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Title: The Lost Thunder Ninja

Summary: After learning that the Thunder Academy had been destroyed, sixteen year old Hannah Bradley returns to Reefside, California to search for her brothers, Hunter and Blake. However, during her search she will realize that her greatest mistake will be to give up and her hardest deed will be to hold on.

Hannah woke with a start, her fingers stretched out; seeking Blake's warmth but it found nothing but rough canvas covers of the mattress.

With a frown, the youngest Bradley propped herself up on her elbows and glanced around the dimly lit room, there was enough light in the bedroom to see that she was alone, the only thing that was actually there was the small rodent she had found the previous evening.

Hannah swung her legs off the bed and slide into her hunting boots. Supple leather that had molded to her feet, they were like a second skin for her. Something she had taken to wearing the more she spent in the outside world with her brothers; they had moved into a district on the edge of the woods (wherever they were they had no idea) and had been there for a month already.

It's not Ninja Ops Hannah thought as she dressed quickly but it is better than nothing

Once she was fully dressed, the youngest Bradley tucked her long blonde braid up into a cap, grabbed her forage bag, bow and arrow, and headed for the door. On the table, under a wooden bowl to protect it from any rats and mice alike was a note from Hunter and Blake.

Will be back soon.

Stay out of trouble.

Hannah rolled her eyes, why couldn't she go with them? What was so important that they felt the need to keep secrets from her again? Shaking the unwanted thoughts from her head, Hannah ripped up the note and slipped outside.

~*Lost Thunder Ninja*~

The part of the District in which she now lived was usually crawling with people on their way to work, it wasn't the richest of places to live, but it was nothing close to poverty. It was safe and homely as any part of the country.

The home in which the she and her brothers inhabited was at the edge of the cul de sac, and Hannah only had to pass a few gates to reach the scruffy field and the woods that lay beyond it. Climbing over the fence, Hannah glanced over her shoulder as she entered the trees.

Wherever Hunter and Blake had disappeared to was a complete mystery, they never told her where they were going anymore, and when they did, and she requested to go with him, Hunter would get angry and tell her to stay out of the way.

Hannah sighed, her brother wasn't the same as she remembered him, he wasn't the same older brother that used to train her at the Thunder Academy, he had changed and she could only imagine that being used by Lothor and lied to about their parents had changed him; but that wasn't her fault.

In fact, it should have been her that was mad at him! He was the one who accused an innocent of murder, and proceeded to bully and abuse her, but she was too naive to hold his behavior against him... or maybe she was too foolish.

The District was wary of entering the woods, no one enters the woods unless they absolutely need too, nothing good can ever come from the trees that surround the cul de sac; parents refuse to let their children play in the thicket and always keep a watchful eye on them when they leave the house to play outside.

But for Hannah Bradley, the woods were her home! She had lived in them, granted she had at been in an academy, for eight years, but that still did not mean that she was smart to know the dangers that the woods had to offer.

Inside the woods dwelled the flesh-eaters, packs of wild dogs, lone cougars, bears, and added to that fear comes the venomous snakes, rabid animals, and no real paths to follow, so it was understandable why parents were wary of letting their children run freely.

The clattering of hooves from ahead caused Hannah to stop and stare; ahead of her, she could vaguely make out a deer moving between the trees.

Pulling an arrow from the pack on her back, the youngest Bradley loaded her bow and took aim; unfortunately, the deer seemed to have sensed her presence, or at least knew that there was a predator in the area, and run off further into the trees.

Hannah sighed, placed her arrow back in her pack, and picked up a small rock from the forest floor, placed it on the bow string, pulled back and let go; watching as the rock flew through the air and struck a tree a fair distance away.

The sound echoed throughout the silence, evicting hundreds of squawks as birds took to the skies, squirrels scurried over branches, jumping from tree to tree, and the deer pranced out from behind its cover. Hannah smirked, animals were such idiots.

Pulling another arrow from her pack, Hannah leveled it with a tree and let it fly. The smirk transformed into a grin as it struck a squirrel and knocked it out of tree; another arrow speared three birds in a row, while the last hit the deer.

"Nice," said a voice from behind.

Hannah spun around to see Hunter standing there.

"Oh, it's you," she said, turning her back on him and going to collect her prize.

"Aw, is that anyway to greet your brother, Hans?" Hunter asked, following her.

"As if waking up to an empty room was welcome enough," Hannah retorted, pulling the arrows out of the squirrel and birds, before putting them into bag that was slung over her shoulder. She then cleaned the blood off of the two arrows and put them back in her pack, before going to investigate the deer. She knew that it wouldn't be dead yet, she hadn't hit it in the right place, it was wounded, that was all.

