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Shadow of Israphel

Minecraft: Part 3

'Moving into the Yogcave'

I continued to attempt to kill the chicken with the arrow.

"Okay..so," I finally killed the chicken, "I recommend we go, urm, we go find some coal. So we don't spend another night in the fucking dark." He said and I started to chop down some trees, my friend noticed.

"Obviously, yeah, more wood is useful..." His voice lingered behind me and I mumbled an 'okay' unsure if he heard it, "but we don't wanna spend too long getting more wood. Um..." He explained as I finished cutting down the wood.

"Okay, okay. What about our health, how do we recover that? Is there an easy way to do that?" I asked - following him up the hill.

"We need to eat food. Um..." He started to explain but I inturrupted him.

"It doesn't just recover? Ok..." I asked but Honeydew was too busy explaining where we get food from.

"Which you can get from pigs." He explained further but I was still confused.

"Pigs?" a beat "Right..." I wasn't too keen on killing some pigs but than again I did just kill that chicken and the corpse disappeared and left behind a feather, much like the monsters had. Was it the same with the pigs?

"Yeah..." we continued walking, "Have you seen any pigs?" he asked looking around.

"No." I replied simply.

"You're right behind me?" He sounded generally concerned.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I reassured as we walked toward some sort of rocky cliff.

"Good, good, good, good, good," he mumbled "Um.. Okay... There's sort of a, sort of strange sort of cave thing in her- Oh God it's very dark in there, isn't it?" We looked around the light part of the cave for some, I'm guessing, coal. I walked toward the dark area not even being able to see the walls.

"It is very dark." I stated, thank Captain Obvious!

"You basically looking for where there's stone, this grey stuff here," Duh?! I looked around and spotted something black in the grey sky of stone, "Oh! there it is, right above us!" He clearly had spotted it too.

"Oh look!" Was all I could say.

"Right above us!" Honeydew repeated, "Okay... This is good, um, we need to sort of build some way up to the coal." He stated.

"Okay..." my brain started ticking for ideas on how to get up there, we could create a ladder to climb up there or a hover craft could do the trick or something...

"Like a series of steps... Er..." I looked in my backpack for any steps or objects that could be used as steps.

"Exactamondo." my friend said from behind me, "Okay so I'must using dirt, ur, as are you..." he stated as I placed to blocks down, still confused of the logic of it all.

"Ur..." I needed more dirt, so collected some off the caves floor.

"Lalala-lalalalalala," Honeydew sang, "we're being very organised, very organised." He joked as I continued to collect dirt. I sung a little tune as I worked.

"To make a set of stairs - actually I might be able to reach it from 'ere." He explained, "Make sure you use the pickaxe, as you can see little black things drop down ad those are little piece of coal." He explained as I picked one up and put it in my backpack.

"Okay." The coal left no stain surprisingly.

"Oh, that one just magically reappeared, Xephos, this isn't good." He explained, "I think it might be because we are to are originating place, where we started." He explained even further but the coal seem to being going to me.

"It looks like they're vanishing to me." I stated.

"Oh. Maybe it's just a bit of delay then." I ventured the darkness of the cave as my friend continued to mine, "ok, let's not worry."

"Well I've got five bits of coal, this is good." He stated and I was aware I had a piece which made it six, I said a quiet 'okay' but was unaware if he had heard me.

"So I'm gonna immediately go into my crafting thing, and pop a bit of coal onto of a stick." I followed his instructions with the one coal I had.

"Ah ha!" I held in my had a blunt sort of... "it's like a match or something. Or a glowstick."

"It's a torch." Honeydew corrected, "Um, aww, look a waterfall! Aw..!" I tested out the torch and was amazed at how as soon as I placed the torch on the wall, the torch lit autoatically and pratically lit up the entire cave, quite dily though.

"I recon we should make our base in this cave," he suddenly stated, "this is like a nice natural sort of..thing isn't it?"

"A nice, yeah.. Okay.." my head was hurting from all this.

"If pop some torches up and we can actually have oursleves a cosy little home." He explained and it did sound easier as I mined some stone.

