"I've gotta say, Luffy, I never thought that that eating habit of yours would one day save our lives," I told my twin brother, Luffy, who was floating in a barrel in the ocean next to me.

"Haha, thanks sis," Luffy said then just realized I insulted him. "HEY!"

I laughed a little, then the two of us went silent (my guess is that Luffy fell asleep).

We were floating for a while. I listened to the sound of the seagulls and the water until I heard a voice.

"Hey, look, barrels."

"But in the middle of the ocean?" I heard another voice ask.

"Whatever, let's just pull them in," one of the two said and I was the first to be pulled in, then Luffy.

"Whoa! This barrel's a lot lighter than the first one I pulled!" one of the guys said while pulling in Luffy's barrel.

I looked extremely angry at that comment. 'I'm not that heavy...maybe it's just because Luffy's made of rubber.' I thought, trying to calm myself down.


I heard a terrified shriek followed by a cannon blast. 'What the hell?'

Then blasts came from the east. As they came the ship began to tip and the barrel that I was in started to roll. The barrel rolled down a set of stairs. "Ow, ee, ooh, agh," I chanted as the barrel rolled down the stairs. As the barrel continued to roll, it banged into a door, began to spin, and stopped.

"Oh, barrels!" I heard a kid's voice say. 'Luffy's barrel must be here, too.' He started rolling our barrels for a while and stopped suddenly.

"Why are you sneaking around, Coby?" a voice asked the kid. 'Pirates'

"U-um, I w-was just about t-to deliver t-these barrels to you g-guys," the kid, Coby, stammered.

"Ya know, old Alvida's gonna have a fit if she finds out," another guy said. 'Alvida?'

I heard someone crack their knuckles, about to punch open our barrels, when I heard Luffy go ahead and jump out of his barrel, punching one guy in the face and knocking him out.

"AHH~! THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT NAP~!" he yelled.

I sighed and decided to get out of mine.

When I stood up, I was 5 ft. 7 1/2 in, I had long, messy, black hair tied back into a high ponytail with a white ribbon, a red bandana around my head, causing my bangs to cover my black eyes, a plain white t-shirt, a katana held with a red sash, and black pants tucked into flat black boots.

I looked over to my brother, Luffy. He stood at the same height I am, has messy, short black hair with a straw hat on top, he also has black eyes that looked a lot like mine, he was wearing a red sleeveless vest, jean shorts, sandals, a yellow sash around his waist, and has a scar under his left eye with two stitches.

"Who the hell are you two?" one guy asked, pointing a sword at us.

"You know, you're friend can catch a cold sleeping like that," Luffy said, pointing to the unconscious guy.

"YOU'RE THE ONE WHO KNOCKED HIM OUT!" they yelled, unaware of Luffy's stupidity.

"Hey, Flare, are you hungry too?" Luffy asked me.

"Yup," I nodded and Luffy and I turned our backs, searching for food.

The guys both came towards us, and Coby closed his eyes.

We turned around and broke the tip of their swords.

"Who the hell are you two?" the blonde one asked.

"Oh, us, well, I'm Monkey D. Luffy hi," Luffy said.

"And I'm Monkey D. Flare," I said.

They freaked out and ran, dragging their unconscious friend with them.

"So, what just happened?" Coby asked us.

"You got us," Luffy and I said.

When we got to the cellar, Luffy and I started munching on apples.

"So, is this a pirate ship or what?" I asked Coby after I swallowed a mouthful of apples.

"No, this is a cruise ship that is being raided by pirates," he answered. "Pirates under the command of Lady Alvida."

"Who cares, anyway, I just wanna know if there are boats on board," Luffy said while inhaling a few more apples.

"I think there are some," Coby answered again.

Luffy swallowed some more apples. "Great, 'cause ours got stuck in a huge whirlpool."

Coby looked at us in shock. "The one outside, no way, no one could have survived that."

