"Words like violence,
Break the silence,
Come crashing in,
Into my little world,
Painful to me,
Pierce right through me,
Can't you understand,
Oh my little girl,
All I ever wanted,
All I ever needed,
Is here in my arms,
Words are very unnecessary,
They can only do harm" -Depeche Mode

A few years have passed by since two warriors from another world have protected the kingdom. More like plumbers. Twin brothers to be exact. The older twin is brave and courageous, has more reasonability but could be a hothead sometimes, his name is Mario. The younger twin is shy and afraid, he could be courageous sometimes but not all the time, he is strong but not by emotions. The youngest is more gentle and kind but stubborn sometimes but not as much as Mario, his name is Luigi. Responsible adults but adults could be fools sometimes.
This story I'm about to tell you is not about brotherly love, its brotherly hate. Envy blinds one of the brothers. Words could hurt a person's emotions but what if words effect the others existence, more or less be careful what you wish for, what if you can't bring back what is done. Enough with the rhymes, this is going to be a deep story to the point of who knows if there's going to be a happy ending.

End of Prologue