Hunter sighed. "Yeah, sorry about that!" he apologized. "We just had to leave straight away!"

"Where did you go?" she knew it was pointless to ask, he wasn't going to tell her.

"We had to meet someone,"

Hannah didn't even nod in acknowledgement of his answer, instead she stood over the deer and reached for the knife on her hip, she sliced the creature's throat, which killed it instantly.

"You're getting good at that," Hunter commented.

"Whatever it takes to survive," Hannah answered, when she had first started hunting animals, she didn't have it in her to kill them, and often cried when she did actually kill something; but seeing as she and her brothers would have starved if they did not have food, Hannah quickly hardened herself against the emotions and feelings of guilt she had with each kill.

Hunter frowned at her, this was not his sister; Hannah was not this void of emotions. She had changed.

"You've changed," he told her. "You're not the same little girl I remember,"

"People change," Hannah shrugged, setting to work on the deer. "You've changed, and I don't like it..."

"How have I changed?"

"You're not usually this angry," Hannah answered. "You're not usually rough with me, you never lose your temper with me, and lately that is all you've done. You never help me train anymore, and you always leave it to Blake to do things with me! You always order him to keep his eye on me, what's the matter, Hunter? Am I just some burden to you?"

Hunter sighed. "I'm sorry," he apologized. "I'm just trying to protect you!"

"By pushing me aside," Hannah nodded. "By treating me like nothing but dirt... yeah, good tactic!"

She didn't even look at him as she said this, and it was her refusal to acknowledge him that hurt Hunter all the more.

There was a heavy silence, one that was broken by the ripping and tearing of the deer's skin as Hannah skinned it. She was getting really good at her bow and arrow skills, her knifing skills were also improving and her Gymnastics were never a questions, along with her Thunder training. She practiced with Blake every night and he reported her progress back to Hunter without fail.

"We were meeting with Choobo,"

Hannah hissed as the knife slipped and caught her finger; Hunter jumped up and rushed forward, taking her hand in his and inspecting the wound.

"It's okay," Hannah assured him, "it's not that deep; I'll live."

"Maybe I should have waited for you to finish," Hunter said, guiltily. "I'm sorry!"

"Would you stop saying you're sorry," Hannah snapped. "It's not you!"

Hunter sighed and looked down, as of late he found that he could not do anything right, especially around his sister. Maybe agreeing for her to leave Blue Bay Harbor with them was a mistake, he shook his head, it was too late to be second guessing his decisions now, it was in the past and he couldn't change that.

"Why were you meeting with Lothor's lieutenant?" Hannah asked, looking up at him.

"He's decided to turn over a new leaf,"

Hannah narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"He has secrets that we could use to our advantage, Hans," Hunter pressed on. "He can help us get onto Lothor's ship and -"

"And what?" Hannah interrupted. "What would we do once we are on board? Kill Lothor..."


Hannah laughed. "Good one, Hunter," she nodded, going back to the deer, during their conversation she had bandaged her hand and was now ready to finish preparing the deer for transportation back to the district, people would pay good money for fresh meat.

"Hannah," Hunter sighed, "it's the only chance we've got!"

"And what are you going to do with me?" Hannah asked, "Leave me here? Leave me to live in the district without you? It's what you've been doing for the last few days!"

Hunter shook his head. "No, Hannah, you're coming with us!" he said. "Blake's already gone to tell Tori -"

"He went where?"

"To tell Tori -"

"How does he get to go see Tori but I can't see Shane or Cam?"

"He's only gone to inform them about the plan," Hunter said. "But we have to leave, right now!"

Hannah stared at him, was this for real? She was actually allowed to go with him this time?

~*Lost Thunder Ninja*~

Meanwhile, in Blue Bay Harbor, Tori had returned to Ninja Ops after her run in with Blake.

"I don't buy it," said Shane, after Tori had finished explaining to him, Cam, Dustin and Sensei what Blake had told her about Choobo. "Why would Choobo decide all of a sudden to turn good?"

"I must agree with Shane," nodded Sensei, "it sounds far too convenient."

"Hunter and Blake said they were going to check it out," explained Tori. "Even if they get in the ship, they won't attack until they can bring us in for backup!"

"What about Hannah?" Shane asked. "Where have they left her?"

"According to Blake she is going with them," Tori answered.

Shane looked unnerved by this piece of information, why would Hunter and Blake take Hannah into outer space when she couldn't morph, he knew that she could defend herself, but against Lothor and a space army? No way.

"I guess this gives us time," Dustin said, breaking the silence that had fallen.