"Make a house a home, Xephos." Honeydew repeated an Earth phrase. Then he laughed.

"That's a good idea..." I mumbled, my focus on mining the stone.

"Ur..." he said.

"Ur..." I said.

"Ok so we to, er, we can plop down some bits of..." He walked over to me, " Yeah that's, that's a good idea if you clean out that and then we can use that to build, like, some walls here. So we've actually got some protection from the nasty things that come out." The end of his explanation was mumbled.

"Which end shall we seal up, which, which side of the cave do you wanna seal up?" I asked rather confused on his actions.

"They both have to be sealed up, um.." he explained as I walked over to him.

"You wanna seal up this area here?" I asked.

"Yeah, this has to be sealed up as well." I started to get to work on that, "I'm just gonna clear up the gravel cause gravel is completely fucking useless here and it looks horrible." He stated.

"Is that gravel, that pink stuff?" I asked and a cow mooed slightly spooking me.

"Yeah," Honeydew replied, "Nasty."

"Oh this is good. Yeah, this is good, I'm liking this." He happily said, "Ok so.. Let's think about this, we need to make another door..." He explained.

"I could go to our house and get all the crap back from the house." He stated and I took charge.

"Ok you do that and I will, I will work on this stuff." I instructed and as Honeydew left I heard him shout,

"Teamwork! Bro-fists..." and then his voice was gone and I was left laughing at his enthusiasm.

"If you can find your way back friend..." I mumbled to myself.

'Is there a quick way to, like, dig through dirt and crap?' I thought to myself.

'Yeah you can make a shovel, um...' A voice in my head - which sounded exactly like Honeydew - replied.

'It's like how you make a sword put you replace the middle bit of wood with a stick' The voice explained, 'So you've got a piece of wood, or stone, with two sticks underneath it' I followed its instructions but got a bit confused.

'Sorry how, so it's one piece of - oh yeah I think I did one early,' I made the shovel, 'Ah ha!'

'It's a very, very quick way to dig through dirt and gravel... and I think clay as well' I finally made myself a spade and shovel but I couldn't let the question slip my mind, can Honeydew and I communicate through our minds?!

'But clay is quite rare, you find it, like, by the coast. I don't think we're gonna find any, put it that way...' the voice said rather depressingly.

"Okay.." I said to myself - holding my new shovel, "Er.." I began to destroy dirt and listen to the voice as well, still refusing to believe it was Honeydew.

'So I'm demolishing our old house,' Okay maybe it was Honeydew... 'it served us well. Um..' I was fascinated by how much more quicker the shovel was even mumbling to myself on how it was much better.

'Make a little, a little entrance and I can put the, er, the door in. Um...' he asked but I was too busy destroying dirt.

'Ideally you wanna make sure that there's no... blank spaces. So we're completely protected, completely incased, um...' he explained but I continued to destroy dirt though.

'Can we make a little balcony at this end?' I asked as though he was here, 'Where this water is, it's quite sort of picturesque..' I explained and I thought I heard a little 'hmm...' from Honeydew brain but wasn't sure.

'We could do,' he replied as my shovel broke, 'but I guess, the, the, the worrying thing is, because this is surviving; that we just have to be able to survive. We need to be safe, so...' he explained as I went to build myself another shovel.

'That's true' I replied as Honeydew continued.

'Aesthetics sort of come after the practicality. Um...' He explained using words I was unaware my companion knew. I under-estiated him it would seem.

'That's the great thing about architecture,' I could here the joking tone in his voice, 'you've got the design is based not only on practical uses but also on the aesthetics, Xephos. Did I ever tell you I'm, I'm, I'm quite, quite into my architecture, it's true...' He joked.

'Are you? That's lovely' I played along.

'I think that's why I like to be out in the wilderness, because you can see such beautiful things,' a beat 'course at the moment we're living in, like a, a sort of shitty cave, surrounded by dirt. Um..' I laughed at his tone.

'Dirt walls' I agreed.

