Eleven: Safe in Wonderland

Alice sat on a heart shaped loveseat. Lizzie sat gracefully on a red armchair decorated with lace and white hearts. While the man who introduced himself as 'Batman' was standing next to a red and white heart couch.

"So what do you think we should do?" Alice asked tenderly, "How do I get my body back?"

"You are going to stay here, Alice" Batman said roughly "Until it is safe"

"My body" Alice argued childishly "I can be safe after my body is back!" Lizzie sat in silence thinking it over

"No, you are safe now and you'll stay that way" Batman argued back sensibly

"I don't want to!" Alice yelled sticking her tongue out.

"Alice, you'll stay here" Lizzie said suddenly. Alice snapped her attention to her

"What!" Alice yelled "But Lizzie!"

"We have business yet," Lizzie said silencing her. Lizzie rose from her seat "However, there are some things I have for you to help you should you come into contact with Alixe." Lizzie left the room and Alice sat pouting. She was such a child. Lizzie reentered the room holding a pair of black gloves with red hearts on them.

"I supposed you would want them in black." Lizzie said "The hearts stay though." Lizzie handed the black gloves to the dark knight who stared at them then looked at Lizzie curiously "They are a little thing Alice read about in some comic book*, I liked the idea so much I had some created"

"What are they?" Batman asked not putting them on, just holding them

"They take the subject hit, and remove the spirit from the body" Lizzie said "I will have the Cheshire Cat contact you if we find more objects that might be of use."

"So if I find Alixe, and I hit her with these.." Batman said in more of a question form then a statement

"Then Alixe arrives back here in Wonderland, We can take it from there." Lizzie said "However, Alice's body will be vacant for a while, while we sort this mess out. I hope that isn't a problem"

"Bad timing more like" Batman said thinking hard, "There is something you might like to know. I came across one of Alice's reports. It was positive for something called Fear Serum. It causes you to realize your worst fears."

"That's it!" Alice cried out "That's what was making Wonderland so violent!"

"It's probably what made Alixe so powerful" Lizzie said "Is there an antidote? Maybe if you inject Alice's body with it, Alixe will lose her power"

"It's not a definite thing though" Alice said, standing up on the loveseat and jumpng over to the couch closest to the pair. "It's a fairly long shot, I mean you don't power down a ball after gravity has got it"

"No, but a ball won't roll uphill." Lizzie said, Batman stared at the two in confusion

"How do I get back?" Asked the Man dressed all in black (and a bit of grey)

"Easily," Lizzie said "Alice, if you please" Lizzie turned to Alice and Alice nodded concentrating on sending this man back to the asylum. It took a bit of work and gave Alice a bit of a headache, but she managed to send him back to what was dubbed as 'reality'

"Now Alice" Lizzie said "You and I have business to attend to. At a Tea Party I believe"

"Fine time to have a Tea Party" Alice grumbled "I don't think tea is going to help me"

"You never know Alice, Darling" Lizzie smiled "After all, We're all mad here."

Batman led around the outside of Arkham Asylum and was glad to be back in solid reality. Even if it might be much more dangerous than Wonderland. In the distance, Batman could see a small figure. Petite and fragile. He'd found Alixe.