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Chapter 1

Sandy Olson sadly watched her on-and-off boyfriend Danny Zuko celebrated with his friends the T-Birds and Pink Ladies, over defeating the Scorpions in a drag race. She wished she could join them, but couldn't because Danny wouldn't be caught dead with a "goody-two-shoes."

"Look at me, there has to be;" Sandy sings to herself in her head.

"Something more than what they see,

Wholesome and pure

Oh so scared and unsure

A poor man's Sandra Dee."

Frenchy, one of the Pink Ladies came running up to the blonde.

"Sandy, Danny won. Isn't that great?" She asked.

"Yeah," Sandy said, trying to sound upbeat.

However, Frenchy could sense something's wrong with her friend.

"What's the matter?" She questioned, genuinely concerned. "Aren't you happy?"

"No, not really Frenchy;" Sandy replied. "But I think I know a way I could be."

"Could you help me?"

"Of course," said Frenchy.

"Can I come over to your place?"

"Sure, come on." Frenchy said and walked away.

Sandy starts putting her shoes on. She glanced at Danny for the last time.

"Sandy, you must start anew.

Don't you know what you must do?"

Danny finally sees her.

"Hold your head high,

Take a deep breath and sigh;"

"Come on, Sandy!" Frenchy called.

The beautiful Australian nodded and followed the red head.

"Goodbye to Sandra Dee!"

The two friends take off running.

Along the ride, Sandy opened up to Frenchy about her dilemma.

"I love Danny, despite the ups and downs we went through; I really want to be with him." She explained.

"But not as a girl-next-door type. You know what I mean?"

Frenchy nodded.

"Don't worry Sandy, I'll help you out."

The girls dropped by a clothing store to purchase a sexy, new outfit. Then they drove over to Frenchy's house.

"So are you ready?" Frenchy asked.

"Yeah, let's do it!" Sandy said excitedly.

The makeover began. First, Sandy got dressed in the latest ensemble. Next, Frenchy painted Sandy's nails and toes bright red. Then she rolled the blonde hair onto heat rollers; pinning them in place with bobby pins. The aspiring beautician applied makeup on Sandy's face. Frenchy removed the rollers, teasing the hair roots and ends. She sprays it with hairspray. Last, Frenchy jabbed a pair of silver hoop earrings through Sandy's earlobes (from where they'd been pierced before).

"Ta-da, you're all set!" Frenchy declared.

Sandy took one look at her reflection and gasped in amazement. She was no longer a Sandra Dee clone. She had been transformed into a greaser's dream girl. Her straight hair was now wild and curly. Sandy wore an off-the-shoulder black top and leather pants, cinched with a belt. The former cheerleader smiled at her new self.

"Thanks, French. You did an awesome job!" Sandy hugged her pal.

"No problem, anything for a friend." Frenchy replied.

"Oh, I can't wait to see the look on Danny's face." Sandy said.

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