'But you've gotta begin somewhere, haven't you? You've gotta begin somewhere...' it was silent for a few seconds apart from the sound of me placing dirt down. Then a dwarves voice filled my head again,

'And it was sort of luck that we found a place that, um, was sort of conveniently set up, to be a sort of base. I think we were lucky, Xephos, I think we were very lucky...' He stated.

"Okay..." I said to myself as I looked up at the sky from our cave.

'Can we leave the ceiling open or does that need to be sealed up as well? Will stuff like, will monsters fall down into our, into our base?' I asked. It was a rather large sky light.

'Yeah, that can happen. Um...' Honeydew replied.

'So we need to build a ceiling on here..' I looked up at the sky light, shit...

'Yeah. Ideally.. Yeah you do wanna,' I started to build the ceiling, 'okay, where's the sun? It's very cloudy, I can't really see where it is...' His thoughts were clearly not meant for me to answer to.

'Oh there's some coal up there actually..' I told my companion, 'How am I gonna get to that...?' I thought to myself, the coal was quite high up.

"I mean as you, as you begin to survive, as we are now: right at the beginning, you can't really have enough coal, it's amazing stuff." he stated and apon hearing his voice and not hearing it in my head, I turned to see my friend next to me.

"See how are we, how are we gonna get up to that coal up there? Directly above us, do you see it?" I asked watching my friend as he took in my words.

"You can just jump and throw a block underneath you." can you? "To sort of build a sort of tower and, um, you'll just slowly go upwards, or quickly go upward." He explained and it work oddly enough, I was making my way towards the coal, trying to consentrate and not look at the ground.

"Oh God, okay..." I was up very high, "This is like scaffolding. Um..." I had reached the coal and started to mine, still avoiding looking straight down.

"Yeah, pretty much." My friend agreed, laughing. "Um... Oh God, I've gotta make sure we seal off..." I couldn't hear the rest. I had given myself some height and looking at Minecraftia from a whole new level.

"You get quite a view of the world around. Um..." I stated not sure if to myself or Honeydew. I mined rest of the coal and started to return to the ground, as I did: the sky got darker.

"Ah oh, er, Xephos, I think it's starting to get dark." He stated and I smiled when my feet touched solid ground.

"Oh alright." I mumbled, "Okay, yeah, I did see that actually." The threat was suddenly kicking in and my heart rate increased.

"Ah...well. Lets work on, er, the ceiling I guess." It was silent as we got to work and then,

"Oh my God!" Honeydew had clearly only just noticed to size of the gap we needed to fill as our ceiling, "Yeah, yeah. There is quite a risk that something would fall down on top of us." He laughed, staring up.

"Um..." we said.

"Still we've got quite a few torches going on 'ere. This is kinda good. We'll have it nice and bright in 'ere, Xephos, nice and bright. Um.." he said as I continued on ceiling constructions; slightly annoyed by the fact that my friend was just pissing around whilst I worked on saving our lives.

"Oh Christ..." he mumbled.

"I'm beginning to panic, Honeydew, I've got a lot of ceiling to go. Er, and I'm running out of mud. Er..." I stated, my heart now pounding, "I need more mud, Honeydew." I had my shovel in my had as I spoke.

"We need to be officiant, like the Germans," Good example Honeydew, "also I think I just heard a thing. Er... This is all sealed up this side, that's good..." So that's what he was doing...

"Oh My God!" He had just noticed the still, huge gap in our ceiling, somehting told me.

"I'm just taking a layer out of the floor." I stated to him as I went to help him with the ceiling, "just, a, quickly seal this up..." I mumbled. We got quickly to work on the almost complete ceiling...of dirt. Then we finished the main gap in the ceiling.

"Ah there we are," Relief was clear in my voice, "Oh shit, this bit as well. Ur..." There was a gap at the side of the cave and I started to cover it.

"Dun, dun, dun..." my friend joked, "Hang on, hang on, you're fucking it up a bit." He stated.

"Am I?" I asked. We finished it off finally even though we slightly screwed up at the end.

"There we are." I said.

"Fuck it that, that will do." We laughed.

"Okay." Was all I said still laughing.

The Yogcave was finally our home.


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