"Nataku and the Flower Shock"

I don't own Hoshin Engi…but I still love it. Even if they wear funny shoes…

Nataku stared in a normal calm fashion as Akaito held out a tiny bouquet of flowers. Taikobo and the gang also stared, jaws agape, as the little girl gently nibbled on one of the snapdragons within the bouquet. Raishinshi then popped the question everyone was hesitant to ask:

"Um… guys? Won't Nataku be pissed due to his plant 'brothers' being so mercilessly plucked?"

The others all turned to Raishinshi in a panic and covered his mouth while checking on Nataku's emotional state. The redhead was still calm, but exerted an unavoidable aura of rage and shock at the sight of his fellow plants being carelessly ravaged by such a little girl.

"Nataku, be kind. It's only a little girl. She doesn't understand plants like you do," Inshi said with a smile. Li Sei only glowered as he eyed a small set of peonies next to his feet. A cruel smile set on his face…

Shrip! Everyone turned to see Li Sei with a set of peonies in his hand, mercilessly torn out and mangled. Nataku shook, his entire body reverberating with the aura of rage. His hands thrust out and fired the Kenkonken without him even looking back. Li Sei, noticing his mistake, screamed and began to run away as the copper rings shot towards him.

"Nata-Kun? You like flowers?" Akaito's little face gave a happy smile. Nataku was emotionless, the raging aura still present. His hand reached for Akaito's little head, and Raishinshi began to panic for the child's safety.

"Hey, Nata-!" Raishinshi reached out to stop Nataku, but stopped short when Nataku calmed and fluffed Akaito's hair with a small, but kind smile. He turned to Raishinshi and the others, his face returning to its normal cold stare.

"I know better than to hurt a child." As he floated away, the Kenkonken snapped back upon his wrists.

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