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Shadow of Israphel

Minecraft: Part 1

'How to survive the first night'

As my eyes adjusted to my surroundings, the first thing that hit was the beauty of the area, the second was the cold.

"Beautiful!" Was the first thing I said and then I caught sight of my friend who was looking around as well.

"Oh it's terribly snowy, what on Earth happened here?" I smiled at him and we both walked towards the other.

"This place is beautiful," I stated.

"It is!" My friend agreed, now over the grumpiness of just waking up.

"Made by single man." I continued, sarcasm dripping from my tone.

"Yes" My friend stared at me, his own tone dripping with the same amount of sarcasm.

"You're a bearded dwarf of Khaz Modan," I joked at his appearance. We did this every time we woke up somewhere different, we would sort of re-introduce ourselves, "I assume."

"I certainly am. You're William Riker of the U.S.S Enterprise." He said though he wasn't looking at me. I started laughing lightly at are weird introduction after I replied with a simple, "Yep." I already knew I looked like him.

"And we're gonna?" I asked unsure of our next actions.

"Stick together and survive. So we're doing a bit of that." I stared off at an ocean, we must have been left on a beach. We got kidnapped by some guy and left on a beach to survive for some time, we knew Minecraftia needed heroes we just didn't know we would need to be them.

"Yes, I don't really like trying to survive in the wild but with you," I looked at him, "it might be slightly fun. We can do it together, cause that's the way to do it." He smiled at me then looked around.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" I looked at my friend who seemed awed with his surroundings. He started mumbling,

"Look at this snow, isn't it amazing... It's an example of biomes." He stated the last part whilst we looked around.

"There are different weather effects and different terrain depending on where you are.." Then he started mumbling. Biomes and weather effects aren't they the same? Perhaps my dwarfish friend took geography as a young dwarf.

"It's sort of quite Christmas-y as well. I mean where I'm from we're coming up to Christmas so..."

"Yeah! It's like Christmas trees everywhere!" He interrupted quite enthusiastically. I noted that not only did they have Christmas at Khaz Modan but also my companion was also a fan - it would seem - of the holiday.

"It's quite appropriate actually isn't it?" I walked over to some icy water as I spoke, "It's bloody freezing here."

"It is absolutely fricking freezing, it's unbelievable." I started walking on to the ice as my friend did.

"This is ice where there should of be water." Duh?! I started slipping on to the ice as I tried to keep up with my companion who was a natural on ice. He was tapping his foot on the ice which appeared to be breaking.

"Oh God, no, don't break it!" The he slipped straight into the freezing cold water. I attempted to run over to support him but the ice made the simple task difficult. By the time I reached him he was already climbing out of the water.

"Careful!" I said as he nearly slipped back into the hole he made.

"Don't do that at home kids, you could die!" He joked. He had just created a hole in the ice, fell into the freezing cold water, climbed out of as though it was nothing, nearly slipped in the hole he made and then made a joke about it. Dwarves.

"Umm... so yeah," he walked of mumbling about the randomly generated aspects of Minecaftia and I followed him, pretending I was listening. He walked over to some sand poking out of ice.

"See look at this out-cropping over there. Isn't that strange?" He stated and I replied with a simple 'hmm' as I stared at it. Then the dwarf started mumbling again something about 'massive trees', and I joined him as he stared at some massive trees before looking up at the sky as though he was looking for something.

"Um.." he began, "actually it's...I think it's nearly mid-day and we haven't actually started umm..." he looked around as we walked on to solid land much to my joy.

"Oh." I simply said.

"Is that bad?" "We're gonna be in an awful lot of trouble, Xephos." We said at the same time.

"I don't really know what I'm doing, I don't understand how to survive in Minecraftia much beyond the fact you need to hit trees." I stated letting my friend know I was a noob when it came to survival.

"No, no, look!" As my friend spoke, he chopped at a tree with his bare hands, "We need to chop down some trees...we need to chop down some trees and make some wood. Er.. this is like, number one priority, right now. Ur..." I stared with awe at floating leaves from a tree my friend had just chopped down with his bare hands, this didn't happen where I was from!

