Author's Note: Everything other than this changed plot and any OCs belong to the BBC. No copyright infringement taking place here. Here are the guidelines for this AU so that the story makes sense.

Logistics of my AU World:

Marian went to the Holy Land, but remained trapped with the Sheriff and Guy and never was tied up with Robin, thus she didn't get in the way and get killed. Also, Carter did not die in the Holy Land, just because I liked him. He probably won't matter in my story, but I want to have the option of using him if I so choose. My story will also include King Richard's return from the Holy Land; don't hold your breath for historical accuracy. Also Will and Djaq are back as a couple and in England, it will make sense I promise.

While Robin and the gang were tied up in the desert, Marian remained stuck with Guy of Gisborne and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Therefore she never interfered with Guy trying to kill King Richard and didn't die. This means that she and Robin never exchanged any wedding vows. In this AU, Robin saved King Richard by engaging in a sword fight with Guy. Neither was seriously injured and Guy and the Sheriff still rode away on the Sheriff's horse before the King could be killed. After they rode away, the gang returned to England as occurred in the gap between series 2 and 3. However, Will and Djaq didn't stay in the Holy Land, they returned to England as well (separately from the gang). On their way, Will and Djaq discovered that Guy and the Sheriff had left Marian essentially to die and saved her. They then went about disbanding the rest of the Black Knights. Robin and the gang assumed that Marian was dead and thus did not realize she, Will, and Djaq have been fighting for justice in other parts of England. Conveniently enough, they return in time to save the day. Series 3 progressed as normal with the exception of the Guy and Robin fight in the series opener and any related occurrences. Also, Kate and Tuck are still characters in my AU, but they will not be making any significant appearances as I didn't really like them that much. All proceeds as normal until "Something Worth Fighting For" Part 2. This story picks up after the fight wherein Guy appears to be mortally injured. In this AU, Allan was not shot down in part 1 and they did not have a funeral for him.

Chapter 1:

Secret Nottingham Tunnel

Guy of Gisborne awoke to the distinct smell of blood and burning flesh. As he opened his eyes, he saw nothing. Nothing but ash and the crimson stream of blood idling through the gashes in his chest and his leather attire. As he tried to stand, he realized that the tunnel he once fought in had all but collapsed around him. The walls were still intact, but just barely. Most of the supporting structures lay in rubble around his feet. "Must have been Robin," he thought to himself. "Or maybe Archer, they're both good with bows."

He began scraping the rubble off of his lower limbs in attempt to allow himself to stand. Each movement of his hands sent ripples across his body as they tugged the gashes cruelly decorating his chest. Inch by painful inch he cleared his legs and feet and went to stand. His body wobbled against the decision, the blood loss tainting the floor beneath him.

He looked ahead to see whether or not the rest of the tunnel was still intact. It was, but it also was blocked by the same manner of rubble that had covered his legs. Seeing the sword that Archer had left behind in his haste, Guy took the blade and began his long journey to dig out of the secret tunnel.

Nottingham Castle

Sheriff Vasey looked up expecting to see the stone ceiling of his beloved Nottingham Castle looming above him. Instead, he was greeted by the sunlight of the evening sunset. As he glanced around, he saw countless guards. Some groaning with the pains of a soon approaching death, others silent with eyes bulging from a bloody death. To his left Sheriff Vasey saw Isabella. A gash from the middle of her forehead all the way down to her neck appeared to be the fatal wound as he saw her lifeless body lying on the floor.

He attempted to stand, but he fell quickly back to the floor, gutted by pain as he realized his right leg was trapped under debris. It felt broken. He started to remove the pile of rubble but saw a trickle of blood streaming out from underneath. Due to fear of bleeding out, he chose to leave the debris where it was. "Guards!" he bellowed in hope of another living soul. A few of the bodies around him groaned in response as they took their last breaths. He was stuck, no one to help. No way to stop the bleeding. Never before had he felt so alone.

Sherwood Forest

Archer watched as his half-brother walked slowly and painfully away from the gang of outlaws, his breathing labored and his gait offset. Robin wanted to be alone, and they would be damned to take that from him.

Robin sat down on the ground underneath the kissing tree, the place where he and Marian had shared so many moments together. As he gazed up at the evening sky, he wondered whether or not heaven awaited him. "Robin," a soft voice called. He turned his gaze towards the sound. There he saw Marian, dressed in a glistening robe. "Robin, my love, it is not your time." She approached his body and placed her hand upon his cheek. "My love," Robin replied. "How are you here? I thought you were dead." He whispered subtly. "Robin, I deserve a bit better than death by desert sand don't you think?" She responded with a smile. "And besides, if I had died, Djaq wouldn't be here to save you."

Djaq snuck out from behind the tree opposite of the conversing couple. Robin started to speak but Marian put her finger over his lips. "Robin," Djaq started. "Don't move and don't speak any more. Slow your breathing if you can. Slow the poison from coursing through your blood as much as you can. I have an antidote, a sort of jack of all trades type of potion. It should do the trick. But it will make you feel quite miserable until it wears off."

Djaq administered the potion by wiping some of it along the cut on his neck. The rest he had to drink. Robin gagged as he drank it, the bitter herbs creating a wicked aftertaste. Djaq saw his grimace and said, "Better to drink it and live though aye?" Robin gave her his trademark smirk.

Down the hill in the forest, Will decided it was time to alert the gang. He leaned out from behind a tree and said, "I think I've got a way to make your day a little bit better," and cast a smile in the direction of the outlaws. Allan was the first to react, "I'm not being funny, but aren't you supposed to be in the Holy Land with Djaq and probably a handful of young ones." He smiled and went to give Will a hug, but was interrupted by Archer's blade being pressed between them. Archer scowled at Will until Little John placed his arm upon Archer's shoulder. "Him, we like." John uttered and Archer dropped his weapon. "We'll explain later." Will said. "Right now there are more important things developing."

Will lead the gang up the hill to where Djaq was helping Robin. Much was the first to react upon seeing Marian hovering nearby. "Lady Marian!" He explained and ran up to give her a hug. "Hello Much." Marian giggled. "I think you'll find that Master Robin is going to be just fine." She uttered with a smile. The gang started to gather around Robin, but then Djaq exclaimed, "Back you fools! Give the man room to breathe!" She smiled at the group though, to lessen the impact of her harmful words. "Now we just have to wait."