Chapter 19: Journey's End

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The two warriors attacked and defended, fighting back and forth, up and down, striking and blocking with expert precision, neither willing to give up the slightest advantage. Cooler landed another punch to Raditz's stomach, but he immediately countered, punching the side of Cooler's head and snapping one of his armoured spikes off. Cooler lunged, but Raditz jumped into the air, kicking him in the head and knocking him through a building. Cooler jumped back up, growling to himself.

"You're slowing down, Cooler!" Raditz called. "If you start to weaken, I will take the opportunity to kill you!" This was mainly a bluff—they were almost exactly equal in speed and technique, but Cooler's brute strength, massive size and natural spikes and armour, not to mention possessing a fifth limb, gave him something of an advantage.

"You're far too overconfident, you overgrown gorilla!" Perhaps, if the Super Saiyan had been Goku, or someone as light-hearted as him, the reply would have been 'hey, some of my best friends are gorillas, and they'd take offense at that!' As it was, Raditz's reply was simply to dodge an energy beam from Cooler, quickly move around behind him, grab his tail by one hand and hurl him away. Cooler mowed down a forest as he bounced along the ground, managing to right himself about a mile away. He stood up, glancing around for any sign of his enemy. Raditz appeared behind him again, but this time Cooler was expecting him, and his knee strike caught Raditz off-guard, his following tail strike knocking the Super Saiyan into the ground, driving him several feet down into the dirt. There was a snarl from underneath, and Raditz rose from underground, soil cascading off his shoulders. One leg of his trousers was ripped up to the knee, and blood seeped from a large gash where the spike on the end of Cooler's tail had torn into his leg, but he didn't seem to notice, or maybe he just didn't care.

"Why can't I kill this one saiyan?!" Cooler shouted to no-one in particular, before rushing at Raditz, who raised an arm and resisted his charge, skidding back through the dirt against the force of Cooler's impact. They took off again, Cooler chasing Raditz through canyons and valleys, over lakes and mountains. He lost track of Raditz, and as soon as he stopped to try and find him, the saiyan crashed into his back with both feet, throwing a powerful punch that made Cooler's vision swim. However, weakened from his injuries, Raditz overbalanced from his next attack, and Cooler, having just recovered, caught him in a headlock. He tried to force Raditz's neck down towards a sharp shard of rock that jutted out from the ground, and Raditz pushed up and away with all his strength, but he was slowly losing.

I could just flatten the rock with my ki, but that'd divert attention from resisting his headlock and he'd be able to shove me into the ground, getting the advantage, there has to be a better way... He twisted to the side, kicking one of Cooler's feet off the ground to destabilise him. Raditz pushed away with all his might, and Cooler landed flat on his back, and Raditz jumped down on top of him, driving him into the ground with both feet, cracks spreading under the tyrant's body. "Come on, Cooler! You can do better! I demand more than this! What do you call that?!" He jumped away, allowing Cooler to stand up and shake himself off before charging back in. "Fight harder!"

"Shut up! Just stop talking!" Cooler rocketed into Raditz, punching him and snapping his head left, right and then straight backwards. Raditz made an effort not to let himself retreat a step, simply skidding back with the force of the impacts, dragging along the rough ground until his shoes were in tatters and his feet bloody. His head hung as he gasped for breath, feeling battered and broken all over. But I will...not...lose! He raised his head, looking up at Cooler, who was standing over him, breathing raggedly and a little shaky on his feet, but looking confident again.

"Well, you're starting to take longer to recover. Finally had enough? Ready to admit defeat at the hands of a superior being?"

"NO!" Raditz gathered all of his energy, propelling himself at his monstrous foe. "You can beat me into the ground all day—but what I represent can never be destroyed by a creature like you! Whatever you do, it's..." He gripped Cooler by the sides of his head, and rammed his forehead into the frost demon's face. "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" The force of the impact knocked off chips of armour all the way up Cooler's spiked crest, and the diamond-like blue circle in his forehead cracked. Cooler reeled, blood pouring from his face and seeping down from the top of his head, and Raditz skidded to a halt, watching carefully as Cooler staggered around.

