Thrills and Spills 1

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Capcom. Wipeout belongs to ABC.

Chapter 1: Big Idea

The cast of Street Fighter was standing behind a curtain. It was obvious they were outside. Ryu shook his head,

"What's this curtain doing here? He must be up to his old tricks again."
Chun Li shook her head,

"And why did he call us here, in the middle of nowhere?"

Ken looked around,

"I think this place used to be an amusement park, until it was shut down."

The insane author cackled,

Right you are, Ken. Glad you could all make it tonight.

Elena jumped up and down excitedly,

"Yeah, another parody!"
Everyone looked at the capoeira fighter and she looked back at them,

"What? Don't you rifle through people's e-mails?"

C. Viper groaned,

"Please tell me this is not another one of those Dancing Fools series stories again."

Nope. I've retired that series. I figure nine was enough.

Cammy shook her head,

I'm guessing the ratings were not up to snuff."

Yeah, I figure that it was time to retire such a series after its long run.

E. Honda said,

"You got cancelled, didn't you?"

Don't ever mention that around me, Honda. It's not nice. Besides, it's distracting us from why we're here. I've decided it was time for a change of scenery. That, and I need a new show to rip off from ABC.

T. Hawk asked,

"And, what do you have against ABC, anyway?"

Nothing. I do this just for the sake of ratings and because I am bored out of my mind. And, I'm busy with more stories.

Elena smirked,

"So, what's the new show you're planning to rip off this time?"
A personal favorite of mine. I've decided to host a show you may have heard of.

Ryu asked,

"And what is that, exactly?"

The curtain was drawn back suddenly and there, the bewildered cast looked on in shock. They noticed several large platforms and moving obstacles over a pool of water. The insane author shouted,

Welcome to the Wipeout Parody: Thrills and Spills!

Dan groaned out loud,

"We were better off doing the Dancing with the Stars bit."

All right, boys and girls, you know how this works. We're-.

Ken said,

"We know. People are going to run through the obstacle course and the twelve fastest times go on to the next round. I watch it every week."

Right, but one interesting twist in all this; there are going to be no destruction of the course involved. You can use your martial arts skills to dodge and weave, but no striking the obstacles. They, however, can strike you.

The insane author checked his watch,

Well, let's get ready for Thrills and Spills!

Dan shouted,

"You fans did this! You enjoy making a mockery of us!"

He then is promptly hit over the head with a mallet, falling unconscious.

Next Chapter:

The insane author picks two co-hosts to work for him and Thrills and Spills begins! Insanity Ensues! Stay tuned, fellow readers!