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Chapter 5

Gibbs was in a bad mood for the rest of the morning. Ziva wasn't sure what to do, should she stay or go? But Jenny had told her to stay so she sat and Kate's old desk.

She sat setting up the computer with her email and things as well as putting some of her stuff in the desk, Every time Ziva looked up from her desk she noticed Gibbs scowling at her or Tony staring daggers at her but Tim just gave her a comforting smile every now and then.

About late afternoon Gibbs got tired of sitting around doing nothing but going over very cold cases so he got up from his desk taking his badge and gun with him.

"Where you going boss?" Tony asked looking up from the case report he was writing.

"Home, if the director asks where I am tell her I'm with my son, leave once your paper work is done" He grumbled once more before getting into the elevator.

Ziva looked over at Tony who was shaking his head, she then got up from her desk and began to make her way up to Jenny's office.

Jenny was sitting in her chair starring off into space, thinking about many things, thinking about the fight she'd had with her husband, wondering how she was going to tell him that there was going to be a fourth member of their family, and then she began to picture her life with Owen, Gibbs and a little baby, whether it be a boy or a girl she was going to be happy, she just hoped she could say the same for Gibbs, he might not be happy at all maybe he was happy with what they had.

"Director Officer David is here to see you" Cynthia's voice said through the intercom.

Jenny ran a hand down her face "Send her in Cynthia" Jenny replied and moments later the door opened.

"Shalom Jen" Ziva said giving her friend a small smile.

"Ziva you arrived early" Jenny commented as she got up from her desk.

"I know and I'm sorry for not saying anything I needed to get away, my father was asking questions…I didn't mean for Gibbs to get mad at you" Ziva said shaking her head.

"It's ok Ziva I can handle Jethro, he just needs to get to know you and everything will be fine" Jenny sighed.

"Gibbs left to spend some time with Owen" Ziva said sitting on the edge of Jenny's desk and facing her.

"Spending time with Owen helps him cool off" Jenny commented "Ziva how am I going to tell Gibbs I'm pregnant?" Jenny asked knowing that Ziva was one of her best friends.

"I don't know Jen" Ziva said. Both women were not aware of a certain special agent was lurking outside the door.

After meeting Jenny and noting her shade of lips stick Abby was convinced that Gibbs was having an affair with her but now Tony had heard this he knew they must be, he hurried from the door and ran to the elevator.

Once the elevator doors opened on Abby's floor Tony skidded into Abby's lab making both herself and Tim turn to face him to watch Tony fall flat on his ass "Tony are you ok?" Abby asked trying to help him up.

"Gibbs got the director pregnant" he panted out as he pulled himself to his feet.

"NOoooo!" Abby screamed "Gibbs can't have done that, Gibbs wouldn't have cheated on his wife, think of little Owen!" she screeched again.

"Abby" Tim tried to calm the Goth down so she could think rationally.

"Quiet Timmy" Abby's said thumping him in the chest. "I got an idea, once were all off of work, we all go to Gibbs's house and give him a piece of our mind"

"Great idea, come on Probie we've still got files" Tony said motioning for Tim to follow him.

Meanwhile back in Jenny's office…

"Why can't you just tell him like you did with Owen?" Ziva asked shrugging her shoulders.

Jenny smirked at the memory "He fainted" she smiled "It's just a second child was something we haven't even talked about" Jenny explained.

"Was Owen talked about, was Owen planned?" Ziva asked getting up from the desk and walking around to face her friend.

"Well no but..." Jenny began but the Israeli cut her off.

"So what are you doing here, go home and tell him the good news" Ziva ordered.

"Fine I will" Jenny said standing up and grabbing her handbag and then rushing out of the office, "Cynthia I'm not feeling too good, I'm going to head home, call my cell if there is an emergency" she said before rushing out with Ziva behind her.

As the two walked to the elevator they noticed Tony was scowling at them but they brushed it off.

"Good luck" Jenny said giving her friend a hug before Jenny got in the lift then she headed back to her desk and Tony was still giving her evils. "What?" she asked in frustration.

"I see you've chosen your side" he mumbled.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Ziva rolled her eyes before getting back to work.

Thirty minutes later Jenny walked into her home and was surprised to find it quiet, too quiet. She slipped off her coat and hanged it up and took of her heels, sighing as the pain in her feet subsided.

Then as she walked into the lounge she felt someone come up behind her and wrap their arms around her waist and then a familiar voice whispered "Got yah".

Jenny couldn't help but laugh at her husband "Oh I'm very scared" she said in a funny voice as Owen came out from behind one of the sofas with a small plastic sword in one hand, a sieve on his head and a towel wrapped round him like a cape.

"Don't worry Ma I'll save you from the evil magician" He said running at Gibbs who pushed Jenny out of the way before picking up Owen up.

"Abracadabra" Gibbs said in a deep loud voice before he started tickling the little boy.

"Oh no you know my weakness" Owen said through giggles of laughter.

Jenny couldn't help but laugh. Obviously placing imaginary with Owen had helped Gibbs clear his mind.

"What you didn't realise little night is that the fair maiden just so happens to be my wife and my magicians assistant" Gibbs said motioning for Jenny to come join in the fun.

Jenny smiled and then came over and began to tickle him and then lifted up the boy top and blew a raspberry on his stomach making the boy laugh more "Ok I give up" Owen said making Gibbs put the little boy down, "Can we work on the boat now?" he asked.

"Sure" Gibbs said with a smile "You go change into your boat clothes and wait by the door" he instructed and then the little boy ran off leaving Jenny and Gibbs alone.

"Jethro…" Jenny began but Gibbs placed his finger on her lip silencing her.

