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So this is written in a response to Black rose Blue's 100k pairing story challenge. I'm a little nervous I have to say XD but quick before you read I have a fair few warnings for you. Also this fic doesn't follow cannon amazingly well, sorry. I'll try and aim for around 2k at least in most of my chapters, but I have lots of exams coming up and a part time job, so sometimes it gets very busy and I may only make the 1k limit.

Rated M for Violence Abuse Language and vauge sexual scenes. And when I say violence and abuse, the M rating is seriously needed. Harry is not a Happy bunny in this fic.

Slash! There is going to be harry/Draco, so if you don't like PLEASE don't read. There may also be other male/male, female/male and female/female. I'm unsure as of yet.

I'd just like to repeat the abuse warning, it will be physical, verbal and sexual, so if it will upset you or you may find it triggering PLEASE don't read it. I'll put warnings on the chapters its in :)


Which reminds me, abuse in this chapter and non con,

Thank you to my amazing Beta Laux14, I really would be lost without her, as my spelling and grammer is just - i don't even know how to describe it. (She's just informed me I have a 60 word sentence - oh dear, good thing I have her!)

This is a fairly short chapter, only 3018 words, but hopefully the chapters should get longer as it goes along. It's not very well written I don't feel so I may well go back an d re-write it a bit.

Anyway, onwards with the fic!

Harry glared at the dusty wooden ceiling of his musty cupboard and resisted the urge to kick the mottled walls like a petulant child. As strong as the urge was and as satisfying as giving in would feel, he really didn't want to risk pissing his uncle off, not now he knew he couldn't perform magic out of school, not now he wasn't afraid. Shuddering, Harry remembered his quite frankly distressing return home for the summer holidays.

Where was his uncle? It had been almost five hours now since he'd said goodbye to his friends and still there was no sign of his supposed family. He shifted uncomfortably on the hard wooden bench and ignored the stares from passers by at his trunk who as of yet, thankfully, had decided not to pass comment. More minutes passed and Harry began to amuse himself by watching who got on and off the trains, making mental lists of the different types, haggard looking mothers with wet cheeked snotty children, young adults with headphones in and blasted up to loud, texting away on the latest smart phone, business men talking away rapidly into Bluetooth headsets, clutching briefcases – Harry jumped as a sudden crack of thunder shot across the sky, losing his train of thought, and almost instantaneously the heavens opened. Harry was drenched within a few seconds as the people left on the platform rushed for cover. Brilliant, just what he needed, pneumonia and abandonment, what was next, the bloody Dark Lord turning up?


Nope, worse. His uncle, well, at least he could take abandonment off his list. As he trudged after them across the car park, keeping a safe distance behind Dudley and his Smeltings stick, he noticed they'd gotten a new car, a big saloon type, dark blue and with - a dog cage boot? Since when had they gotten a dog? Dudley hated them! Vernon clicked open the boot and glared at him, the look intensifying with every second that past. Finally, about thirty seconds later when Harry thought his uncle couldn't possibly look any crosser, he barked.

"Well then, what are you waiting for freak?"

Ah, they hadn't gotten a dog, it was for him, apparently he wasn't even good enough to be allowed to sit in the back of the car where Dudley could punch him the whole way home. Oh well, at least it would be one less bruise.

The moment they got home he was unceremoniously dragged out of the boot and thrown into his cupboard, his trunk thrown in after him only a few seconds later. Harry had had to scramble out of the way to avoid getting a concussion courtesy of the aforementioned item but what happened next was more terrifying, Uncle Vernon's podgey face appeared at the door, already purple from rage, seemly from simply being in Harry's presence. His tone was low and threatening.

"No tricks with us this year boy, your precious school wrote, and we know you aren't allowed to do magic like you claimed last year, and this year you are going to earn your right to live here boy. No complaints"

And with that last snarled word the cupboard was slammed shut.