Luffy laughed. "Yeah, I gotta say, that caught us by surprise."

I laughed along with the memory.

"So, Coby, are you one of the pirates?" I asked.

"Or the passengers?" Luffy added.

Coby looked down. "It was on that faithful day long ago, that day; I stepped onto a fishing boat on the outskirts of town, to go catch my dinner. Little did I know that that particular boat was actually for a pirate ship. That was two years ago. In exchange for letting me live, I'm forced to live my life as a cabin boy," when he finished, he looked even more depressed than when he started.

After a moment of silence Luffy broke it.

"You're pretty stupid ya know that."

I reached over to Luffy, and smacked him on the back of his straw hat. "Moron," I muttered, but Luffy didn't hear it.

"Gee, thanks for your honesty," Coby said, bowing his head.

"If you hate it here so much, then leave," Luffy told him.

Coby shook his head. "Are you kidding? Not a chance, no way, just the thought of Alvida's reaction scares me so much that it makes me wanna throw up!"

"Is she some kind of monster?" I asked.

Luffy smiled. "Ha, you're a moron and a coward, ya know, I hate people like you."

Coby started crying.

I looked over to Luffy and shook my head.

Coby wiped away his tears. "Yeah, you're right. If I was brave enough, I would just hop into a barrel and drift away into the ocean, like you guys. I actually have my own dream, someday, I want to outlive all of them," he said with a nervous smile on his face.

Luffy and I stared at him.

"So, what about you guys? Why did you two set sail in these seas?"

Luffy and I perked up at his question and smiled.

"Well, I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!" Luffy said.

"N-no way," Coby stuttered and looked at me. "What about you, Flare?"

"Well, same thing, I guess. Which will make me Queen of the Pirates," I put my hand to the back of my head and laughed.

Coby stared at us like we were crazy. "King and Queen? Are you both serious?"

"Yep," I said while smiling.

"B-but that would make you two pirates too!" Coby said.

"Right," Luffy said.

"Y-your crew?"

"Don't have one yet. Flare's just the beginning, she's my Vice-Captain," Luffy answered.

I smiled.

Coby's jaw dropped. I stopped smiling and frowned a little.

Luffy scooted close to him and started waving a hand in front of his face, while I poked his cheek a little.

He stood up. "King and Queen of the Pirates is a title given to those who take everything that this world has to offer, the treasure you guys seek is the One Piece!" Coby yelled at us and we nodded.

"Yeah," Luffy and I said in unison.

"'Yeah' that's it? Pirates from all around the world are looking for that treasure you know," he told us.

"So?" I asked.


"'Cause I felt like it," Luffy answered bluntly.

Coby got up and started rubbing his head. "Oh, well, I'm used to it, you see, my shipmates smack me around a lot, all the time actually," he said while Luffy tilted his hat forward to cover his eyes and smiled.

I went over next to him and tilted my head down so Coby couldn't see my eyes.

"It's not about if we CAN," Luffy said while smirking.

"We've thought about this before, despite what you may think," I said.

"We're doing this because we WANT to," Luffy finished. "If we die fighting for what we want, then we die."

Coby's eyes widened.

Luffy took off his hat and stared at it. "Look, I decided long ago that I'm gonna be King of the Pirates, and I don't want to have all to myself so I'm sharing it with Flare so she can be the Queen."

I smiled at Luffy as he put his hat back on, and we started to walk away.

"Now that our bellies are full, let's go get a boat!" Luffy said.

"Yeah, maybe if we ask for one, they'll give it to us!" I added, putting both of my arms on the back of my head.

"I guess I never thought of it like that, if I put my mind to it, if I'm willing to die for it, then I might be able to do something like that," Coby asked himself while Luffy and I started climbing the stairs that lead to the door out of here.

"Like what?" we asked.

"Do you guys think, think that I could join the marines?" he asked us.

Luffy and I looked to each other, then back at Coby. "Marines?"