"The issue is that when night falls..." I was in too much shock over what I had just seen and was seeing now to here what he was saying.

"Why isn't this tree falling down?" I asked.

"...and they will kill us and it will be horrible." Oh...yikes! Why didn't I pay attention to what he was saying, what will kill us?

"How do we know when night falls?" It was a bit of a dumb question but I guess that I was like a new-born baby here for my knowledge levels. Perhaps my service on the Enterprise will come in some use here.

"The leaves sort of just, the leaves just sort of stay up there," then he answered my second question whilst I got rid of the floating leaves, "well you look up in the sky you can see the sun," as I hit the leaves they disappeared but one leaf dropped what looked like a tiny tree, "and it's directly above us. Right?" I looked up saw the sun feeling no pain to my eyes for doing so.

"Right." I replied.

"Which means it's mid-day." He said as we both casually stared at the sun.

"Ok?" I said curious to know where this explanation was leading.

"We we first were left here, it was just after dawn." He said as I adverted my eyes from the sun and continued destroying the leaves; they were annoying me. I picked up the tiny tree to find it very light.

"So.." My friend mumbled and then I saw something in a near-by cave, by looks of the thing, it wasn't friendly.

"Oh..." I watched it for a few seconds.

"The sun is going gonna set relatively soon," Clearly my friend had not notice the thing in the cave, " and we're..."

"Oh, dude, there's something up there in that cave." I told him and my friend looked at where I was pointing to.

"Is there?" I guessed he couldn't see it yet.

"Yer it's a green thing, look," I pointed now standing next to him, "it's bouncing." Then my friends' eyes widened and I think he saw it and my assumption it wasn't friendly was correct. He backed away quickly.

"Oh Christ almighty, it's a creeper!" A creeper..that doesn't sound good.

"It's gone." I stated in trying to calm my friend down.

"Yer those are very, very bad," he said and I approached the cave to see if the..creeper had definitely gone.

"It's gone, Honeydew." I repeated before he continued to explain what the creeper was.

"They follow you and they explode." I got closer to the cave and he noticed.

"Don't go towards it!" he said and I returned to my companion's side with a simple 'oh' once again.

"It will see you." he said quietly, freaking me out.

"Oh my God," I laughed as my friend returned to chopping down trees, "OK so..." I spotted something behind the tree and my heart raced at the idea of it being another creeper.

"Whats this over here? Ah it's a sheep!" My adrenaline calmed down as I answered my own question whilst my friend was busy with a tree. I walked over to the peculiar looking sheep. 'Awww...'

"They are very, very bad things," he continued to explain the creepers while I mingled with the sheep, "cause they blow up, they destroy things - not sheep the, er, the creepers. The green things that look a bit like cactuses or something." I saw another sheep and walked up to it and attempted to hit it with the small tree I held in my hand, my friend's voice in the distance.

"They blow up, they will destroy things that you have built..." when I finally hit the sheep, all of its wool just fell off.

"Ah." I wasn't expecting that! I picked up the wool and put it in my pocket that grew no bigger when I did.

"...um, where the hell have you gone? Oh God." My friend sounded worried.

"I'm hitting this sheep, Honeydew." I replied casually as I continued to hit the sheep with what appeared it wool still even though I had some in my pocket. Minecraftia is definitely not like home.

"Ah you're over there," My friend had found me and stood next to me, "you get wool off of sheep."

"Yer I've got some of that." I stated but my friend walked past me to another tree.

"It's quite useful," he laughed "and by useful I mean, it's not actually used for anything useful at all." I broke some dirt off by hitting it with the small tree and put it in my pocket as well surprise to find it perfect to hold and clean. I broke another bit off and did the same. Honeydew coughed.

"Okay we're...we're gonna be in trouble. Um..." Then I started hitting the tree, curious to see how my friend did and aware my friend needed help if we were to survive.

"What we need to now is, we.." a beat, "we need to create a crafting table. Now in your backpack or rucksack or whatever there is a certain area where we can craft. It's a mini crafting thing." I followed what he said.