"Time for what?" Tori asked.

"For you to fix my bike, Miss. Freestyle, No-hand landing!" Dustin said, earning laughter from Shane and Cam.

"It wasn't that bad," Tori muttered, sheepishly. "I just took a little spill!"

"Uh-huh," Dustin nodded. "The fender is facing backwards!"

Shane nodded seriously.

"Alright!" Tori whined.

~*Lost Thunder Ninja*~

Hooking her bow over her shoulder, Hannah streaked onto Lothor's ship after her brothers, the interior was designed with black swirling columns and red over lights, making it every bit as creepy as Blake had described.

"Hi guys!" said an over-excited voice from behind, swiftly Hannah reached over her shoulder and loaded her bow with an arrow, and striking the pillar just behind the alien, who hit the ground in surprise. Hannah rolled her eyes and went to retrieve her arrow, while Hunter and Blake helped Choobo.

"That's what you get for sneaking up on people," Hunter said.

"Dude, you seriously need to work on your entrances," Blake advised.

Choobo nodded. "Follow me, he's taking a nap," he said, tiptoeing into the throne room.

The Thunder sibling exchanged looks and followed, spotting Lothor, asleep in his high chair. Hannah hesitated in the entrance and loaded another arrow into her bow, the hair on the back of her neck was on end, and her senses were screaming at her to run.

"We'll take it from here," Hunter whispered.

"Fine by me," Choobo shrugged, moving off towards the console.

Hunter and Blake glanced around at Hannah; she was standing, at the ready, with her bow loaded, just like they had planned. Not a second had gone by that they didn't think that this could be some kind of trap, which was why they had insisted that she bring her primary weapon with her.

"He's out like a light," Blake whispered, as he edged closer to the Throne.

"Careful..." Hunter warned, the closer they got.

Hannah screamed as a cluster of Kelzaks attacked her from behind, stealing her bow and arrow and binding her hands together with shackles. "Hunter! Blake!" she screamed, but it was too late, Lothor was already awake, and her brothers trapped beneath a beam of light. "No!"

"Never trust an evil space ninja," Lothor laughed.

~*Lost Thunder Ninja*~

"Hello," Choobo laughed, waving his hand in front of the beam that surrounded Hunter and Blake. "Helloooo, anybody in there? Telegram for Mr. Ranger... Mr. Thunder Ranger!" he giggled.

"Get away from them you freak!" Hannah yelled as she struggled against the shackles that held her to pillar opposite her brothers.

Lothor chuckled as he stood in front of her. "A Ranger with attitude," he laughed, touching her face. "I like that..."

"Don't touch me!" Hannah spat, pulling back away from him.

"Scream all you want, Peaches," Lothor taunted, "no one can hear you... and when i'm through with you, no one will want to hear from you!"

Hannah glared at him.

"Well done, Choobo," Lothor congratulated as he turned away from the angry teenager. "Or should I say, General Choobo!"

"General?" Choobo repeated. "Did you say General Choobo, I can't believe it!"

"That makes it two of us!" Zurgane growled.

"Yes, Choobo, you are the only around here that truly understands," Lothor nodded. "Now, tell me the rest of your plan!"

"The rest?" Choobo questioned. "Well, I just figured this was it, you know, i'm going into overtime as it is..."

Lothor gave a strained, but warning grimace. "Choobo, i'm waiting..."

"Uh," Choobo hesitated, glancing back at Zurgane, who turned and gave him the cold shoulder. "Alright, here, we fill them full of candy and turn them into piñatas!"

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Please, a monkey can come up with a better plan that this clown!" she muttered.

"Alright, scratch that," Choobo sighed. "How about this? We erase their memories, no, give them new memories, put an alien mind warp on them and just make them think that the Wind Rangers are their sworn enemies!"

"That's ridiculous!" Zurgane growled. "They've failed us enough! Let's set them adrift in space for all eternity!"

Lothor shook his head. "No, I like it," he agreed. "It's clean, simple and to the point! Let's go with it!"

"NO!" Hannah yelled, but her screams and pleads went unnoticed.

~*Lost Thunder Ninja*~

"There they are," Blake smirked as he watched the Wind rangers appear on the scene.

"It's show time!" Hunter agreed, firing a blast at the rangers, knocking them off their feet.

"What?" Shane frowned as he looked around for their attackers, before spotting the familiar colors of Crimson, Navy and Amber standing on the walkway above them.

"Hey! Remember us?" Blake called down as the three got to their feet, looking up at the three rangers in shock, but while Tori only had eyes for Blake, and Dustin was scrutinizing all three, Shane was more focused on the third ranger at present.