"Yeah, catching bad guys has been the only thing I've ever wanted to do. It's been my dream ever since I was a child. Do you guys think I could join them?" he asked us.

"How should we know?" Luffy asked, chuckling.

"Then I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna join the marines, and then I'll catch Alvida myself!" Coby yelled.

Just then, someone punched the ceiling and dust started picking up.

"Who do you plan on catching, Coby?" a fat, old hag asked him. My guess was that this is Alvida.

Coby looked like he was about to faint.

"ANSWER ME!" she yelled at him.

I could tell she was extremely angry just by looking at her.

She looked over to Luffy and me.

"My guess is that you aren't Pirate Hunter Zoro," she told Luffy.

I raised an eyebrow. "Zoro?"

"Who?" Luffy asked.

She turned to Coby. "Now, Coby, who is the most beautiful woman in the seas?" she asked him.

"U-um...no...w-wait, I know this o-one," Coby said shakily.

Luffy pointed over to her, while I jabbed my thumb towards her. "Hey Coby, who's the fat lady?"

Everyone in the room's jaw dropped.

"You BRATS!" Alvida yelled, while swinging her iron club, Luffy and I dodged it and landed in front of Coby.

"Let's go," he said.

Coby grabbed his hand and we jumped to the deck of the ship.

I got into a fighting stance. One of the pirates came towards Luffy, with his sword, but Luffy just back-flipped and kicked his head, knocking him out cold (or killed him, I wasn't sure which).

Another pirate came towards me, but I kicked his sword out of his hands and caught it and threw it overboard, then punched him in the stomach and jabbed him right on the side of his neck with my free hand, killing him on contact.

"Nice one, sis," Luffy told me.

I smiled. "Thanks, bro."

I saw another pirate signaling his shipmates to form a group around us. They did so and charged at us. Luffy and I instantly jumped up and landed in front of them a few feet away. When we looked at them, some of them were dead, others were knocked out or still visibly conscious.

Coby screamed and we knew someone was behind us. I unsheathed my katana and stabbed him in the stomach.

"Ya know, it's not nice to sneak up on someone from behind," I told him. "That's the coward's way to fight." I pulled my sword out of his stomach and he fell to the floor.

I noticed two other groups coming towards us.

"Hey Luf, you ready?" I asked him, holding my katana close.

"I'm ready, Flare," he said and the two of us charged towards the two groups.

I started slashing every one of them on the stomach deeply, careful not to kill them, they kept cutting me as I went deeper into the mob. When I exited the group, all of them came crashing down with a thud. I breathed heavily and wiped some of the blood from my face.

"Gah, that's not fair! Ganging up on me!" Luffy yelled.

When I turned around I saw Luffy grab onto two poles and started stretching himself.

"Gotcha!" he said.

"This isn't good."


"No, he wouldn't," I muttered.


"He would," I said and ducked.


Luffy let go of the poles and launched himself towards the pirates, knocking every one of them out cold. I got up and went over to Luffy.

"Way to go, Luf," I said.

"You didn't do so bad yourself, Flare," he told me.

"Luffy, what are you?" Coby asked him.

Luffy stretched his mouth wide. "I'm a rubber man."

I opened the palm of my hand and all of a sudden, water emerged from it. "And I'm a water girl."

"So...you're made of rubber…and Flare, you control water I-" Coby stopped, feeling a dark presence behind him, when he turned around he saw Alvida.

"So...you've eaten a Devil Fruit," she said darkly.

Luffy let go of his mouth. "Yeah, I ate the Gum-Gum one."

"I heard rumors that they exist, but I've never found any evidence until today," she muttered.

"What's your point?" I asked, glaring at her.

"You two are more than your average deck swabber, are you two bounty hunters?" she asked us.

"No, we're pirates," Luffy said.

"Ha, pirates, all by yourselves?" she questioned.

"Maybe right now, but we'll get a crew tomorrow, or next week," Luffy said.

