Thrills and Spills 1

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Chapter 9: All or Nothing

Fei, it's been an exciting time here on Thrills and Spills. We've had a good time. We've had a lot of great competitors…

The insane co-host's phone signaled at that moment. Someone had sent a text message. The insane co-host then said,

And, I've just been told that we have to vacate the property in few minutes because of a bomb threat. Well, before we get to that, we still have one more competitor we have to get to; Ibuki!

Fei looked at the insane co-host;

"We're not going to evacuate? Well, that is like you. And, that is right, Ibuki is our last competitor to compete on the final course of Thirlls and Spills. She set up a terrific time during the qualifier, and, through the use of her ninja skills at Explosive Situation, managed to get to here to try for the mystery box prize. And, when all is said and done, we're going to know who the winner of this contest is."
Ibuki was sitting atop the course and getting ready to glide down the giant slide. She was nervous, but did her best not to show it. Fei said,
"Well, she looks ready. Let's start!"
The actor from Hong Kong signaled the start of the course and Ibuki was off, sliding down at an incredible rate of speed. She narrowly avoided one of the barriers on the slide and then was launched into the air. The ninja warrior was in the air and tried to corkscrew flip around and land in the water safely. She did so, and Fei nodded,

"Impressive! She was able to cover such a great distance and now, she's got a short swim to Leaping Labyrinth!"

Ibuki got onto the platform and jumped inside the vertical maze, the strobe light flashing in her eyes. She maneuvered slowly throughout the maze, trying to maintain her balance wherever she could. Ibuki shook her head for a second; she was succumbing to dizziness, but managed to get to the platform on the other side. Fei was surprised,

"Unbelievable! Ibuki managed to get through the first obstacle without crashing! She's taken a big lead already, and her time is currently two minutes and thirty seconds!"

I know, Fei. It's going to be close.

Ibuki then leapt onto the stairs, but, as she ascended up them, a cascade of water came down on top of her, brushing her off the stairs. Fei winced,

"Oh, that was not good. Her first crash and now, she's got to climb the stairs again. It's going to eat up some time and the swim put her now at four minutes and forty-five seconds."

Luckily, Ibuki did not have to worry about the water coming down again and scaled the steps with a little more effort. She got to the top, pressed the button and saw the platform lowering down on the other side. Ibuki slowly descended the stairs, but made a radical jump the second the stairs were pulled out from under her. She landed on the platform, but slipped and fell on her backside. Fei nodded,

"She's doing good, and a fantastic display of ninja training at work, ladies and gentlemen. She's at six minutes and thirty seconds, but she still has Lights Out she has to worry about."

Ibuki took to the balance beam and tried to maintain her balance as she avoided the punches, but one of them hit her and she hit the beam head first before she fell down into the water. The insane co-host winced,
Oh, that has got to hurt, Fei. I almost feel bad for her.

Fei said,

"Well, Ibuki is at about eight minutes and thirty seconds. She is going to have to hustle like crazy to get to the end."

Ibuki took a deep breath and exhaled. She dashed forward, maintaining her balance on perfectly on the beam. Then, with only a few seconds left, she dodged the last punch and got to the platform. Fei looked at the time and signaled the horn,

"Ladies and gentlemen, Ibuki just cleared the course in eight minutes and fifty-nine seconds! She's our mystery box prize winner!"
Elena called out,

"Ibuki, you just won our mystery box prize!"

Ibuki began celebrating,

"Yay! Ibuki's on the scene!"
Elena then looked at Ryu,

"Sorry, Ryu."

Ryu shook his head,
"It's all right. It was a worthwhile experience overall."

Ibuki then came down, her chest still beating. She wiped the sweat off of her brow,

"Wow, I'm beat."

Ibuki, you have won the mystery box prize here on Thrills and Spills. And, as the winner, you get to open it.

Ibuki looked at the mysteriously wrapped present and tore the wrapping off. She opened the box and saw a piece of paper. On the paper, it read the following,

To the winner of Thirlls and Spills, you have received your dream wedding with Fei Long!

Fei looked at the paper and screamed,

Oh, come on, Fei. Have a heart. It wasn't like I actually planned for this. Oh, wait, I did!

Ibuki cheered,

"Yay! I'm going to be marrying a man!"
She began chasing Fei Long over the set. Fei screamed,

"You'll hear from my lawyer, you insane maniac!"
That's what they all say. Now, for those of you wondering if Ryu or another guy would have one, don't worry; I pulled a switch when nobody was looking and that guy would have married Elena!

Elena lustfully gazed at Ryu,

"I'm not complaining."

Sakura shouted,
"Hands off! He's mine!"
Well, that's all the time we have for this show! Tune in next time as I take another franchise from somewhere and make them suffer humiliating feats of strength and agility for the sheer sake of ratings! Until then, good night, all of my insane fans!

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