To Mount Justice

For the Young Justice Anon Meme:
"Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark have known each other for years. They often go to the same parties, so he knows Dick pretty well too. They get along terrifyingly well. At some point, Tony stays over at the manor for a few days (up to you the reasons why). Cue massive sexual tension between Tony and Bruce, jealous!Clark, Tony and Dick being immature trolls, and Wally being horrified and sick with envy that his best friend knows the Tony Stark.
Bonus points if Tony tries to give thirteen year old Dick girl/boy advice, and for awesome Alfred Pepper interaction."
Primarily I want to see the Tony + Dick being immature trolls and Alfred + Pepper interaction

"Wait, what?" exclaimed Kid Flash to Robin's statement.

"Tony Stark is going to visit the mountain today," repeated Robin, grinning at Kid Flash's reaction.

"Who is Tony Stark?" questioned Superboy, confused. Aqualad and Miss Martian nodded as well. Zatanna's eyes widened in shock at Robin's news.

Artemis shot them a look. Well, Superboy was understandable, but Aqualad had been visiting the surface world for a while now, and M'gann watched way too much TV. "Tony Stark is only one of the most famous billionaires in the world. He's also part of a superhero team called the Avengers and is known as Iron Man. How the hell do you know that he's coming to visit, Boy Blunder?"

Robin rolled his eyes, although he knew that the others couldn't see him doing so. "Batman and Tony know each other. Tony has been staying over with us for a few days now, and when Tony found out that I joined a team, he said that he had to meet everyone."

"Whenishecoming? DoyouthinkIcouldgetanautogra ph? Howcomeyouknowallthecoolpeop le? Thatisn'tfair!" exclaimed Kid Flash in a rush.

"I don't know exactly when he's coming. I'm sure he'll give you an autograph. Because I'm concentrated awesome," replied Robin, used to Kid Flash's fast talking, even if no one else could understand him.

Black Canary walked into the training room, stalling the rest of the conversation. "Alright, team, let's begin training."


Tony walked into the living room where Pepper and Alfred were sipping tea and comparing Tony and Bruce. So far, it seemed that Pepper had the worst job.

"Pepper, my sweet darling!" exclaimed Tony dramatically.

Pepper turned around, and Tony planted a kiss on Pepper's lips.

"Yes, Tony?" questioned Pepper, after their kiss was broke off.

"I'm going to go visit the little troll at his secret team headquarters," announced Tony. "Would you be willing to come?"

Pepper shook her head. "I do not want to see the combined troll powers between you and Richard at work against those poor children. Plus, Alfred and I were having a lovely conversation."

"You've been talking to him for the past three days," Tony complained. "You haven't spent much time with me at all."

"Pepper, you do not have to worry about keeping an old man like me company," stated Alfred in his posh British accent.

Pepper smiled at Alfred. "I would rather keep you company than waste twelve percent of my time with Tony."

Tony clutched his heart. "Ouch, Pepper. And that comment about the newly-dubbed Avengers' Tower was a few months ago!"

"I told you it wasn't going to be subtle," said Pepper with a smile, sipping her tea. "I also never said that I wouldn't drop it."

"A few months is a long time to hold a grudge," replied Tony.

"Says the master of keeping grudges himself," retorted Pepper, their faces getting closer. Alfred only sipped his tea and looked away when the two shared another kiss.

Pepper finally broke off the kiss. "You should probably go now."

Tony pouted. "Are you sure you don't want to come and baby the mini-heroes like you do with the Avengers and, sometimes, Peter?"

"I'll drop in later," Pepper promised. "Now go. I don't think Bruce will wait long for you."

"Exactly," Bruce-well, Batman, stated, appearing from the shadows. Pepper startled, but Tony (who had overexposure to Natashalie and Hawkeye) and Alfred didn't even blink. "Get a move on, Stark. The team is going to finish their training soon and head out."

Tony sighed and kissed Pepper one more time. "I'm leaving now. Don't wait up for me."

Pepper smiled through the kiss and broke off. "I'll drop by in thirty."

Tony smirked. "I'll hold you to it." Tony turned to face Batman. "Let's go, Batman."

"Hurry up, Stark," stated Batman, turning around to head to the zetatube. With a last wink to Pepper, Tony bounced after Batman, asking questions about the team and their headquarters.

Pepper turned back to Alfred, sipping her rapidly cooling tea. "So, you were saying something about Bruce and Richard...?"

"Ah, yes..." started Alfred.

Um, there will be no SLASH, sorry. So, no UST between Tony and Bruce, but there will be jealous!Clark because Tony will seem closer to Bruce than him. Maybe. I have to decide. :)

Sorry if this is horrible. xD