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Welcome home

Chapter 1

Leroy Jethro Gibbs sat reclined in his chair, he couldn't believe she was gone, Kate Todd had left NCIS and it was all his fault.

He looked over to her desk it was now empty, he wondered whose it was going to be next. It had been his desk then Jenny's desk then Cassie Yates's and then no ones for a while before it finally came to being Kate's.

Gibbs understood whole heartedly why Kate had left NCIS she wanted a safer job, of course she'd known that putting her life on the line was something she'd have to do, I mean hello she was the body guard for the president.

But being so close to death, it had scared her, she was young, she wanted to live, wanted to fall in love have a family and in order to do that she was going to have to have a good job where she would live to get to have all of that. She'd left them all a forward address and they'd had a small drink up as a going away present and he knew that Abby and the team had already set up times for them to meet up with Kate so it wasn't like she would be gone forever, she'd moved to Boston to work for another police force as a medical examiner as it had turned out she'd been doing evening classes and being taught by Ducky in her spare time.

Ari had shot her in the chest, missing her heart. Tim and Tony had rushed her to the hospital while Gibbs began his hunt for Ari. And six weeks later he still had nothing.

"Hey boss" Tim said as he walked into the bullpen, all of the team had been acting weird, Tony had been a lot more snappy and annoying meanwhile Tim had been a lot more quiet and spent a lot of his time when they didn't have a case down with Abby in her lab. The Goth herself was very different, she wasn't her cheerful chirpy self and there didn't seem to be the loud music playing in her lab.

"McGee" Gibbs greeted just as Tony raced into the bullpen gaining both men's attention.

"There is a Body rock creek park" the man said almost out of breath as he leant against his desk "Everything match's Ari's MO" he continued.

This was what they had been waiting for a break in the case. It was their next chance to catch the bastard.

Two hours later Gibbs walked into Abby's lab surprised to have the thumping music reach his ears, he smiled as he walked over to the stereo and turned it off.

"Hey" Abby said spinning around making her skirt fan out and pigtails swing "Gibbs I have something for you" she said with a grin before going over to one of her many computers and typing a few keys "The bullets match the ones from Ari's rifle and he left a finger print on the body, you see the hand it has a dot, it's a thumb print, if you squeeze it in that place it basically paralyses you" She said pulling up a picture of the body and pointing to the purple brose on the hand.

"Good work Abs" he said kissing her on the cheek "Have anything on the phone we found near the body?" he asked just as her computer dinged.

"Just so happens to have Ari's finger prints all over it" she said with a triumphant smirk. "I can trace the phone to all the place's it's been used as it had a GPS track on it, maybe it could tell us where his lair is?" she suggested.

"You're doing great Abs, put a caf-pow on my tab" he said giving her a smile as he turned to walk out.

"Oh yeah I spoke to Kate" Abby said making Gibbs stop and turn "She sends her love and said that once Ari's caught maybe she would come visit" she said with a smile.

"She can visit when she wants" Gibbs said with a shrug of his shoulder before walking out and into the elevator.

As Gibbs turned into the bullpen Tony stopped him "Director wants you in MTAC" he said watching as Gibbs grumbled to himself before going to the stairs and taking two at a time before walking to the MTAC door and scanning his eye and then disappearing into the dark room.

Gibbs could have sworn he smelt a familiar perfume as he stepped into the room, but as fast as he had recognised it, it was gone. He brushed the thought off before seeing Morrow at the back of the room and then sat down next to him.

"I hear you have another lead on Ari" Morrow said in a hushed voice.

"Yep, were close to getting his location" Gibbs said his tone matching his boss's.

"And let me guess you plan on storming in all guns blazing?" he asked knowing that it was Gibbs's way.

"He hurt one of my people sure" Gibbs said trying to defend what he knew would be his action.

"It doesn't matter now, you're no longer my problem Jethro" the older man said with a slight smile.

"You firing me sir?" Gibbs asked with a slight chuckle.

"No" Tom shook his head "I'm taking a job as deputy director of homeland security" he said with a smile, he was looking forward to what was coming next.

"Are you sure?" Gibbs asked.

"I think it's time" Tom said with a smile as he got up out of his seat as did the other people in the room "He's all yours director" Tom said with a slight chuckle.

Gibbs looked around to find the room now empty bar one other person at the front of the room, sitting by themself. Slowly he got out of his chair and made his way over to join them.