"So, if the three of us are pirates, but we're not under the same flag, that makes us enemies, right?" she asked.

"Uh, Luffy, Flare, we should get out of here," Coby whispered.

I raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Well, her club is so powerful and-"

"Coby, do you remember what we told you?" I interrupted him.

"What did they tell you, Coby?" Alvida asked him.

Coby looked at her directly in the eyes. "YOU ARE THE UGLIEST, MOST DISGUISTING, CREATURE IN THE SEA! IF YOU ASK ME, I'D SAY FLARE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN ALL THE SEAS!" he yelled from the top of his lungs.

I looked at him wide-eyed. "Whoa, that was a shocker," I muttered and blushed at what Coby said and before we knew it, Luffy and I started laughing at what he just said.

"What did ya say?" Alvida asked in anger.

"I'm leaving, and I'm going to join the marines so I can beat dirty pirates like you," Coby said calmly.

"Do you have any idea what are ya saying right now?" she asked him again.

Luffy and I just started dying our laughter down.


"YOU'RE DEAD, KID AHH!" Alvida swung her club towards him but Luffy blocked the attack with his head.

"Wha- why aren't you dead?" she asked him.

"I'm rubber, I can't be harmed by your club," Luffy stated. "In other words, that won't work."

Luffy pulled his fist back, while I knocked the iron club out of Alvida's hand, giving Luffy a clear punch.

"GUM-GUM PISTOL!" he punched her and sent her flying.

Luffy turned to the crew, "Hey you guys."

"Yes," They all answered.

"Go find a boat and give it to Coby, he's leaving your crew to go join the marines and you're not gonna stop him," he ordered.

The crew nodded in fear and hurried off.

All of a sudden, explosions started shaking the waters. I looked over to the sea and saw three marine ships heading towards this ship.

"Look, it's the marines," I said. "Probably here to clean up the mess we made," I muttered coldly.

"Ooh, perfect timing! Now, go over there and tell them you wanna join!" Luffy told him.

"Huh?" Coby looked at us.

We jumped into a boat. "Flare and I are pirates so we're outta here!"

"No wait! You can't be serious! If I approach them like this then they'll arrest me like any other pirate!" he told us.

"Why don't you just play passenger?" I suggested.

"No! The crew will rat me out!" he said.

Luffy and I looked to each other, and before we knew it, we were in a boat, with Coby getting the heck away from our little "crime scene".

We were sailing to the next island we saw. I was sitting by the edge of the boat for a while.

"So, why did you decide to tag along with us, Coby?" I asked him. "I mean, we ARE pirates, and you wanna be Marine, right?"

"Well…I…uh, thought we were friends," Coby said.

"But I thought Marines hated pirates?" I said.

"D-don't pirates hate Marines, too?" Coby asked.

"Um... well, that's kinda complicated for me and Luffy," I said. "But most Marines, yes."

He raised a pink eyebrow. "Most?"

"Never mind," I said, shaking my head.

"Hey, Alvida mentioned some pirate hunter earlier, what's he like Coby?" Luffy asked.

"Yeah, I wanna know, too," I said.

"Oh, you mean Zoro? The last I heard of him, he was being held at a Marine base," Coby answered.

"Oh, a weakling, huh," Luffy said, frowning.

"No, you're absolutely wrong! He's as powerful as a demon and three times as horrifying!" he yelled. "Why are you asking about him, anyway?"

Luffy smirked. "I figured if he's good enough, then I'll have him join my crew."

Coby's jaw dropped. "Just chasing him is just plain stupid!"

"You never know, he might jump at the chance to join!" Luffy said.

"He's a bad guy! So bad that the Marines caught him! Nuh-uh, no way, not a chance , there's just no way tha- ow!" Luffy smacked him on the head. "Why'd you hit me?"

"'Cause I felt like it," Luffy answered, while I started laughing.

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