"Now what you wanna do, you wanna put a block of wood in that area," I did this as well as taking the dirt out of my pocket and putting it im my backpack, "and as you see it makes a different kind of wood." Which it did when I reached in, I pulled out planks instead of the wood I had placed in. Don't even get me started on the logic of that!

"Those are like planks of wood that you use to craft things." He stated at his own backpack as well.

"Ok." I replied fascinated by it all.

"Right, and then you takes those planks of wood, you fill up the crafting thing and then you get a proper crafting table: and with that you can make picks." I had created the planks but Honeydew had gone so fast I couldn't follow when he was explaining the crafting of the crafting table, instead I spotted a cow.

"A cow! Moo." I sounded childish as I hit the cow with the wooden planks as my friend explained to himself in the distance.

"You're getting distracted very easily, Xephos." I just laughed at the way he put emphasis on the word 'very'. Then I remembered the approaching night and how dangerous it was.

"Sorry what am I supposed to do? You've made a crafting table, okay, I think I..." Honeydew nodded as he placed the rather large crafting table down, "I think I know that much, it's one in each, isn't it?" That didn't make sense even to me but apparently Honeydew, knew what I meant and replied simply,

"Yep," I created the table and was surprised, no, shocked of the weight of it, I felt weightless, amazingly light, "and then the next thing, is to make um.. sticks." He said using his backpack again.

"Okay.." I replied still dazed by the crafting table.

"Now to make sticks, it's just one of the new blocks of wood on top of the other. Very simple. Very simple." He repeated. I made the sticks easily and placed them in my backpack as he continued.

"And then you make a, a pick, a wooden pick. That's the thing, there's an awful lot of crafting in this place." He said using the crafting table.

"Yer..I've ran out of wood." I stated heading towards the trees to chop them down.

"Oh God." My friend simply replied.

"Ok I'll just get some wood, no probs... Just punch this tree." I casually said still finding it amusing.

"To make picks you need," I returned to the crafting bench and my friend, "you need the middle square to be a pick, you need the bottom centre square to, err.. you need the middle square to be a stick," I had no idea what he was talking about till I looked at the crafting table, it was nine large squares crafted into the top of the table. I copied Honeydews instructions, 'the three top squares blocks of wood' and sure enough, in the blink of an eye, the pieces of wood and stick had vanished and in their place: was a wooden pick.

"Ok that's a pick." I stated as Honeydew walked away from the table.

"Oh God," he sounded worried, "I think, I'm telling you right now I think we're fucked. Because we're just gonna run out of time."

"Ok well, let's get on with it," I said and my friend was about to reply but I interrupted him, "why's it all black?" The side of a mountain was strangely black but in clear sunlight. My friend noticed as well.

"I know, I'm not quite sure what's going on over there. Everything's just completely black." I shuddered.

"That's a bit scary, Honeydew." I said as I picked up a flower and put it in my pocket for some unknown reason.

"Umm.. so we're sort of in a rush to find, um, some coal. Err..." By this point I had lost my friend.

"Some coal?" a beat "Where've you gone friend? I'm lost" I looked around but only found the crafting table.

"Oh God!" I heard him yell, "Umm.. I'm trying to find some coal." I heard just heard him say.

"There are lots of cows and sheep here," I randomly stated, "I'm just gonna stay at the crafting table, I'm a bit scared." I admitted cowardly. Where was my friend?

"Okay," I heard him reply and whilst I was chopping down a tree I finally saw him, "well the problem is that you might have to travel quite a bit, to find some coal depending on how lucky we are." He explained.

"What's the best way to find coal? Why do we need it?" I asked as I continued to chop down a tree: with a pick.

"You need it to make torches, torches light up the dark..." He answered though started mumbling as he finished.

"That sounds bad, that makes the dark sound bad." Out of all his mumbling all I caught onto was 'monsters come in the dark'. What kind of monsters? There was that creeper but were there others?

"Right ok, I think we're gonna be in trouble. So, there are two options: one is to bury yourself in a tomb in the ground for as long as it take for the sun to come back up." He said as he walked around looking at the setting sun. That didn't sound good.

"Right?" I was eager to know what the second option was.

