Author's Note: Hey there, Grease fans! I always imagined how Sandy was made over and it inspired me to write a story for Grease.

The story is set in the first movie and it's an extended scene of what happened after Sandy and Frenchy left Thunder Road to go over to Frenchy's house to give Sandy a makeover.

Enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: Paramount Pictures owns Grease and the characters. I own nothing.

Chapter 1

Sandy Olsen watched sadly as her ex-boyfriend Danny Zuko and his friends the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies celebrated their victory of winning the drag race and defeating their rival gang, The Scorpions.

"Look at me. There has to be something more than what they see. Wholesome and pure, oh so scared and unsure, a poor man's Sandra Dee." Sandy thought to herself morosely.

Suddenly, Frenchy came running up to the blonde Australian girl.

"Sandy, Danny won! Isn't that great?" Frenchy asked.

"Yeah." Sandy replied, trying to sound enthusiastic.

However, Frenchy noticed something was wrong with her friend.

"What's the matter?" Frenchy asked, genuinely concerned. "Aren't you happy?"

"No not really, Frenchy. But I think I know a way I could be. Could you help me?" Sandy asked.

"Of course." Frenchy replied.

"Can I come over to your place?"

"Sure, come on." Frenchy said.

While Sandy puts her shoes on, she takes one look at Danny, who finally noticed her.

"Sandy, you must start anew. Don't you know what you must do? Hold your head high, take a deep breath and sigh. Goodbye to Sandra Dee." Sandy thought to herself.

"Come on, Sandy!" Frenchy called.

Sandy ran over to Frenchy and the two best friends took off.

After arriving at Frenchy's house, Sandy explained her dilemma to her friend.

"Don't worry, Sandy. I'm your friend. I'm going to help you." Frenchy assured.

"Thanks, French. Let's do it!" Sandy said excitedly.

First the duo picked out a cool outfit and an awesome pair of shoes. Next, Frenchy painted Sandy's fingernails and toenails with a coat of red nail polish. She plugged in her hot rollers and began to curl Sandy's conservative blonde hair. Last, Frenchy applied makeup on Sandy's face.

When Frenchy was finally finished, Sandy looked at her reflection. She was no longer a Sandra Dee clone. Instead, she was a greaser's ideal fantasy. Sandy wore a black off-the shoulder top, tight leather pants, a black motorcycle jacket and kicky red high heels. Her hair was curly and lips were fiery red. Silver hoop earrings were jabbed through Sandy's earlobes (where Frenchy pierced them at her sleepover).

"Thanks, Frenchy! You did an amazing job!" Sandy exclaimed.

"No problem, you look great!" Frenchy replied.

"I can't wait to see the look on Danny's face. He's going to go nuts," said Sandy.

I know it was short, but I hoped you liked it! I did use lines from the movie, but I made up the rest. Give me some feedback!