He knew who it was, he could tell just by looking at the back of her head he would know the red hair anywhere. Gibbs came to the seat behind hers and put his hands on her shoulder, noting that she didn't tense when he touched her meaning she knew he was there.

Jenny bit back a smirk as she felt her husband's hands on her shoulder, she'd been fighting the erg to call him and tell him the good news for weeks but when Tom had suggested they surprise him well she couldn't resist.

She felt his hot breath against her ear and then his familiar voice whisper "Madam Director".

Slowly she turned to face him still in her seat "Special agent Gibbs" she grinned before standing up from her seat "Shall we skip they you haven't changed a bit bull?" she asked in a teasing manor.

"Why start lying to each other now Jen" he grinned as he moved round to stand with her.

God he'd missed her, she had been stationed in London for the past nine months and only came home every three months for two days. He missed his wife so much; he missed waking up to her in the mornings, going home to have her there every night.

Jenny felt the exact same, it had been hard on their relationship but they loved each other and so they made it work.

As soon as they were standing next to each other Gibbs wrapped his arms around Jenny's waist and pulled her close. "I missed you Jen" he said pushing a piece of her hair out of her face.

"I missed you too" she said pulling him into a loving kiss. It was just as sweet as all the others they had shared had been, it was still full of the same love, care and affection as ever.

When they pulled away Jenny rested her forehead against her husbands "Hey" Gibbs said breaking the silence "Aren't we missing something…about nee high, brown hair, green eyes, yammers a lot?" Gibbs teased making Jenny let out a giggle. Music to his ears.

"He's waiting in my new office" Jenny said grabbing her husband's hand and heading to the door only to stop half way "When he leave this room, I can't hold your hand, kiss you, hug you, we are special agent Gibbs and Director Shepard…well at least until we out ourselves in a couple of weeks, just let them get used to having a woman director first" Jenny explained.

"Ok I understand" Gibbs said placing a kiss to her forehead "But I we can kiss and stuff in private?" he asked.

"Of course" Jenny said with a smile before opening to the door to MTAC.

Gibbs knew Tony's eyes would be on them so stood a little away from his wife as he followed her to the director's office, well her office now.

Jenny walked into her office and smiled as she saw their four year old son Owen happily sitting reading as he sat in her big office chair. "Hey Owen look who I found" Jenny said standing aside so the boy could get a better view of Gibbs.

"Dad" the little boy said jumping up off of the chair and stumbling into his father's arms.

Gibbs lifted the boy up into his arms and kissed him on the top of the head "Hey buddy, I've missed you, have you been good for mummy?" he asked pulling Owen back a bit so he could get a good look at his baby boy. Owen had been living in DC with Gibbs for the past six months but he'd been living with Jenny for the past three.

"Yeah I was good wasn't I Momma?" The boy asked with a smile.

"You were perfect sweetie" She said pressing a kiss to the boy's cheek leaving a lipstick mark there which Gibbs then rubbed off gently with his thumb.

"So when we getting the dog then?" the little boy asked looking at his fathers with his innocent green eyes.

"A dog?" Jenny asked with hands on her hips and an eyebrow

Gibbs gulped before turning to his wife and just as he opened his mouth to explain his phone went off "Gibbs, great I'll be down in a minute Abs" was the short conversation. "Have to go a really important case is almost closed" he said with a guilty expression.

"Ari?" Jenny asked. Tom had read her into her husband's latest nemesis.

"Yeah" Gibbs mumbled handing Owen to Jenny much to the little boy's displeasure, it wasn't that he didn't like his mother of course he loved her but the little boy wanted to spend time with his dad. "Jen can I talk to you for minute" Gibbs asked.

Jenny put Owen down "Honey go to your bag and get your blanky it's time for your nap" she said putting him back on his feet she then walked with Gibbs to the other side of the room.

"I want you and Owen to stay here for a while, even if you end up sleeping here, Ari's out to get me and I don't want anything to happen to you and Owen" Gibbs said running a hand up and down her shoulders.

"I understand Jethro" Jenny said hugging him "Just promise me you'll come back in one piece and with the creep in a body bag" she said placing a kiss on his cheek.

"I promise" Gibbs said taking a second to look at his wife "Really have missed you Jen" he said with a smile before walking out.

Jenny hopped her husband would come back in one piece like he promised.


I decided Kate should have just left NCIS rather than die to give it something extra and I thought it wouldn't be right for Gibbs to be happy with his family after Kate's dead.

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