"What are you doing?" Tori shouted up at them, but they didn't answer her. Instead they nodded at each other and leapt off the roof, landing in similar crouches and the running at the three, drawing their weapons

"Wait!" Shane cried as he stuck his weapon out in front of him, blocking the Thunder staff of the amber ranger. Blake joined in within seconds, while Hunter engaged Tori and Dustin in battle several feet behind them. "Blake, stop!" the red ranger yelled.

"Not until you're destroyed!" Blake snarled, slashing Shane across the chest with his weapon, before knocking him flying. Shane pushed off a metal girder and flew back at the navy ranger, but was intercepted by the amber ranger, who jumped over her partner, and kicked him in the stomach.

Soon the rangers were knocked back, and sent flying as Hunter blasted them with his crimson blaster. They flew into the warehouse, and the giant snail followed them.

"Come on," the amber ranger said, turning to her partners. "Let's get this over with!"

"Right!" Navy nodded as he followed after her and Hunter, before clenching his teeth and falling to his knees.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Hunter asked.

"I don't know," Blake said through clenched teeth.

"They're getting away" the amber ranger said. "Let's go!"

Blake shook his head as he tried to stand. "I can't!" he shouted, feeling like his head was about to explode.

~*Lost Thunder Ninja*~

"Are you sure you're okay?" the amber ranger asked, as Blake got back to his feet.

"I'm telling you i'm fine," Blake said, irritably.

"Then let's finish this!" Hunter said, turning away, and looking up as the ground shook and they noticed that the fight had already been taken to the Megazords.

The amber ranger punched her right fist into the palm of her right hand. "They don't waste any time, do they?" she asked.

"Let's take the fight to them!" Hunter said, raising his morpher. "Crimson Insectizord!" he commanded.

"Navy Beetlezord!" Blake demanded.

"Amber Scorpionzord!"

"You're about to get shell shocked!" the snail growled, throwing its shells at the Wind Megazord, before being thrown backwards with a hard punch to the stomach.

"Lightening Megazord!" Shane commanded. "Powered up!"

"Ramp attack!" the three Wind rangers yelled.

They rolled down the giant ramp and collided with the monster once more; sending him flying with a lot of sparks, as the Thunders arrived.

"Oh great," Shane complained. "The bugs are back!"

"Hannah?" Tori asked, frowning at the Scorpion zord, as she remembered Hannah saying that her brothers deprived their symbols from insects and her's was a scorpion.

Meanwhile, inside the Scorpion zord, Hannah Bradley was having a hard time staying in control. She had heard Tori's voice, as if the water ninja was in the cockpit beside her.

"What's the matter?" Blake asked, coming over the coms-link.

"I don't know," Hannah replied. "It feels like a brain freeze!"

"Why are we fighting?" Hunter asked, stopping short of his siblings.

"Whoa!" Blake said, pulling his beetle zord to a halt. "I feel it too!"

Hannah groaned and shook her head. "What's happening?" she complained, as the pulsating in her head started to become faster, it was like her head was too big for her helmet.

"What were we thinking?" Hunter suddenly yelled. "Let's crush them!"

"With you all the way!" Blake nodded.

"Yeah!" Hannah laughed, as the Wind rangers destroyed the snail, leaving the playing field open for one more battle. "Thunder Megazord! Going online!"

"Initiating sequence!" Hunter and Blake nodded as the three Zords merged together to form one Megazord, which stood off against the Wind rangers.

"Power disk," Hannah said, locking the disk from her morpher into the gear beside her. "Locked and Dropped! Scorpion stinger!" she added, as a blaster-like weapon popped out of an amber sphere.

"Scorpion what -?" Dustin asked, before cutting off as sparks filtered through the Wind Megazord as Hannah injected toxin into the main control panel. "I can't move my controls!" he complained.

"Me either," Tori yelped, letting go of her controls as they sparked underhand.

During the battle, Choobo had teleported in and attacked the snail with his own power surge, causing it to rise into the air and explode. "I hope you like the beach," he called joyfully, as each of the individual zords was tapped into by the energy strands. "Because that's where you're headed!"

"Whoa..." Dustin yelped.

"What's going on?" Shane asked.

"What's happening?" Tori cried.

"No, you idiot!" Hannah yelled.

"Fool!" Blake accused.

"Not us!" Hunter snarled.

There was a bright flash and seconds later, both Thunder and Wind Megazords shut down.

"I guess I forgot to tell you the rest of my plan," Choobo laughed as he looked up at his handiwork. "My bad!"

To Be Continued...

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