"Which obviously isn't ideal," Ya think?, "and two is to actually create some sort of house, which will actually, it will be completely dark but should offer some form of protection. Also it's much better than being encased in Earth..." He started to mumble as he distanced himself from me.

"Well lets create a house. Can we make like, like a, like one on the edge of the cliff like something? So it's got it's back to the cliff. Would that be a good idea? I mean we could..." I started.

"That's a very good idea, Xephos." Honeydew praised as I blubbered on about possibly going in the cave before remembering the thing was in there.

"It's probably not a good idea to go in there?" I stated and Honeydew walked off to start on the house building.

"No." was his answer to the question as he got busy to work. Then it started to get dark, one shade at a time.

"Oh." we said in sync as the daylight dimmed, "it's getting dark," I dumbly stated, watching Honeydew build, "yeah, I saw that, did you." I look up at the darkening sky.

"Are you gonna build us a house? Ok." I went to help him.

"Oh God." Honeydew simply said. I randomly placed the flower I had held down and went to the crafting table, placing the wood on the table a watching it turn to wooden planks.

"I'm a bit anxious now, Honeydew." I had created 28 wooden planks from 7 pieces of wood. Don't get me started on the logic of that!

"I think we're in trouble Xephos," He stated not helping with my anxiety, "also I don't have an awful lot of wood and umm..." I helped him with the house noticing the floating leave above us, "Oh God, Xephos!" It was getting dark very quickly!

"Why are we building it under this tree, is that a good idea?" I questioned.

"Um," Honeydew started busy to work and seeming as anxious as I was, "yer I kinda thought we wouldn't have an awful lot of wood." Then I noticed the size of the house.

"This is gonna be very tight for just us two." I stated suddenly aware of how awkward this evening could become.

"Have you got, oh fuck," Honeydew started laughing like a mad man after noticing the size of the house, making me chuckle as well, "yer...um...err...more wood, quick, quick." he said as he chopped down some trees

"Or cozy...I guess it depends on, like, what your definition of err..." I looked at our house for the night, "so the idea is that we're gonna go in here and this is..this is going... So the tree is going to be our roof, the floating bits of leaves..."

My friend just laughed. "We're so screwed!" He continued laughing.

"What's wrong with this?" I laughed with him.

"We're so screwed! Oh God, I want to cry!" he picked up the crafting table and returned to the house as I followed after, still slightly giggling.

"You've got the crafting table" "I've got the crafting table back." We said at the same time as we approached are shack.

"I'll put that in the house." He stated and I couldn't help but laugh at the place he put the table in.

"Oh that's really a good place for it." I smirked then heard a cows moo in the background and got curious.

"Look..we don't have much room." Noticed that one, Honeydew...

"So this is our house, ok," I noticed Honeydew was crafting something but couldn't see what because it was too dark. Another cow mooed, frightening me slightly.

"Err..Ok it's dark." I was interrupted by Honeydews laughter.

"It's cosy." He said in the fits of laughter.

"Can I get in?" I tried to get in but he was blocking the way, "What are you doing?" I looked around for any monsters "I'm scared, Honeydew," I admitted to the darkness, "already." I walked away from the house slightly to look around.

"I had to make a door quickly." He stated but I was too focused on my surroundings to listen.

"What about all these poor sheep and cows and things are they not scared of.." I started to ask.

"Come in quick, come in!" I heard Honeydew yelling and returned to the shack to notice the new door.

"Oh you've made a door!" I said retreating out of the darkness outside to the darkness in our shack.

"Come in quick," he repeated, "close the door, close the God-damned door!" Then he started laughing and I was aware that Honeydew was frightened.

"There we go," He said in between his laughter, "we haven't actually got a roof but we do have a tree over us or some leaves..." Then Honeydew accidently placed a block in front of my head making me jump.

"Oh God!" We said when I saw it. He removed it and then we stared at each other with the little light coming from the door before bursting into laughter.

"So this is it, this is how you survive the first night..." He burst louder into laughter, "it's just us in the dark." I looked outside the doors window to the outside world.

"We've really made a good, a really good first night." Then he burst out laughing again as I looked out of the window, awaiting the sun to rise or for something to kill us before then.


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