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The Lady in White

Chapter 1: The Ball

Once upon a time in fairy tale land lived a beautiful princess named Regina. Her hair was long and black as a moonless sky. Her eyes were a chocolate brown and her skin a cream color. On her eighteenth birthday her parents threw her a ball that would last for one week. They were hoping she would choose a suitor to marry and to help her rule the kingdom. Now she could choose a man or woman for since her mother was skilled in magic as was Regina either way Regina could still conceive an heir. The first night Regina wore a red dress with ruffles along the sides with a matching mask. It was a masquerade ball for Regina could learn about the suitors' personalities and not just fall in love with a pretty face. She was led to the ballroom by her father King Henry. While her mother Queen Cora smiled a loving smile at her daughter as she gently kissed her forehead. Then her first suitor was a red headed beauty named Ruby who was also wearing a red dress and mask. Only Ruby's dress showed a bit more cleavage and her mask had glitter on it. "Good evening fair princess may you honor me with a dance?" Ruby asked politely.

"Why of course fair maiden", Regina said sweetly. Ruby escorted her to the dance floor and gently waltzed with her. Regina thought Ruby was quite lovely but she just didn't get that type of feeling from her. After their dance a man dressed all in black approached Regina and his mask looked more like a wolf.

"Greeting my lady may you honor me with a dance?" the stranger asked politely.

"Of course kind sir", Regina said nicely. The stranger's name was Graham and he seemed very nice but Regina caught him looking at Ruby every now and then. When their dance was done he kissed her hand and then made his way over to Ruby. The next night was just like the first only this time Regina wore a light green dress with a matching mask. Her first dance partner was a dark haired beauty named Snow White. Snow White wore a pink dress with a pink lily mask. Now she was very sweet and thoughtful but Regina kept getting the friend vibe from her. Later that night she saw Snow talking to a man dressed in black with a simple black mask named James. On the next night she wore a golden yellow dress with a sun mask on and was asked to dance by a man named Sidney who wall dressed in white. During their dance he kept jabbing on and on about his wealth and how much it took to make his outfit. Regina found him extremely dull but pretended to listen to his jabbering. Finally the last day of the ball had come and Regina did not want to attend. "Regina darling please come out it would be inappropriate if a princess doesn't attend her own ball", King Henry said.

"I just can't Daddy every time I meet someone either they find their true love, or I see them as a friend, or they are just dull as dirt", Regina said sadly. He came into her room and sat on her bed with a sad expression.

"Honey I am not asking you to get married right away this is just a chance to get to meet some potential suitors. If you don't find your true love today we can always have another ball next year", he told her.

"Okay Daddy I guess one more day wouldn't hurt me", Regina said.

"That's my girl now get dressed and I will take you downstairs", he said softly as he placed a kiss on her forehead. Regina got changed and this time her dress was a dark blue that went all the way down to her feet. Her hair was put up in a bun and she wore a simple blue mask. Her father led her down the stairway as usual and she was greeted by Sidney who was all dressed up in blue as well.

"Greetings my fair Regina will you honor me with a dance?" he asked happily. Before she could answer Sidney led her to the dance floor. "Isn't this wonderful my dear we are matching", he whispered softly.

"Yes it is just wonderful", Regina said dryly.

"Did you know it took several hours to make this suit and it cost me tons of money but all well I will just have to raise taxes again", Sidney said as he held Regina tightly. Regina couldn't believe this Sidney would raise taxes just so he can have fancy clothes. That was the last straw Regina had to get away from this man.

"Would you kindly excuse me Prince Sidney I need some air", Regina said quickly. Before he could say anything she disappeared into the crowd. She walked outside to the garden where her prized apple tree stood. Her father grew it for her when she was very young and it was the only place she could go to think. She reached out and picked an apple from the tree taking a small bite into it. Gazing up at the full moon and wishing that maybe today she would find her true love.

"Oh I am sorry I didn't know anyone else was here", said a gentle voice. Regina looked up and saw a young woman about two years younger than her standing behind her apple tree. The woman had long curly blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail. Her eyes were emerald green with a peaches and cream complexion. Her dress was a simple white one that showed off her figure and came down to her feet. The mask looked moon shaped with small diamonds along the side.

"It is alright I was just here trying to find some air", Regina said politely.

"Funny that was exactly what I was doing", the girl said with a grin. "My name is Emma", the girl said holding out her hand for Regina to take.

"Nice to meet you my name is Regina", Regina said happily as she took the maiden's hand.

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