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Cilans' POV

We watched her battle Pokemon trainers and wild Pokemon left and right. What we notice is that she is different now. Her silver hair is shorter, up to her chin, her clothing has gotten much darker, her bubble gum pink eyes were also shadowed by darkness, and the one that made a drastic change is her personality. It has gotten much colder ever since that day we left her. She would battle trainers with a cold demeanor not answering to anyone, heck she even made wild Pokemon run away. In truth I blame myself every minute I watch her. It was my fault I changed her. If I didn't betray her she wouldn't have to be like this.

"Is that all? How pathetic," Shizune says coldly walking away making the trainer she battled hate her to the core. It's all my fault. The way how her voice is so icy made me shiver. I looked away. I can't believe I did that to her. The little Shizune I know that was so sweet and kind has now become so bitter and murderous. If that is how you want to put it. But what I heard from my blue haired brother was that when she is alone she shows some affection to her Pokemon and showed her actual emotions. But I have to see it to believe it.

Cress' POV

I watched emotionless towards our silver-nette. I am to blame for this drastic change of personality. I knew the extent of this betrayal, I should have stopped it sooner. Then again, it's too late to turn back now. I hate myself for this. I created a monster. How is this to be proud of? She was always the sweetest, lovable, caring, funny, Pokemon trainer I know. She doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. I always wondered what would have happen if we didn't leave her. Would I be happy? Of course living a double life isn't helping but the life where I am just a Gym leader and a connoisseur I would be happy. Would Shizune still be the same Shizune we know since the very beginning? Of course she would. It makes me happy if Shizune is happy. I would remember those days when I would flirt with her when serving her drinks and her favorite pumpkin pie. The way how Cilan would somehow try to talk to Shizune but seem to fail miserably considering he can be so shy around her and stutters, while Chili just try to get the attention he needs by trying to make little Shizu jealous.

"I'm sorry Glace," Shizune apologizes to her Pokemon, a Glaceon who she pats on the head and tending its wounds. "I pushed you too hard didn't I." The sadness to her voice is really unbearable. I can't believe I did this to her. I just stared at her hoping for any kind of forgiveness. But right now I don't think I will be getting one anytime soon. I might as well change shifts with my idiotic red haired brother.

Chilis' POV

Oh my little Shizu. Out of all the people we had to betray it had to be you. You know how much I miss you Shizu. All those times I tried to get your attention. I don't know if you are really ignoring me or try to tease me. You don't know how much my brothers and I love you Shizu. Heck I even get jealous of my own brothers who has your attention. Every time I see you talking to another guy I get riled up inside. The way how your sweet voice just rings into my head when you call for me or when you get embarrassed. I would always get to see that side of you every time I tease you or tried to. But now look at you. You're not you. The you that I love. It's really scary. I want the normal you. The you we could have fun together and not care what everyone thinks. Is that really much of a dream now?

"Flamethrower," Shizu's icy voice commands as her Arcanine spewed out fire from its mouth burning the poor bug steel Pokemon, Scizor, taking the full blow damage. I shuddered in place seeing how her and her Pokemon being so ruthless. No mercy whatsoever. I cried. The tears that I tried to hold in just left. I can't watch anymore. I left quietly.

Shizune's POV

It's been two years that I drove myself to bring them back. Unfortunately I can't find them. They seem to have gone in hiding which pissed me off to no end. I can't give up yet. Not yet when I came this far. I have gotten stronger. I know it. But will it be enough to really bring them back? No... it will. I know it will. They better watch out. I will make a come back if it is the last thing I do. I have changed so much.

I trained my Pokemon every single day to get them as strong as they are now. But I feel like I am neglecting their feelings. I feel really bad for my Pokemon for pushing them too hard. They did deserve at least a few breaks in the months that past so they can be on top shape. It's the only thing I can do to show that I still love them. But I know that they will stick with me even if I was being a bit harsh to them. They knew what I have been through. They were there. The know.

I practically hate everyone now. Ever since that day it haunts me. My own friends, brothers that I would call them, betrayed me. I could never trust anyone else but myself. The only thing is that I can never hate the trio. The trio that I loved so much. But a part of me still wonders if they really care about me. Do they really care? Or am I just walking in an illusion that was derived from me believing that they have a heart somewhere? Hopefully it isn't the latter.

I stared down at all my released team Pokemon: Arcanine, Glaceon, Lilligant, Mienshao, Samurott, and Ampharos. They were just relaxing after a battle from a trainer that I called him weak. I didn't care if I get the pissed-glares as long as they know that they should trainer more. I remembered when I had my Arcanine. It was just a small Growlithe that I found near Virbank City. Then Glaceon when I had it as an Eevee in Castelia City. Lilligant as a Petilil from a trade for a Cottonee also in Castelia City. Mienshao as a Mienfoo when I was walking in Victory Road. Ampharos from Floccesy Ranch as a Mareep. And my trusty Samurott when it was an Oshawott when I first started out as a newbie trainer. Then the other Pokemon I had caught like: Lucario (Riolu in Floccesy Ranch), Flygon (Trapinch in Desert Resort), Unfezant (Pidove in Route 20), Tyranitar (Pupitar in Route 15), Vespiquen (Combee in a Hidden Grotto), Zoroark (Given to be by a man in Driftveil City who used to be part of Team Plasma who belong to another person named N or Lord N), and Sigilyph (Desert Resort also). They were my main team that I trained till they drop. Not literally.

I stared up at the trees but for some reason I can't help but feel like someone is watching me these past couple years. I would either look up at buildings, or trees, or cliff sides, across rivers or lakes but I can never find anyone there. I always keep telling myself it was wild Pokemon but another part of me kept saying it was a person. I always wonder if I was just hallucinating that all my pent up anger, grief, and loneliness was getting to me. Rustle. I turned my head quickly to where the sound was resonating from seeing a glimpse of red and black. It was either someone or just another Pokemon. Hopefully it was the second option. I sighed staring at the now darkening sky.

"Okay you guys, lets rest for the night and get on our way," I said as they all cuddled near me keeping me warm.

Shadow Triad/Striaton Trio's POV

One of the Trio was given a close call when he tried to move. Chili was sweating a bit hoping that the silver-nette didn't see him. His brothers was standing on branches either above him or next to him. The redhead wiped any stray tears that was left, showing his brothers that he will be alright. But each and every one of them couldn't rid the guilt they each have for Shizune. Each blaming themselves for the cause of the suffering girl in front of them. The only thing they can do is watch the girl cry in her sleep, whimper, and beg not to leave. A heartbreaking scene they wish they didn't cause. Without any other word they left before they lose their mind and approach her wishing for forgiveness. They still need to be loyal to a certain psychotic man who wants to rule the world regardless of their emotions. But that doesn't mean they can't go off on their own once in awhile and wish to have the life they had with Shizune. It's a dream they can never get if they continue the way they are now.

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