Be careful what you wish for

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Chapter one

The seaplane few low as it prepared to land as Mr Rourke watched from his office window. Tattoo ran up the steps of the bell tower ranged the bell and shouted, "The plane! The plane!"

Mr. Rourke walked out of his office and Tattoo joined him.

"Hello Tattoo," Mr. Rourke climbed into the rear of a car.

"Hiya boss," Tattoo said climbing in the front passenger seat and the vehicle took off.

The sea plane landed and taxi up to the dock at the same time Mr. Rourke and Tattoo arrived

"Smiles Everyone. Smiles." he said, then a group of musicians started to play.

Tattoo noticed the group of kids. "Aren't they a bit young to be on there own boss?"

"They happen to be a band, kids incorporated."

"Oh, there here to entertain."

"Not exactly. The band members, the kid, Gloria and mickey believe because that there two other members, Stacy and Renee, fight will hurt one another. There fantasy is to make Stacy and Renee get along—work together."

"Can we do it boss?"

"Time will tell."

Tattoo peered at the girl next to a slim blonde teenager. "Boss, that's Lizzy Mcguire."

"You remember her from the International Music Video awards?

"Boy, do I ever," He said. "Why hasn't she made a career out of singing?"

"Ms. Mcguire had an accident Tattoo. It left her blind."

"Her fantasy is for you to restore her sight?"

"No. The fantasy is for her companion and former friend Kate Sanders. She would like to give Lizzy her sight."

"Sounds like a cruel joke."

"You'll see."

An attractive blond with a page boy haircut in a blue pantsuit expression turned hard.

"She wants to be female wrestler." Tattoo tried to figure out what her fantasy is.

"Your imagination is out of control. Ms. Dj Tanner wants to make a difference in her parents life."

"How can she do that?"

"Only she can tell us."

A girl gave Mr. Rourke a drink and he said. "My friends, I am Mr. Rourke. Your host. Welcome to fantasy island."