V for Vengeance. ( Chapter 1.)

You sighed as you walked through the dark and dreary alley. You knew it was past curfew, but you still needed to be somewhere. You were so deep in thought, that you didn't notice that you had bumped into a person. " what's the hurry little lady?" You looked up in shock and noticed it was a Finger-men. You backed up slowly but to no avail as he put a knife at your throat. "why don't you stay, and we will have a little fun." you tried to fight but the guy took your leg and twisted it at an awkward angle, you let out a cry of pain as the guy continued twisting it. You suddenly heard a pop and realized with terror that your leg was broken. You tried limping away but the pain was so intense that you collapsed. The guy smirked and said" your going to die, out here all alone." You saw a black figure approaching from behind the man. The black figure took out a dagger, one in each hand and danced with the Finger- men. You watched as the Finger -men tried to fight, but no success, and the figure disarmed him like he was just a baby. You then heard a cry of pain and then nothing. You noticed that the black figure was approaching you , but he didn't seem threatening, in fact he seemed more like a reassuring presence. You tried to limp away, but you fell even though you only got a few feet. The figure knelt down and said " Are you ok, My Dear?" You looked at him like he had gone crazy," My leg, I can't move or put any pressure on it." you replied. The figure nodded and said " it's broken, I'm afraid." You looked terrified, but the figure just wrapped his cape around you and said" Don't worry everything will be fine." you nodded and you started drifting off to sleep. The figure picks you up like you were nothing, and jogged his way through the streets. " Don't worry my dear, everything will be all right." He mumbled softly as his home, the Shadow Gallery, came into view.

Sorry about this being short. This is my first try at a V for Vendatta story, so bear with me.