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"Jill what are you talking about, what does your ex have to do with this?" Chris asked while Jill could barely look at him in straight into his eyes. He was holding a rag to his bloody face, and something about the way she was acting said to him 'it's my entire fault,'

"Everything Chris," Jill spoke, now looking at him, Chris stood trying to comfort her, but she just shrugged him off for now. "He was the one I held at gunpoint back in the alley."

Now that got his attention for sure. "Are you saying he's the one who put you in the hospital in the first place?" Chris asked, showing he was becoming more angry, not at her, but at the very fact that this Todd could have done that to her. He couldn't see how anyone that claimed to care for someone could do that.

"No," Jill replied shaking her head. "Like I said I had him at gunpoint, someone else must have knocked me out."

"Jill whatever he's up to, he's obviously with the wrong people." Chris said, in all honesty he didn't know how to go about with this conversation.

"Don't you think I know that," Jill said raising her voice. "Hell Chris that body back there, he murdered someone, the Todd I know would never do that. The Todd I know would never do this to you." She said taking the rag of Chris's face as he was still holding onto it.

"That's another thing I'm not getting Jill, why would he attack me?" Chris asked thinking of the words Todd said to him 'stay away from her,' he remembered his furious hissing tone that rang through his ear. "Oh," Chris spoke softly sitting back down on the couch.

"What is it?" Jill asked taking a sit beside him.

"I think he knew…about us Jill,"

"How, we just got…." Jill paused med sentence, thinking of the events that happened yesterday. "Oh my god," Now Jill started speaking softly, remembering small details.

"Something I should know?" Chris asked quietly.

"I think he saw us," Jill said standing back up in the middle of the living room. "I thought I was just going paranoid, but he must have seen us through the window when we kissed"

"How would he even know you're here Jill?" Chris asked, as hardly anybody knew that Jill was living with Chris.

"I don't know, maybe he followed us after the hospital."

"Jill we need to report this, this man is dangerous. He could…."

Jill knelt back down to Chris to cut him off. "No Chris, I need to know what he's doing this."

Chris smirked. "I think its obvious Jill, he's jealous."

"Not about that Chris, trust me if it was just that I would have you report him for assaulting not only an officer, but my own partner." She wanted to say boyfriend, but for obvious reasons they couldn't use that as a detail. "It's about the people he's with. Chris please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm scared for him."

Chris took a deep breath sighing. "I understand Jill, he's still a friend to you is he?" Chris asked, curious to know what feelings she still had for him.

"Believe me when I say this Chris, I don't have the feelings that I once did for him. Those are for you now, but a part of me still wants to help him, to figure out what could have turned him into this criminal." Jill said in full honesty, giving a quick yet passionate kiss on Chris's lips to show him she meant every word of what she was saying. She backed off quickly when she remembered his now bruised face; the bleeding for the most part had stopped.

Chris didn't want to argue with her, he was relieved when she said he was basically the only one she loved. That didn't change the fact that he was scared for not himself, but for her. For how far this Todd would go. He use to be with Delta just like Jill, and he was obviously recruited by someone, wither it be mercenaries or some small time crooks. "Okay," Chris said giving up in defeat. "I'll trust you on this Jill, but if we encounter him again in such a way, if he even shows up here again, than I won't have any other choice."

Jill nodded in agreement. "I understand, Thank you Chris you have no idea how much this means to me, really. Trust me when I say I can't forgive him for doing this to you though, but I still feel I need to help him."

"It's all good Jill, I just don't want to see you get caught up in this and end up getting hurt." Chris said, Jill rolled her eyes at him. "What?" Chris asked.

"You don't have to be so over protective you know, I can handle myself." Jill replied, but Chris just grinned his face giving a slight laugh. "What?" now Jill asked in confusion to his look.

"You know, you're hot when say stuff like that." Chris joked and Jill just gave him a playful punch on his shoulder.

"Oh shut it," Jill said with a slight laugh as she hugged them, they were within their embrace for seconds that felt like an eternity when they saw a flash go off.

Looking back behind them they could see Claire with a camera in her hand, she had just taken a picture of them in their moment. She wasn't surprised at all of what she just saw, but Chris was indeed surprised to see her again so soon.

"Claire?" Chris said, as he and Jill moved quickly to get away from each others embrace. "What are you doing here?"

"Just passing through for a bit Big brother, And May I ask when you two finally got together?" Claire asked looking somewhat pleased with what she just saw.

"What do you mean?" Chris asked wondering with her phrase of the word 'Finally'.

"Oh give up Chris, your sister isn't dumb," Jill said half joked as she stood to head towards Claire.

Moving away from the blocking view of Chris, Claire could see the bruise on his face. "God Chris what happened?" Claire said pointing to his face. "you look like you ran into something that didn't agree with you." she remarked.

"Something like that sis, I slipped in the shower." Chris answered making a lie.

"IS that so," Claire replied looking as if she didn't believe him, but she looked at Jill. "so you two got together and already had a fight."

"No he really did slip in the shower," Jill said going with Chris's lie.

"Well then, at least fill me in on everything." Claire said looking at Jill, as she was now standing beside her. Jill grabbed her hand.

"Come on I'll give you all the details," Jill said as she lead her to her room, Jill turned towards Chris looking happy wit herself.

"Don't worry Bro, the picture would look nice for a card." She joked, Chris opened his mouth to reply, but before he could say something the phone started ringing.

He got up to run to the phone, a little disappointed with the timing as he didn't want the girls gossiping about him. Going over to the kitchen counter Chris reached for the phone to place it to his ear, as it had just gone off with the second ring.

"Hello?" Chris spoke into the phone.