And for three days, that had been it, nothing, Harry had simply been ignored, which had it's highs and its lows. One the positive side no one had touched him or hit him or yelled at him, he hadn't had to do any chores and he'd managed to make a head start on his holiday homework. However he'd also had nothing to eat for three days, and his only drink had been his quidditch water bottle, which had still been mostly full after a short match. The bucket in the corner he had to use to relieve himself was near to being full and it stunk to high heaven, making Harry wretch on a regular basis. He curled himself up in a corner and wished for the thousandth time he was a first year again, when this cupboard seemed so big, rather than going in to his 7th year where he felt massively cramped and claustrophobic. He tried to pull the blanket further round him, searching for warmth, but the attempt was fruitless, it was just too small, and the small patch of cover it did supply didn't provide much warmth any way due to it's tattered and ripped state.
A loud rally of banging exploded next to Harry's head as Aunt Petunia used Dudley's smelting stick to hit the cupboard door, startling Harry into sitting up suddenly and knocking his head on the low, stair shaped ceiling. It started a headache that would only be intensified by Petunia's shrieking.
"Up! Up! You've chores to do!"
Harry bit back the swear words that were on the tip of his tongue threatening to spill forth and instead focused on the fact he was actually allowed out of his cupboard, tumbling out ungracefully as his aunt unexpectedly opened the door. It took a moment for him to remember how to stand. His aunt made a face at the smell that followed him out, crinkling her upper list in disgust and placing a finger delicately under her nose.
"First job, clean out that pit you live in! and do so quickly, my Dudders is hungry and a full english breakfast won't cook itself!"
She turned on her heel and headed for the kitchen, thankfully missing Harry mutter gladly under his breath as he leant stiffly into his cupboard for the bucket, trying not to gag at the all to familiar smell. He held it at arms length and carefully traversed the stairs, feet padding on the familiar soft carpet. Looking away he poured the contents into the loo and flushed, grateful for the momentary noise he took a quick moment to wash his face, grab a sneaky drink and refill his water bottle, cleverly hidden by his baggy shirt under the waistband of his trousers. Aware of the time he'd already wasted he quickly washed out the bucket, ran swiflty down the stairs, and threw his items in the cupboard.

"Hurry up!" Petunia yelled, in such a high tone that Harry could swear she was half banshee. Perhaps he should bring her into school for care of magical creatures, or perhaps she would be to much for even Hagrid to deal with. He snorted and hurried into the kitchen, the sudden light on the white tiles blinding him momentarily and causing him to trip over Dudley's outstretched foot. Tumbling he quickly caught himself on the marbled counter and turned around, only to see Dudley clutch his foot and cry out loudly, crocodile tears springing to his eyes as he curled up in the ornate wooden kitchen chair.


Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes as Petunia came running in, make up for the day half done, blue furry slippers contrasting with her summer dress, and began to comfort a bawling Dudley, making shushing noises. Harry simply moved to the oven and turned the rings on. As he bent down to get a saucepan from the cupboard he caught a glimpse of Dudley who now had ice on his ankle and mused that the situation was almost comical. That was until Vernon walked in, all trace of humour was wiped from Harry as his uncle boomed

"What's going on now?!"

"The freak kicked our Dudders Vernon, right in the ankle, not on accident, purposely!" She glared in Harry's direction, who straightened up immediately, knowing better than to stammer what his uncle would refer to as snivelling pathetic excuses instead trying to squash his fear, but only succeeding in beginning to shake. Vernon's face turned beetroot as he stormed towards Harry, backing him into a corner.


As Vernon yelled, spit flew out of his mouth, landing on Harry's glasses and partially blinding him, but Harry was petrified, he knew by the shade of purple on his uncles face that this was the least of his worries. His expression suddenly turned malicious, and the sickly smile and sudden low tone froze Harry to his very core.

