"I wonder where Yuuki is," Hanabusa wondered out loud. He threw a glance at Kaname, who was walking behind the blonde vampire.

Kaname paused. "I have been wondering myself where she is. Perhaps I should visit the Headmaster and ask him."

"Yes, Lord Kaname." Hanabusa nodded in agreement.

Kaname excused himself and began walking towards the Headmaster's office. He hoped nothing happened to his Yuuki while he was resting this afternoon.

Also, he thought. That silver haired boy better have nothing to do with it.

.. * ..

"Oh, hello Kaname! Come in." The Headmaster smiled as Kaname closed the door behind him. "What brings you here?"

"Where's Yuuki? I haven't seen her around at all this evening," Kaname explained.

The Headmaster's eyes narrowed. "Well, I assumed she was already out patrolling. To hear you haven't seen her is worrisome. Maybe she's in her dorm, or she's with Zero in his."

"Zero's is closer. I'll check his first and come back if she's not there. Thank you." With that, Kaname exited the Headmaster's. Zero's dorm was right next door, so Kaname was there within a minute's time.

He knocked lightly on the door. He heard stirring and the door cracked open.

"Hello, Zero." Kaname's voice was monotone. He really didn't care for Zero and his childish actions.

"Kaname." Zero didn't open the door any wider.

"I know Yuuki's in there." Kaname wanted to laugh at Zero's feeble attempt at keeping her presence a secret. "The question is, what did you do to her?"

When Zero didn't respond, Kaname continued.

"I think I know that too, though." Kaname let the anger-that started when he realized what Zero had done-within him bubble back up to the surface. "You drank her blood. Let me in now, Zero. I'm taking her with me."

Zero didn't try to argue. He knew Kaname would win. Avoiding any look towards the dark-haired pureblood, Zero threw the door wide open. Kaname breezed past him and knelt next to his still and delicate Yuuki.

"You drank so much she's unconscious. You're sick." Kaname eyes were narrowed menacingly. He gathered the sleeping girl in his arms and walked out of Zero's dorm without another word.

He took Yuuki back to his room. He laid her on the couch and sat down in a chair next to her quiet form. Kaname knew Yuuki was getting better by the minute but he had to make that comment to Zero. Zero needs to stay in line.

The sole reason Kaname wasn't going after Zero for drinking his Yuuki's precious blood was the fact that Yuuki would be hurt by Zero's death.

.. * ..

Yuuki's eyes slowly opened as she adjusted to the light in the room. She turned her head slightly to the right and realized she was laying on a lavish couch.

"Yuuki," Kaname's voice was gentle and layered with relief. "How are you feeling?"

"Me?" Yuuki asked, frowning a little. Then, all at once, she remembered what had happened just a little while earlier. "Oh! I'm fine."

"Really? With Zero taking all that blood, you gave me a little scare. You'll probably be dizzy for awhile longer." Kaname reached out and held her chin in his hand. He forced her to look him in the eye. Kaname knew exactly what had happened, he felt a need to act out his role completely.

Yuuki shook her head in an effort to get him to let go, but then the room began to spin from the fast movement. "I, um, offered my blood to him. He needed it, Kaname."

Kaname released her chin and caressed her cheek instead. "Rest now, my Yuuki."

She blushed but did as she was told. Her eyes closed again easily; she did still feel pretty tired.