys, and I will always treasure the moments we shared, I know we will see each other again someday."

With love,

Megan Hunt

That was the note Megan left in her home before leaving, and leaving the memories behind too.

1 year later~

It was Christmas Eve and Megan and Lacey were out grocery shopping to buy food to cook their Christmas meal. Lacey was thirteen and despite growing a bit taller, she hadn't changed a bit. And neither had her mother.

"We just need a couple more things then we're done," Megan said taking a quick glance at the shopping list she had made earlier on that day.

"Wait," Lacey said and rushed over to the frozen section and came back with a package of Pillsbury sugar cookies.

"Can't have Christmas without cookies," Lacey said, Megan chuckled and took the package from Lacey's hands and put it in the shopping cart which was now, almost full. Megan turned to look at the fruit while taking quick glances at the shopping list to verify she had everything.

Then Megan heard voices; voices she hadn't heard in almost a year. She turned around and there they were. Arguing and being the idiots that Megan remembered them being. The whole team was there, Kate, Bud, Sam, Peter, and of course the troublesome two; Ethan and Curtis. They hadn't changed a bit and Megan smiled but she was too into the moment to notice them staring right back at her.

"Megan?" Peter said and reached for her hand. He tried to find her, but failed every time. She had covered her tracks well. Megan snapped out of her tracks and ran, with Lacey again.

"We have to go," Megan said and walked quickly away with Lacey who kept on glancing back at her mom's ex-coworkers.

"Megan, you're fine. Todd's dead. He committed suicide." Peter said, Megan and Lacey stopped dead in their tracks and looked at Peter.

"Really?" Megan said, furious, he knew her dad committed suicide too, he was mocking her, and Lacey. But with it came a relief that she and Lacey could move back to Philadelphia and not have to worry about Todd again. Then Megan remembered Lacey. If Lacey got hurt, Megan would get hurt as well. And she knew it was hard to lose a dad; she could relate. A silent tear made it's way down Lacey's cheek, and Megan noticed it.

"It's okay, It's okay, everything going to be alright," Megan confronted and held Lacey's head against her mother's chest and after Lacey was finished crying she removed herself from her mother then wiped away her tears and stood strong.

"I forgot to ask, why are you guys here? Did you guys get transfered or something?" Megan asked, a whole lot of questions running through her mind.

"Oh, we just were taking a Christmas vacation, we're staying in a hotel. You and Lacey could come too, we have a lot of catching up do." Kate smiled, and Megan noticed Peter hadn't said a word since this.

"That sounds great!" Megan said excitedly, she missed the team a lot, especially Peter. She couldn't wait to get to the hotel, and also move back to Philadelphia with her friends, and the career she left behind. Believe it or not Megan loved her job as a Medical Examiner better than a neurosurgeon.

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