Cooler choked. He gasped. He retched. He cried out in shock, and finally, with a horrible grinding noise, he regressed to his fourth form. Spiked, armoured growths vanished, and he shrank to his normal size. The light faded from his eyes, and his muscles lost some of their strength. "! You can't...agh..."

"There." Raditz straightened up, smiling. "I've beaten you. You don't have enough energy to sustain that powered-up form any longer."

"Arrogant! Little! Ape!" Cooler screamed, struggling to stand and swinging a fist, but Raditz caught it. He gave two quick jabs to the stomach that winded Cooler, following up by kicking him into the air, racing ahead of him and punching him to the ground, and then landing on top of him, one foot resting on Cooler's head. "I don't believe you!" Raditz shouted. "You go around beating up those far weaker than you, and laughing at their deaths, but when it comes to a real fight you've got nothing!"

"Nothing?!" Cooler wheezed. "You're half-dead! You call that...nothing?"

"It doesn't matter how injured I am—you're beaten. By a 'lesser being'. And now, you're going to pay for everything you've done." He stepped off of Cooler. "Get up!"

Cooler slowly stood, staring in hatred at Raditz. Suddenly, the saiyan was upon him again, an iron-hard fist landing a solid blow to his face. "That was for killing Frieza—and robbing the saiyans of their rightful revenge!" Cooler clutched a hand to the side of his face, which stung from the force of the punch. Cooler lashed his tail, but it seemed to pass right through Raditz—he'd dodged faster than Cooler's senses could follow. Raditz threw another punch to Cooler's abdomen, doubling him over. "That was for my allies you and your brother killed—and all the innocent Namekians you dragged into this." Cooler propped himself up on a rock, his breath coming in ragged gasps, his voice hoarse.

"All right, I get it!" He rasped. "And so on, ad nauseum. the next one is for your brother, Kakarot, wasn't it?"

"No." Raditz took a deep breath. I think I can remember how to do it... He thrust both hands out in front of him, palms forwards, trying to achieve calm—not easy in his Super Saiyan state. Slowly, he drew his hands back until they rested at his right side. "This is for my brother—Son Goku!" A bright blue ball of energy appeared between his hands, flickering as it grew. "KA...ME...HA...ME..."

Cooler couldn't sense energy, but he knew a deadly attack when he saw it. "Please! Don't..."

"HAAAAH!" Raditz flung his arms forwards, the brilliant blue energy bursting forth as a thundering beam of light. It engulfed Cooler, lighting up the planet for miles around.

Raditz sunk to the ground in the aftermath, finally feeling injured and exhausted. I told you, Cooler. You weren't good enough. He sighed, slipping out of his enhanced Super Saiyan state, his aura receding, his hair and eyes returning to normal, and his bulked-out musculature relaxing. "I'd better get out of here..." he muttered to himself. "There's not much left of this planet..."

"Hey, monkey!" Raditz turned at the sound of the voice. What's this huge energy I'm built so fast I could barely follow it! Cooler hovered a mile or so above the planet's surface. He had been trying to escape the blast, so his lower body had been hit hardest, and his legs and tail were crushed. One finger was stretched up to the heavens, and above it was a massive, crackling yellow ball of energy.

"Huh?" Raditz's eyes widened. "How did you build that so quickly?"

"I've practiced this one a lot," Cooler replied, laughing. "When you can survive in space and others cannot, you learn that a quick Supernova attack is often preferable to fighting, and much less effort. Hyah!" He threw it down at the planet, throwing up a massive explosion. The light, the noise drowned out everything.

"What's happening?" Nail wondered aloud as Bulma tried to take off in the ship. The turbulence had increased, and shortly they lost all control.

"The battle must have gotten even more intense!" Bulma yelled over the roaring noise of the impact to the planet. "We're not going to be able to clear the atmosphere!"

"What are we gonna do?" Gohan whined.

"Hold on, kid, I'm trying!" Bulma wrestled with the controls. "But I don't think..." There was a gentle humming noise, and the ship's occupants vanished, leaving the unpiloted vessel alone to crash back into the planet's surface.

