Chapter 12: Return of the Golden Flower

The Shadow Goblin lunged at Emma but with her golden sword she sent a beam of light at the monster. He screamed out in agony as he swiped at her with his massive claws. Emma yelled out in pain as blood trickled down her right arm. "Emma!" Regina screamed as she sent a ray of purple light at the Shadow Goblin. He opened up his mouth and devoured the magic with such hunger as he licked his lips.

"Foolish princess your magic only feeds me only the light magic of the Golden Flower can defeat me but if you wish to keep feeding me go ahead your magic makes me strong", he cackled. Regina was horrified if she tried to help Emma by using her magic she would only be increasing the Shadow Goblin's power. Emma or the Golden Flower lunged at the Shadow Goblin as light sparks and darkness blanketed the skies as the two ancient foes battled on and on.

"I weakened you once Golden Flower and I will do it again and once I devour you no one will be able to stop me!" he shouted as he pinned Emma to a tree. "Look into my eyes and let go", he said in his velvet voice.

"Okay", Emma said with an evil grin as golden laser zapped out of her eyes causing the Shadow Goblin to be knocked down into a mountain smashing it to pieces.

"Enough games I will devour you!" the Shadow Goblin yelled. His body tensed as a dark smoke circled around him causing him to grow as huge batwings came out of his back. With one breath a thick green light came out trapping Emma in it as she screamed out in pain. Once the light vanished Emma fell to the ground barely being able to stand.

"There is only one way I can stop you from hurting my friends", Emma said in a toneless voice.
"You wouldn't dare you know the risk!" the shadow Goblin exclaimed with disbelief.

"I would do anything to protect my friends and the people of this world from the likes of you", Emma said in deviance. She stood very still as more light poured into her body until her human form exploded and now she was a pure being of light. Grabbing the Shadow Goblin where he couldn't escape she used all of her energy to form a giant ball of light.

"No you can't! You will never see your friends again!" he shouted as he fought to break loose of Emma's grip.

"Emma what are you doing?" Regina asked as tears fell from her face. Emma looked at Regina and for a split second her eyes turned back to an emerald green.

"I love you Regina goodbye", she said and her eyes returned to its golden color. The ball hit both of them as the Shadow Goblin screamed out in pain as he began to disintegrate as did Emma.

"No I will not be vanquished no!" he screamed as sparks of white light came out of his body. All the souls he devoured were returning to their rightful homes as the Shadow Goblin disappeared forever. Regina saw in horror as her beloved vanished in a trail of golden light and she sank to her knees and sobbed. Just then a dark mist and a white mist appeared into the woods. Monica back to her former state with Silver Mist at her side went running into Lord Devin's open arms.

"My love you are okay thank goodness", Monica said as she kissed his lips.

"My heart is now one again now that you are safe my love", Lord Devin told her as he held her tight.

"Where is Emma we must congratulate her on defeating the Shadow Goblin?" Silver Mist said with a happy tone. But the look Lord Devin gave them let them know what had happened to their friend. Lord Devin held Monica as she sobbed on her shoulder while Silver Mist howled a mournful tune. Regina held herself as the thought of Emma being gone forever finally sank in and now her heart was forever broken. Until a golden figure appeared before them, it was the Golden Flower.

"I want to thank you all for helping me against the Shadow Goblin especially you Princess Regina. But I must tell you the truth about the one you call Emma. She was never a real person after my last battle with the Shadow Goblin I was too weak and I had to take on a human form that is why Emma never remembered having parents and I kept all of my power in a golden ring with a flower on it. So when the time was right I could once again defeat my mortal enemy. But sadly Emma gave up the last bit of her energy to feed me in order to stop the Shadow Goblin", the Golden Flower said sadly.

"So Emma can never come back?" Regina asked with even more tears in her eyes.

"I didn't say that all I am saying is that if I do bring her back she will have no memory of who any of you are it would be like she would be reborn but there is a small chance she will remember magic is a very difficult thing so remember what I said", the Golden Flower told her.

"If you can bring her back then do it", Regina begged.

"As you wish", the Golden Flower said and with a beam of light Emma returned. Then the Golden Flower disappeared back to where she came from. Regina stepped closer to Emma as she was trying to see if the blonde remembered her. Emma remained silent with a blank expression on her face.

"Emma do you remember me?" Regina asked in a fearful tone. Emma just pressed her lips to Regina's as the electricity ran throughout their bodies.

"How could I ever forget my fair princess and my true love", Emma said happily. Everyone rejoiced happily for now the Shadow Goblin was defeated and Emma had returned to them.


Regina was courted for many years by Emma until one day they were married. Then a year later after their marriage they had a son named Henry. Monica returned to her woods with Silver Mist and became Prince Henry's number one protector and Lord Devin returned to his world but he still kept in touch with Regina, Emma, and especially Monica. Finally Lord Devin married Monica and to this day they are still together. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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