Okay it was a dream I had after watching a music video about the guys in Pokemon from the video game itself. I couldn't help but think about the Sanyo Trio or Striaton Trio because well, they are cute. But the pictures that the person choose made them really hot. Especially when they are so close to being shirtless . oh god head explosion. I was thinking about Pocky and candy at the same time while watching that. I practically watched it before I went to bed so this is what happen when you watch a sexy video of guys from games and perverted thoughts. Hope you enjoy this.

A quad colored haired girl laid cosily on her bed, stomach facing down, watching TV while munching on her favorite treat, Pocky. And who would have in their right mind would have quad colored hair? Well, that is Ruka. Ruka has the color of pink, light blue, lime green, and yellow on her own hair. A very bright color hair that can't be missed out in the open. She also wears a waitress uniform because she practically helps the trio at their cafe/gym. In her room are the Striaton Trio: Cilan, Cress and Chili.

Cilan, a green haired and eye gentlemen. He cares about his brothers and Ruka and would do anything to make sure they are safe. Seeing he is a gentleman he makes sure his brothers didn't get into any kind of affair with Ruka. He is known by many to be a grass type user. Hence he uses Pansage. He wears a black and gray vest with a white blouse under it. He also wears black slacks. Then a green bow tie which completes the look. He sits next to Ruka crossed legged on the bed.

Cress, a blue haired and eyed semi gentlemen. He sometimes flirt with Ruka but he means well not to push it too much. He cares also for his brothers and Ruka. He's also the serious type. When things need to be done he gets them done. He is known to be a water type user, hence using Panpour. He also wears the same outfit as his brother, Cilan, except the bow tie is blue. He sits on a separate chair that is in Ruka's room.

Chili, a red haired and eyed flirt. Chili is always seen flirting with Ruka even though Ruka would brush him off like a fly. But he never gave up to try and swoon Ruka. But when he is close to succeeding, Cilan jumps in to the rescue and swats Chili away before things got hot. But he can be a gentleman when he is in public so that's a plus. Not only that he cares for his brothers and Ruka. An extra plus. He wears the same outfit as his brothers but wears a red bow tie. He is lastly known to be a fire type user, using Pansear. He sits right in front of Cress on the floor next to the bed. Chili popped a strawberry flavored candy in his mouth letting the sweetness melt onto his tongue.

It was a typical Saturday night when all four of them locked up the Cafe and Gym. This was actually a routine during Saturday where the boys go to Ruka's home and spend the night there. Of course nothing happens between them besides watching a movie and turn in for the night. But tonight was a little different.

It all started with a mere Strawberry Pocky that Cilan grabbed from the packet. An idea popped in his head to make this night a little more interesting. Tilting his head to take a glance at Ruka, a small smirk appeared on his face.

"Ruka~," Cilan cooed, getting the quad colored haired attention. Silver meets green with an adorable confused expression. Cilan couldn't help but smile. "Say ah." Cilan let's his hand hover in front of Ruka's mouth, Pocky in hand. A light red blush dusted its way across Ruka's cheeks, but obeyed anyway. Ruka also thought that Cilan always babied her in some kind of way but knew that he loves her dearly like his brothers. Chili and Cress snickered at the scene before them before cress decided to get up and show his green haired brother how it's done.

"How sweet Cilan, but I'll show you a better way," Cress comes from behind and lean in front of the silver eyed girl. Note that Ruka still has the Pocky hanging out of her mouth that Cilan gave her. Ruka being confused as why the boys are acting like this was beyond her but a small part of her actually likes this bold side of them. A change of pace like this also frightens her. Cress leans in, mouth slightly open, and his tongue barely out. He bit a piece off the Pocky which also hangs out of his mouth along with his tongue. His head still close to the waitress rosy cheeks. Pulling the strawberry flavored Pocky into his mouth and chewed it smirking triumphantly. Everyone knows that sharing the same food or drink is considered an indirect kiss which made Ruka have butterflies in her stomach. Cilan slightly blushed at the scene and trying to regain composure. He scolded Cress of that bold front as Chili laughed trying not to choke on his strawberry candy.

"Amateurs. I'll show you guys how to really do it," the red haired brother called smugly. Ruka finished the pocky that was left since Cress ate the last bit and sat up kneeling on her bed. Chili was right in front of her. Cilan and Cress sat there curious as to what their red haired brother is about to do. But Cilan couldn't help but get a feeling that things are gonna get way too hectic in this room. Then Chili pinned the poor waitress down on the bed. Both her hands lock in place above her head. His leg stradling on both side of her waist.

"Chili-" but before Cilan could reprimand his brother, Chili covered Ruka's eyes with his untied red bow tie and Cress held his green eyed brother back covering his mouth. Cilan trying to break free from his blue haired brother, couldn't help but struggle helplessly. Despite Cress looking a bit smaller from the Trio he is strong. Chili couldn't help ease the weary waitress considering the situation she's in. Being helplessly blindfolded is no fun for the silver eyed girl since she has to rely on her other senses.

Chili leaned in and kissed Ruka with a light touch to the lips to show he's not gonna go too far. Rukas' mouth was slightly open considering her stomach decided to lose the uneasiness and have a wild bachelor party. She blushed even more from the sudden contact and Chili took that as an advantage and shoved his tongue inside the quad colors' carven. Massaging every inch of her mouth with his smooth, silk muscle, he earned so much moans from the waitress. He remembered he still has his strawberry candy off to the side. His tongue grabbed it and dropped it in her mouth letting her taste the sweet sugary treat. Rukas' mind was elsewhere since the taste of candy, pocky and Chili's strawberry tongue mixing together was so overwhelming that she couldn't tell what reality is anymore. Chili then parted from Ruka's mouth, her breath short and quick as well as his. Small dribble of saliva slid down on the left corner of Ruka's open mouth. The candy dissolved leaving the sugary sweetness to linger until something else could cover it up. Then Chili untied the waitress' blindfold seeing her silver eyes half closed with a small hint of lust behind it. He licked the corner where the saliva is and got off of her sitting back down on the floor smirking.

"And that's how you do it," Chili crosses his arms smirking at his two brothers as they watch him bewildered at the bold interaction he was able to pull off. Not even Cilan or Cress are able to go that far. The waitress foggy head cleared up and stared at the Trio before her with a dark red blush plastering itself uncontrollably. Her heart was practically pounding against her ribcage hoping to get out of the cramped space it is in. She didn't know that all of that would escalate with just one mere pocky. But was glad that it wasn't a boring routine like her every other Saturdays in the past where it's just them watching movies and going to bed. This was more exciting to the waitress and can't help but wait till the next time she gets her strawberry pocky.

Ahahaha! Yeah I had one of those hot dreams except it's not really as hot. I can't believe I actually dreamt this. I swear those three will be the death of me because of their sexyness. Wish they were real... oh well I can just dream. But yeah hope you enjoy this little one shot. Not much I can say, but they shall soon be mine! Then again I like Cilan more, then Cress, and then Chili. Till the next one shot I'll make, bye.