"Chris, Its Wesker," the captain replied in his calm yet creepy like tone.

"Captain," Chris said changing his tone to an obedient one. "What can I do for you?"

"Bravo team will be having a briefing on Monday following the weekend on a situation In the mountains, I want alpha team In the meeting as well."

"Will we be going In with them sir?" Chris asked, not sure how he felt about going on a mission like this so soon.

"No," the captain replied "but we will be on standby as support, as such I want Alpha in that briefing, make sure you rely this information to Officer Valentine."

"Yes sir, will be there,"

"Good, make sure to be there around noon, that's when the briefing will be held."

The captain hanged up before Chris could even reply, he muttered the word 'dick,' to himself, since the captain was always like this, especially to him.

"So spill it, how did my loser brother get to you?" Claire asked, as both her and Jill were now sitting on the bed in Jill's bedroom.

"It um kind of just happened is all," Jill answered honestly with a somewhat since of confusion.

"I call bull," Claire said with a slight laugh in her tone.

"Well it was when I was in the hospital…"

"Wait you were in the hospital?" Claire asked quickly cutting Jill off before she could explain, as she had not known what happened the other day.

"Yeah don't worry about it, just got a bump on the head." Jill said smiling trying to lighten the mood, but Claire looked as if she didn't believe her. "Really I was fine, at least I was fine,"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Claire asked not really catching what Jill meant by saying just she was fine.

"IT was Chris…."

"Wait is that what really happened?" Claire quickly asked once again not letting Jill finish, she saw that bruise and was trying to piece together something that diffidently didn't match up.

"No no Clair, he wasn't hurt per say" Jill answered looking up as she was trying to find the right way to say this.

"Just say it already," Claire asked looking somewhat annoyed now, thinking that she might be stalling for some reason.

"Chris panicked," Jill said bluntly.

"Panicked?" Clair asked and Jill nodded. "How so?"

"Me getting hurt, he was blaming himself. Chris was panicking more than he should be for his own partner." Jill explained, remembering How Barry was explaining Chris's overreacting for a simple injury.

"And let me guess, you were curious why he was panicking so much, than you brought it up to him. He told you he loved you bla bla or something within that line, than he was all over you." Claire said smirking, she was good, Jill had to give her credit for that.

"I think I was more all over him than he was on me." Jill said giving out a small laugh.

"I'm sure you were, but don't go around saying that, you need to have power over him." Claire joked.

"You are a devious one, and against your own brother."

"Well if you're going to be a sister to me one day than we have to start are own schemes against him."

"Sister, Your brother doesn't joke around about you does he. We just barely got together and you already want us married."

"What you can't blame me for wanting a sister, and don't argue because you two make a cute couple, even if he is my idiot of a brother sometimes." Claire replied laughing even more as Jill joined her in laughing.

"What's going on in here?" Chris said entering the room.

"Nothing," Both Jill and Claire said at the same time. They looked at each other and started giggling.

"Right, um that was the captain on the phone by the way." Chris said walking towards the pair.

"Something wrong Chris?" Jill asked looking somewhat concerned, she just hope Chris would keep to his promise.

"No nothing wrong, we have a briefing on Monday. I just thought you should know." Chris said now walking out of the room.

"Where you going big bro?" Claire asked loudly.

"Sleep of course," Chris replied while giving out a low yawn.

When Chris was gone Clair just looked at Jill. "What?" Jill asked wondering what was on Jill's mind.

"You remember the argument you overheard with my brother and myself the day I meet you." Claire asked folding her arms.

"Um I believe so…oh," Jill said remembering the day Claire found her and thought something was happening between her and Chris, while at the time there was nothing going on, until now.

"That's right, now get all your things and get In Chris's Room; you won't be dating my brother and sleeping In the guest room."

"Yep you definitely are a devious one you know that," Jill said and Claire just laugh. She knew it was useless arguing with Claire, and she knew it was best to stay on her good side for now.

Underground facility

"So this place we going to secure data, you say it's in the mountains?" Todd asked his partner.

He and Frank were preparing to move into another facility to secure data for some reason. Todd knew Frank knew more than what he was letting him in on. However, since Todd was going in deeper with umbrella it was no longer his place to really question anything at all now.

"Yes, it's hidden within a mansion. My contact will meet us there." Frank said walking back to the table in the middle of the room, looking over the briefing files. "We will be moving within the week, so if you have any unfinished business within the city I suggest you tie any loose ends now." Frank basically ordered him, Todd didn't care, but he was wondering why he wanted him to finish all his business in the city now.

"Why aren't we coming back?" Todd questioned.

"It's no longer your place to ask Swint, Just do as you're told. You can Do that can't you."

"I'm former military of course I can do that." He replied.

Todd didn't press anymore, however as much as he would like to he had no more reason to head into the city, he was done with his past. He's future was now assured here, a life career that looked up to him, Todd no longer cared what his father would think of him. He spent his whole life living up to his great Dad in First recon back in the Vietnam War. Todd was going to make a name for his own self.

Before Todd knew it Frank already left the briefing room, Todd had work to do on his own. He had just within the week to review everything within these files. The place itself didn't get him curious; he knew not to poke his nose where it didn't belong anymore. If he did he would end up like Agent J did in that alleyway, even though it was He who pulled that Trigger, Todd knew that another Freelancer agent like he used to be, or even his own partner would pull the trigger on him. What did however get him curious was that they were going in disguised as an Army Spec Ops team. Their designation was Team X-Ray, apparently Umbrella made up the unit behind closed doors, as a unit that passed any local jurisdiction of any military branch or law enforcement. It made him wonder whose Frank contact was, not curious in finding the answers, but indeed curious overall.

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