The light, the noise died down. Raditz lowered his hand from shielding his eyes, staring at the massive crater in the planet's surface. "So, you were going to destroy the planet, huh?" he called up to Namek's would-be destroyer.

"Damn! I must have lost more power than I thought..." Cooler grumbled. "Still, it's destabilised the core—I give it, er, five..." I think so...I mean, that's just a rough estimate, I wouldn't like to say exactly... "yes, five minutes before planet Namek is no more. Better move quickly."

Raditz focused, finding that anger, that power, again, and powered back up to his Super Saiyan form—it was much easier the second time. "Five minutes, huh? Well, no problem. I'll finish you, then leave. I imagine my...friends...are gone already." Friends. The word sounded good, he realised.

"What? No! Get out of here! Run!"

"Not from you." Raditz shot up towards Cooler. "Never from you!" He hammered Cooler to the ground with a double-fisted swing, following him down as the former ruler hit the rocky terrain below, throwing up a cloud of dust. As Raditz stalked towards his prey, Cooler started frantically firing off small energy bolts. All were dodged or knocked away with the barest minimum of effort. Raditz stood over Cooler's shattered form. "You're dying, you realise," the victorious warrior stated matter-of-factly.

"" Cooler reached out a twisted hand.

"What...?" Raditz was genuinely surprised. The stone-hearted tyrant...was begging?


The Super Saiyan's eyes hardened. "How dare you?!" He hauled up by one arm, flying over to the crater from the frost demon's attack on the planet itself. "How dare you act like that, kill my own brother in front of my eyes...and then ask me to show mercy? You sicken me."

Cooler was clutching at straws, trying to think of something, anything to convince Raditz with. "What...what would your brother do?"

Raditz paused for quite a while. "Kakaro...Goku would spare your life. He'd let you live, with the promise that he wouldn't be so lenient if he ever crossed your path again. He'd leave now, giving you enough energy to sustain yourself until you could get medical attention."

Hope filled Cooler's face. "Then you'll..."

Raditz scowled. Lightning struck, illuminating his unforgiving face in sharp black and white. "But I am not my brother." He punched Cooler once more in the stomach for good measure, then dropped him into the crater, where he'd fall until he hit the volatile planet core. Perhaps Cooler could survive without a planet, but withstanding the actual detonation itself was another matter entirely.

Reversing his Super Saiyan transformation again, Raditz lifted off, searching for a ship. The battle was won, at last. Now...the journey home. Home. Another word he hadn't had much use for before. Raditz smiled slightly. This new life with the Earthlings—he could get used to it.

Vegeta ignored his injuries. They weren't important. A Ginyu Force attack pod floated gently through space, projecting an artificial atmosphere as he anchored himself to the outside with his ki, the better to watch Namek tear itself apart. Today...I retreated from battle. From those low-class brothers, and their three-eyed friend. Again. I cannot...I will not fail another time! Next time, they will all die! I was happy enough for Kakarot to be the Super Saiyan, as long as there was one. But now that Frieza and his brother are dealt with—I can't sense their energy anymore, anyway—Kakarot has become an offense to my royal heritage. "It should have been ME!" he bellowed to the uncaring void. I will leave for now...and I will become a Super Saiyan. This is not a question, or a vague goal; it is a fact. I simply will. And then...I will return to Earth. And they will bow before their rightful ruler, right before they die.

Gohan sat up, in the middle of a grassy field on...Earth? It certainly looked like it. And looking around, Tien, Bulma, and Nail were all there too—everyone from the spaceship. But...Gohan rubbed his eyes. "Dende? You're here, too? I thought..."

Dende smiled. "You can thank King Kai. We revived Kami, the Namekian on your planet, while we were on Namek, right?"

Gohan nodded, a grin spreading over his face. "Oh yeah! That means the Earth's Dragon Balls must be working again—and they used them to wish you guys back!"

