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NARUTO VERSE – Before the Series

HARRY POTTER VERSE – After DH, No epilogue.


Fall From Grace

"Death was afraid of him because he had the heart of a Lion." - Arabic Proverb

Death had lost some of its novelty to Harry Potter after the seventh time it had graced his presence. Now, on his thirteenth death, he could only stare at the Entity he was Master of with a deadpan expression, making the male cough embarrassedly into his fist.

"Would you care to explain to me, Dominic," the young immortal Wizard began in an almost gentle voice to Death, "why I was just ran over by a bus, when you assured me at our last meeting that I would not have to worry about such mundane attempts on my life? Hmm?" Death shifted, and dragged long, skeletal-looking pale fingers through his purple hair, eyes the same, glowing green of his Master's looking sheepish and worried.

"Heheheheh, my bad?" He said, voice a sweet tenor as he turned bizarrely affective puppy-dog-eyes on Harry, who sighed and patted the shorter mans head gently.

"It's alright, I suppose," he said reluctantly. "Just send me back, will you?" Death-or Dominic, as Harry had named him so many years ago-hesitated and nibbled his thin lips with his sharp, straight teeth.

"I, uh, can't? Master?" He managed; Harry's bright green eyes narrowed ever-so-slightly.

"And pray-tell, my Servant, why is that?" he asked, the very air, gray and thick around them in Death's Domain, chilling with his tone, making Dominic gulp.

"Um, I may have made a bet with one of the Japanese Deaths about you not dying for another five years, and since you're here, I, er, well, lost?" He finished meekly; Harry's eyes had narrowed even further, and Dominic shivered and hunched within his long, black robes, clutching his ritualistic Scythe close to comfort himself in the face of his Master's ire.

"I see," the Immortal said lowly. "And what did this bet you made entail, hmm?" Dominic gulped and licked his bitten lips.

"Um, I bet that you wouldn't die for five years. If you did die, though, then, um, you have to do a favor for Jashin before you returned to your body... I was drunk! I'm sorry, Master!" The Entity wailed, throwing himself forward to clutch at Harry's legs, sobbing and begging for forgiveness. Harry reached up slowly, and pinched the bridge of his nose, looking exasperated and resigned.

"Just-" Harry let out a tired sigh. "Don't drink any more. Not without my permission, understood?" He asked/demanded; Dominic nodded rapidly, bone-pale-yet-lovely face filled with stark relief. "And go get Jashin so I can complete whatever the hell it is you've doomed me to." Dominic flinched, whimpered, and nodded meekly at the sharp, annoyed tone in his Master's voice. He scrambled to his feet and disappeared in a swirl of the surrounding gray fog, making Harry shake his head slightly and once again pinch the bridge of his nose. The petite, purple-haired Entity returned with another, this one looking and just feeling as different to Dominic as light and day. Harry took a few moments to compare the two, absently reaching up to rub the place where his scar used to be.

Dominic was short, only about five-two to Harry's own six-foot-even. He dressed in an absurdly long black robe that hung off one delicate shoulder, no shoes, and had soft, bright purple hair. His eyes, large and round and almost-innocent looking, had once been pure white, until Harry had taken up the mantle of Master of Death. Then he'd changed them to match Harry's own Killing Curse green. His skin was whiter then Voldemort's had ever been, without any sight of veins beneath the thin, soft-looking flesh. His hands, nervously clutching the black handle of his Scythe (which was only a few inches taller then him at the tallest point), were long, thin, and looked as delicate and fragile as a baby birds wing, easily broken and crippled. His face was slightly round with youth, but he was undoubtedly 'pretty', with a small nose, those eyes, gently sweeping cheekbones, and thin-but-lovely-colored lips. He radiated an uncertainty and shy hesitance, especially when Harry was around, that poked at all the over-protective instincts the Immortal Wizard had in his body. It didn't help the now twenty-nine-year-old that Dominic only looked about fifteen.

Jashin, however, was the polar-opposite. He was wrapped in a pure white yukata, with a blood red obi and matching red sandles. He was a little taller then Harry, and broader than the lean Immortal, with more muscles and larger hands that still managed to somehow look graceful. His hair was a dark red and spiky, his skin was as pale as Dominic's, and his face was handsome if a bit broad, with a heavy, square jaw, straight nose, and plump lips. His eyes were slanted, exotic in their Asiatic shape, and were a bright, gleaming silver, with slit pupils, and, if Harry could name the emotion in them, he'd say it was a mixture of sadistic glee, amusement, and an unwavering, inhuman bloodlust. His Scythe was a thick-handled, impressive thing, towering over both Harry and Jashin (Dominic didn't count, as nearly everything Harry saw on this side of the Mortal Plane towered over the little Entity). It's handle was a gleaming white, but it's blades, all three of them, were a bright, blood red, and slightly serrated.

He cut an intimidating, slightly-insane figure, and Harry tilted his head into a small nod of greeting.

"Master," Dominic started nervously. "This is Jashin-Sempai, and he's the one I made a deal with." The little Entity started nibbling his lips again, and Harry nodded again, this time in confirmation, and Dominic slunk over to his side to shyly lean against him, causing Harry to instinctively drag his fingers through the shorter males exotic-colored hair.