"It's ok Jen, I'm sure Ziva will be fine on the team, if you trust her then so can I" he said with a smile before leaning over and giving her a kiss "I love you Jen, even when we fight" he smiled at her.

"Love you too" Jenny smiled before kissing him again wrapping her arms around his neck.

An hour later and the family of three were in the basement happily sanding away well Owen and Gibbs were Jenny was 'supervising' which meant she sat on the old sofa reading one of her trashy romance novels.

"Is there going to be room for four of us down here?" Owen asked his dad after a while.

Jenny looked up at Owen, her heart began to beat fast, she knew she shouldn't have told him. But he had been worried when she kept being sick and she could lie to him, not when he looked so scared.

"Four what do you mean?" Gibbs asked his son, confusion written all over his face.

"Uh oh" Owen said giving his mother an apologetic look "It was supposed to be a secwet" the boy said remembering.

"What's supposed to be a secret?" Gibbs asked shooting a worried glance at Jenny who looked shocked and nervous, "Tell me" Gibbs demanded , he didn't like people keeping secrets from them especially his family.

Just as Jenny was about to open her mouth the doorbell rang. "We'll talk more later" Gibbs grumbled before going to answer the door.

He opened it surprised to have his team plus Ducky and Ziva barge their way in "What the hell are you doing here?" Gibbs asked as Abby and Tony turned to face Gibbs.

"Where is she?" Tony asked.

"Who?" Gibbs asked confused.

"Where is the director?" Abby asked.

"Why?" Gibbs asked even more confused.

"We want to talk to both of you and she wasn't at her George Town house" Abby said with her hands on her hips.

"I'm here" Jenny said as she emerged from the basement with Owen in her arms.

"Look at your son Gibbs" Abby began "Think of what you're doing to him" she said shaking her head.

"What am I doing to him?" Gibbs asked shooting Jenny and look which made her shrug her shoulders.

"Your breaking up his family Gibbs, that's not nice, take it from somebody that knows" Tony said shaking his head.

"The affair you two are having has to end" Abby stated.

Tim, Ducky and Ziva all shook their heads, while Jenny had to bite back a laugh and Gibbs had to try hard not to smile. "Affair?" Gibbs asked folding his arms over his chest.

"Yes, I saw the lipstick on your lips, her lip stick" Abby said pointing a finger accusingly at Jenny.

"And I see the goo goo eyes you to make at each other" Tony stated "Not to mention the fact that you've nocked her up" Tony said with a triumphant smile.

At this both Jenny and Ziva face palmed and Gibbs looked over at Jenny surprised and curious to if what the younger agent said was true.

"And just because she's having your kid doesn't mean you have to be with her" Abby said then turned to the redhead "No offense"

"None taken" Jenny said with a slight smile.

"She could raise the kid by herself, or put it up for adoption" the Goth suggested "Just think of your wife Gibbs, think of you son's mother, do what is best for Owen" she pressed.

"I tried to tell them Jethro" Ducky said in his defence.

"As did I" Ziva added shooting a glance at her friend.

"You haven't been trying to tell us anything" Tony said pointing his finger at Ziva.

"Stop pointing your finger at me or I'll rip it of a use it to dig your eye balls out of their sockets" Ziva growled.

"You go anywhere near him and I'll kill you leaving no forensic evidence" Abby defended Tony.

"What Ducky and Ziva have been trying to tell you" Jenny said trying to calm everyone down as she'd felt her son tense in her arms and snuggle into her chest.

Everyone turned to face the redhead "Is that I am Jethro's wife" Jenny said moving closer to her husband and he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"What?" Tony yelled looking at Ziva "Why didn't you tell me earlier!"

"You wouldn't listen, you wouldn't believe me" She yelled back.

Abby just looked really embarrassed "I'm so sorry I'll never jump to conclusions again" She said making a scouts honour with her hand.

"It's ok Abby" Jenny smiled.

"So I guess congratulations is in order or is Anthony wrong?" Ducky said pushing through the people.

Jenny smiled "No Tony's right, I am pregnant" her smile turned into a proud grin.

"Just coming up three month's I presume?" Ducky asked and Jenny nodded and he gave both Jenny and Gibbs hugs.

Once Abby and Tony had apologised for the one hundredth and one time they finally left taking the three others with them.

Gibbs carried a tired Owen to bed "Night Magic man" the little boy mumbled in his sleep.

"Night buddy" Gibbs said giving his son a kiss on the forehead before pulling the covers up and tucking him in.

He then crept out of his son's room and into his own, where Jenny sat on the bed. "Are you angry at me?" Jenny asked as she took her earrings out of her ears.

"No" Gibbs shook his head and walked over to her "I should be I mean you told Owen before you told me" he said with a small smile "But I'm clouded by the happiness to be a father again" he smiled before leaning down and kissing her.

"You sure you're ok with this, I mean I know it wasn't planned but…" Jenny began but was once again stopped by his finger on her lips.

"I love you, I love Owen and I'll love little no name, I doesn't matter it wasn't planned Jen, so it was a surprise but isn't the best prise a surprise?" Gibbs asked rhetorically. Jenny smiled before reaching up and pulling Gibbs down for a kiss only to have him lift her up and swing her around making her laugh before placing her on the bed and joining her.

A week later and everything was as it should be, the team were happy and Ziva had finally settled in and the news that Jenny was in fact not Shepard but Gibbs had gotten round to the other agents and no one seemed to care.

Team Gibbs, Jenny, Ducky and Owen and Cynthia all stood by Jenny's door and watched as the paint stencil was peeled off the wall leaving the words 'Jennifer Gibbs, director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service' on the door.

Gibbs wrapped his arms around Jenny and rested his chin on her shoulder before whispering "Welcome home".

The End…

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