"Yep." Dende gestured around. "Everyone killed by Frieza and Cooler's armies." Gohan glanced around the field, seeing dozens of resurrected Namekians milling around. Yamcha was showing off his martial arts skills to a small group of the green-skinned aliens, and Zarbon was leaning against a tree away from the rest of the group. Bulma was whistling nonchalantly and sauntering over to the former soldier of Frieza. "That meant Porunga, our dragon, came back as well—and there was still one wish left, so we used it to bring us all here when Cooler destabilised planet Namek!" Dende finished.

"That's great!" Gohan jumped to his feet, frantically looking left and right. "But...where's my dad and my uncle?"

"I...I'm sorry, Gohan." Dende shrugged. "King Kai, can you explain?"

The familiar voice spoke in Gohan's head. "Hey, kid. Well, Raditz didn't want to leave. He wanted to finish the battle against Cooler. His pride, and his anger, they wouldn't let him walk away..."

"But my dad!" Gohan looked like he was on the verge of breaking into tears. "Hasn't he been brought back with the others?"

King Kai sighed, wondering how to tell the kid. "He...didn't want to be revived just yet."


"He thought it might lessen Raditz's resolve to fight, if he sensed Goku was back from the dead. He said we can revive him later, after the battle is won."

"But is it? Did Raditz win?" Gohan shuffled awkwardly, anxious to hear about what was going on.

"Yes...yes, he did. Cooler is dead. The galaxy's rulers have been struck a fatal blow on Namek." King Kai inhaled deeply. "But I'm not sure if Raditz can escape now. The planet is tearing itself apart—Cooler's attack really damaged it."

"Then we'll wish him back, too!" Gohan nodded. "Yeah, that's it."

"Well, just make sure you don't get used to wishing all your problems away. And anyway, you'll have to wait a while before the Dragon Balls can be used again—we've used up all our wishes for now." King Kai ended the 'call'.

"I...I hope uncle Raditz doesn't die..." Gohan mumbled. "I want to see him soon..."

"Hey, don't worry, Gohan." Dende reassured him. "Thanks to you and your friends, our entire race escaped Frieza and Cooler's attack alive—we're in your debt, and you can use our Dragon Balls to bring your friends back. They recharge quicker than Earth's—one Namekian year is less than an Earth year."

"All right! I'm sure you guys can stay at Capsule Corporation until we can figure out where you're going to live permanently." Gohan, ever one for thinking ahead, was spot-on in this instance.

Raditz was growing frantic. His sense of satisfaction and fulfilment at winning the battle, and at realising that he did have a home to go back to, were fading as he continued his increasingly hopeless search for a working spaceship. They were all either too damaged to work, or being swallowed up by the cracks that were spreading out from the crater as Namek's surface tore itself apart. Spying an attack pod being buffeted by the elements and literally rolling along the ground, Raditz flew down to it, stopping its tumble with one hand and climbing inside. It was a customised model used by the Ginyu Force, and the controls were unfamiliar. "Come on..." Shockwaves rocked the planet, and lava began to flood to the surface, pouring out of the crevices over the landscape. "Come on, damn it, I'm running out of time!" he snapped.

"Oh..." King Kai gulped.

"Uh..." Krillin paused from his training, jogging over to his teacher. "Did something happen?"

"I'm afraid so." King Kai sniffed. "Planet Namek has been destroyed by Cooler's attack. The explosion was delayed, but it finally happened."

"But did everybody make it out all right?" Krillin asked frantically.

The diminutive god sighed. "Most of them. The two sets of Dragon Balls were used to resurrect the dead, according to my plan—you excluded, having already been wished back once—and move everyone to Earth."

"Uh..." Krillin tilted his head to one side. "Well, maybe you could have filled me in while all this was going on—I'd have quite liked to know about it! And anyway, what's this 'most of them'? I don't like the sound of that."

"Raditz...remained on Namek to finish his battle with Cooler. He won, but he wasn't able to escape in time. At least, I don't think so..."

"You don't think so?" Krillin raised an eyebrow. "King Kai, you can see anywhere in the universe with those antenna of yours—why don't you know?"