"What is this favor you want of me, then, Jashin-san?" He asked politely, using the Japanese honorific despite the fact that he'd never been nor knew what to use besides -kun for boy and -chan for girl. Death had no need for language barriers, and The Master of Death knew every language, old and knew, as if they were his Mother Tongue, and this fell to all forms of language, written, spoken, or signed.

The Japanese Entity grinned, baring teeth that were narrow, curved, and pointed, the teeth of a piranha.

It was vaguely disturbing...

"Neh,, neh, Harry-shukun, it's not too hard!" His grin gained a mischievous, maniacal twist, and Dominic pressed slightly closer to his Master's side, looking uncomfortable. "My favor is that you take a new body in my own realm of the Dimensions. See, not so hard! I don't even care what you do so long as you just agree." Harry narrowed his eyes slightly, and frowned. Technically, as Master of Death, he was Jashin's Master as well, seeing as how his power touched on all forms of Death, from Dominic, the Entity of Unexpected Deaths, to Jashin, Lord of Slaughter, Entity of Painful, Miserable Deaths, who was actually the more merciful Entity, considering his responsibility was to end suffering and absorb the pain and misery with the mortals deaths so that their Afterlife was pleasant (well, if they weren't Judged guilty and sent off to eternal torment by whatever religion they followed...). Dominic struck anywhere at any time and didn't discriminate between happy, miserable, or indifferent peoples...

It was one of the reasons he was so young and innocent appearing. Dominic was the Deadly Surprise, and who would expect a submissive-acting fifteen-year-old?

"What's the catch?" Harry asked in reply to Jashin's 'favor'. Jashin pouted, an utterly ridiculous look that would have been cute on Dominic's face.

"Neh, neh, Harry-shukun! Ruin my fun, why don't you?" Harry shot him a slightly-narrow-eyed look, and the Japanese Entity huffed, sulking. "I control what form you take, and you're not allowed to kill my Followers, no matter how annoying they are." Harry narrowed his eyes and flexed his metaphorical-muscles, reaching with his very soul for the link he held with the Entity. Jashin flinched, straightening to attention, face hard but silver eyes flickering with nervousness. Dominic shuddered and pressed closer, eyes closed and looking utterly blissed-out.

"You will not turn me into a girl," Harry ordered firmly; Jashin managed a respectful nod.

"Hai, Harry-shukun," he replied, voice somber.

"I will retain the power I have within my body, even if I only have a small part of it at the beginning, as I know you'll have to turn me into a newborn, but I will eventually gain the entirety of my powers back. Am I understood?" He demanded; Jashin gave a slightly deeper nod, and Harry knew that, if the Entities could produce mortal bodily functions, the Japanese Entity would be sweating.

"Hai, Harry-shukun."

"Good." Harry nodded and released his hold, making Jashin slump with a relieved huff of breath. Harry didn't mind this favor much. As long as he kept his powers and didn't get turned into a girl, he was good. (He couldn't help the small shudder at the chill that dripped down his spine at the thought of a gender change. Girls, in his experience, were scary. Hermione with her massive amount of knowledge and stern bossiness, Ginny with her hair-trigger temper and nasty curses, Bellatrix, Mrs. Weasley with her iron-grip on the men in her life... Yes. Women were something to respect and treat with care. He had no wish to be one.) "I agree with this favor. I will remain in your Dimension until my next death, agreed?" Jashin nodded, smiling once more. Harry turned and lifted Dominic's chin, meeting those mirror-image eyes. He tapped the little Entity on the nose and gave a dry smirk.

"Don't get into trouble, do not drink, and make sure you have fun while I'm running about doing Merlin-knows-what, understand, Dominic?" The purple-haired male nodded, nuzzling closer to Harry's hand.

"Yes, Master," he agreed; then yelped as he suddenly found Jashin's cheek pressing against his, the Japanese Entity grinning cheekily up at Harry from his bent-over position.

"Neh, neh, don't worry about my Kawaii-Kōhai, Harry-shukun! I'll take good care of him." The leer the Japanese Entity aimed at the smaller, younger-looking Entity made Dominic squeak, blushing brightly, and cause Harry to shake his head in rueful amusement.

"I'm sure you will, Jashin-kun," he said simply, changing the Deaths suffix with a slight smirk. Jashin pouted and huffed at him, but soon straightened and gestured at Harry with his Triple-Scythe.

"Ready, Harry-shukun?" He asked; Harry nodded, and the Death Entity made a sharp, slicing motion with that demented Scythe of his, and Harry was swallowed by blackness, knowing his body was morphing and changing to suit Jashin's fancy.

He had a feeling that his new life was going to be interesting...

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Dominic – "belonging to a lord or master", "servant of God"

Sempai – senior student, partner, mentor. Typically meant for someone who was there before the speaker, and is therefore more knowledgeable on the subject.

Shukun – lord, meritorious deed, master

Kawaii – cuddly, cute, sweet, etceterra, etceterra.

Kōhai – Younger student, underclassmen, one who is there after the speaker and therefore requires tutelage.

Deaths – for every kind of death, every facet, there is a personification. In this case, they appear human, as Harry started out human. It is an effort to comfort their Master and/or Followers. This is also the reason for the "Dimensions". There are many, many kinds of Deaths, and each has control over some form of the many Mortal Planes. Death is many and ever-changing.