Not-so-Happy Endings

Happily ever after is the easiest lie to tell;

No one asks what happens when ever after doesn't come.

For who still reads Snow White's story

When she misses the feel of her mother's fingers through her hair

When she thoughtlessly dances the steps that a pair

Of frenzied red-hot shoes once traced?

For who still watches Cinderella

When the rules become too much and the palace too cold

When the girl in cinders dons the long-forgotten rags

And curls up in a fireplace once lit?

And who sings the song of beautiful Aurora

When she wakes an aged mind lost in the body of a girl

When she wanders the ruined halls of a life

Filled with beauty and love once dreamt?

Now who cries the tears of Ariel

When each step on the earth brings dreams of ocean currents

When the memories of sisters and parents and friends

Cry out for release to the waters once cherished?

Happily ever after is the perfect lie to tell;

No one asks when ever after becomes never again.