"Well, all the heat and energy put out by the explosion is interfering with my viewing the surrounding area. And anyway, even if, by some miracle, he managed to take off with seconds to spare..." King Kai shrugged. "He's far too wounded to survive the trip to Earth. It doesn't look good, I'm afraid." He coughed, shook his head to clear out all this pessimistic talk, and brightened up. "But I'm sure he'll be wished back along with you! And anyway, such a great blow has been struck against the forces of tyranny this day—Frieza, Cooler and their most powerful soldiers, all defeated in one battle!"

"And over here we have the main lab—it's mostly my dad's, I've got my own in the west wing..." Bulma was saying, leading Zarbon—now dressed in casual clothes (jeans and pink shirt, the only things lying around that had fit—made more embarrassing by the inscription 'BAD MAN' on the back of the shirt. Well, most people would have considered it embarrassing, especially given the colour, but he didn't seem to mind.)—by one arm on a tour of the Capsule Corporation compound. It was a week later, and everyone had settled down. Chi-Chi had needed a while to accustom herself to the fact that her husband was dead, but would be coming back, that his brother was the legendary most powerful being in the universe, and that her son hadn't done his homework at all while away in space—this last one being a particular sticking point.

The time seemed to pass quickly. They all met often, giving updates on how many Dragon Balls had been found around the world, planning out wishes in detail, or just having picnics and barbecues and enjoying a well-earned time of peace after the war on Earth and Namek. These idyllic days were shared with the hundred or so Namekians—the planet's population had been extremely small, after the disaster of a few years beforehand. Guru, their Grand Elder, had passed on of natural causes very soon after arriving on Earth, leaving their second eldest Moori the guardian of the Namekian people.

An unexpected figure appeared at one of these gatherings. " this one of those dreams, or is Piccolo standing on your house, Bulma?" Yamcha asked, pointing.

"No...that's definitely him..." Bulma blinked. "I'd almost forgotten about that guy. I hope he doesn't want any trouble..."

"Don't worry, guys," Tien said. "I could take him. His power's grown a lot since we last saw him, but I think Zarbon could beat him, too."

"Really?" Bulma eyed the green-haired, mildly narcissistic alien visitor, who was hanging upside-down in mid-air with the force of his ki, reading Machiavelli's Il Principe.

"Well, I don't like to boast..." he said with a slight smirk that said he did. "But I should say so. Whoever this turban-sporting person is, he seems to be almost equal in power to Nail..." He was exercising his recently-learnt ability to sense ki, something he'd very quickly refined to a high level of accuracy and could tell you exactly where everyone ranked in comparison to each other.

"That's true. Hey, Piccolo, you must have been doing some intense training!" Tien called. "You've improved!"

Piccolo hopped down to the ground a few metres away. "I was in Hell, Shinhan. Every day was a battle. It toughens you up, as long as you avoid the real heavy hitters."

"So what are you doing here? Not looking for revenge, I hope—I was planning on enjoying a quiet picnic, thanks."

Piccolo grunted. "Just checking in on everyone—I don't want to get behind on what's going on, and Kami's been even more unhelpful than usual. I wasn't planning on spoiling your little party. So what's happening, then?"

"Well..." Tien scratched his head. "Since you died...we went to planet Namek—your home planet, actually—fought a lot of aliens, and ran into some really powerful alien rulers called Frieza and Cooler. We met Vegeta again, but Goku arrived and beat him. Cooler killed Frieza and Goku, and that made Raditz turn into some kind of...Super Saiyan, I think. He killed Cooler, but Namek was destroyed and Raditz was caught in the blast. So we're going to use the Dragon Balls from Namek to find the Namekians a new home planet and bring Goku, Raditz and Krillin back to life. Does that help?"

Piccolo nodded slowly. "I knew most of it, but not everything. Super Saiyan...I wonder what that is?"

"Some kind of golden warrior...the most powerful being in the universe." Nail was standing a few feet away, and seemed unusually tense. He shivered slightly.

"What's your problem?" Piccolo demanded.

"You are an evil Namekian. Such a thing should not exist..." Nail breathed deeply, trying to calm himself—but the being in front of him was an affront to his ideals, simply by existing.

"Have you got a problem with that?" Piccolo cracked his knuckles. "If you don't like me for what I am, I'd be happy to let you work off some of that aggression..." They tensed up, their energy rising.

"Hey! Guys!" Bulma eyed the scouter lying on the grass next to her—scouters had, since their return to Earth, become the standard for all Capsule Corp security workers—noting its urgent beeping as the two warriors powered up. "Keep the power levels down, you'll scare Yamcha!"

"Hey!" Yamcha scowled at her, and she grinned to herself.

"Yeah, he resembles that remark," Tien said, trying to keep his smile from showing.

"That's not funny, you guys!" Yamcha stomped off. Chiaotzu, sitting next to Tien, giggled, the shared merriment completely defusing the situation. But Piccolo gave an ugly look at Nail as he left, flying off to be alone—which was, to be fair, what he did best.

The day soon came to summon Porunga—one Namekian year had passed, and the Dragon Balls were active again. Everything went according to plan—however, while having many advantages over Earth's dragon, Porunga could only restore one life per wish, so they used the first two on Krillin and Goku. The saiyan appeared in the golden glow at Porunga's base, smiling as if this was an everyday occurrence. "Hey, guys! I missed you!" Gohan flung himself into his father's arms, and Chi-Chi soon followed, berating him half-heartedly for coming home late again. Goku held his family, laughing softly.

"Ah, it's okay, guys. I'm here now. I'm sorry I couldn't come earlier—I hope you understand."

"That's all right, Goku." Tien patted his old rival on the shoulder. "So, where's Krillin at, then?"

"Oh, he'll be making his way down Snake Way right now," King Kai answered telepathically. "He's improved a lot—at his level, he should take less than an hour to reach you!"

"Awesome! I can't wait to see my old friend again." Goku, for the first time in quite a while, was truly happy.


"Porunga!" The new elder Moori called in Namekian. "Please restore the life of the saiyan named Raditz!"


"He's alive?" Goku grinned. "Raditz, I don't believe you. He's alive! Ask if Porunga can bring him here."

Moori made the request, and the dragon spoke again. "THIS WISH CANNOT BE GRANTED. THE ONE CALLED RADITZ DOES NOT WANT TO RETURN AT THIS TIME."

"Huh?" General puzzlement was the response to this. "I wonder why not?" Goku asked, not expecting an answer, and not receiving one.


"Well, we've got nothing left." Goku nodded to Moori. "I guess you can find your people a new home."

"Except me." A voice cut through the crowd, and Nail stepped forwards.

"Nail?" Moori raised an eyebrow. "We will miss you...why do you wish to stay?"

"This planet...intrigues me." Nail indicated the humans standing with the Namekians. "I have fought alongside its warriors, and would be honoured to train among them and refine my skills. Besides...the evil Namekian, Piccolo. I wish to learn more about him. I want to believe that there is hope for him."

"Very well." Moori bowed in admission. "I respect your decision. We have many experienced telepaths—I am sure you can contact us, should you wish to come home."

"I am equally sure, at some point, I will." Nail waved, smiling a little. "But I wish to remain for now. Dende, look after them for me, all right?"

"Okay!" Dende waved back.

"Time to go." Moori looked up at the hovering dragon. "Porunga! Please find us an uninhabited planet, as similar to the original Planet Namek as possible, and let all the Namekians on this planet except for Kami, Nail and Piccolo be transported there!"

"IT SHALL BE DONE." Porunga's eyes glowed for quite some time. "YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. FAREWELL!" Porunga vanished in a burst of yellow light, and the Dragon Balls rose into the sky. The assembled Nameks began to fade, bidding their final farewells. Gohan wiped a tear from his eye as Dende disappeared with the others. The remaining group—Goku, Gohan, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Zarbon, Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Launch, Bulma, Dr. and Mrs. Brief and Nail—stood for an awkward thirty seconds, before a familiar voice heralded a new arrival.

"Hey, guys! How have things been going while I was gone?"

Goku grinned from ear to ear. "Krillin! Haha! Welcome home!"

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