"I'll show you what dirty little freaks get when they don't follow the rules"

Vernon's meaty hand wrapped around Harry's scrawny wrist and yanked him forwards, forcing his forearm down onto to the cooker, Harry screamed and writhed in anguish as the flesh on his arm began to blister and cook, but Vernon wouldn't let up, instead lowering his head to Harry's ear, putrid breath smothering Harry, depriving him of oxygen.

"Have we learnt our lesson now? Are we sorry?"

Vernon's taunting tone shattered Harry's pride and hope, as he realised that, it didn't matter how powerful a wizard he was, it didn't matter how many goddamn wards there was on his so called home. Nothing, nothing, would ever protect him from the only people he could call family. There was nothing he could ever do here that would make him safe.

"Yes" He managed to choke out finally "Yes, I'm sorry, I've learnt, please, let me go!"

Vernon jerked away, as if suddenly repulsed by the fact he'd even touched Harry, and strode off towards the table with a sharp order to Harry to make breakfast. Harry darted to the sink and threw his arm under, wincing at the sharp pain of the water on his burnt skin, but grateful for the cool sensation. However after only a minute, Aunt Petunia came and wrenched his arm away.

"That's enough of that boy, on with it!"

Harry sighed and went to the fridge, glancing at the table only long enough to see a smirking Dudley put two fingers up at him when no one was looking. Harry wanted to scowl but decided against it, he wasn't going to anything to risk Vernon's wrath right now. Thought later, he reflected, as he watched Dudley stuff his face, he really couldn't wait for the day when he could actually punch the prat.


Exhausted after his days chores, Harry crawled into his cupboard, shutting the door tightly behind him, so he'd have at least a few seconds warning if anyone wanted him. Bored waiting for his aunt and uncle to finally settle into bed he tapped out a song Ron had taught him when they'd first gone to school all those years ago on the top of his trunk.

It was history of magic and as usual Binns was droning on, Harry had used up every tactic for staying awake; from counting the stained stones on the floor (23), counting the number of spiders (15, his friend would be disappointed to know), to building every origami paper art he knew and now quite frankly, he was having trouble keeping his eyes open. Just as he was about to give up and rest his head on the old desk, his red haired friend leant across to him.

"Mate I'm bored"

"Me too Ron

Ron seemed to contemplate something for a moment before his speckled face lit up brightly with a grin. Eyes dancing he whispered excitedly.

"You know the school song?"

"Yeah" Harry whispered back, wondering what on earth his friend was plotting this time.

"I have a challenge for you"

At this, Harry's eyes lit up.

"Go on"

Ron's grin grew

"Get as many people as possible singing it"

Harry thought for a moment

"Alright, but you gotta remind me of the lyrics!"

Harry smiled fondly as he remembered that day. After Ron had taught him the lyrics, Harry had begun singing it quietly, on the second go through the Hufflepuff boy next to him joined in, and slowly but surely, the entire class joined in, it had grown in volume and strength until finally everyone was belting it out, some had started dancing, until that was the doors had slammed open, revealing a mass of swirling black robes and a sunken scowling face that had yelled -

Suddenly the door to his cupboard was yanked open and a gruff hand pulled him out, the other wrapped itself quickly around his mouth, Harry stared startled into his uncles eyes, who shook him as he spoke.

"Quiet boy, I said you'd earn your keep and I meant it. you're going to save me a lot of money this summer."

There was something in his uncles grin Harry had never seen before, it wasn't anger, it was - hunger? Harry's eyes widened in panic as he understood, he knew his uncle frequented the streets that held prostitutes, and he knew it cost him a lot, but surely, surely his uncle wouldn't -

"Shh now Harry dear boy, you deserve this after all you little slutty freak, you deserve this pain, you deserve to pay me back for everything you've taken over the years"

Harry struggled wildly now, but his uncle was strong, throwing him on the floor he wasted no time in tying Harry's arms to an old table in the basement, before shoving a gag in his mouth and securing it harshly around the back of his head, drawing blood from the corners of his lips. Harry whimpered as his uncle tore his trousers off and the cold tiles seemed to bite into the front of his legs. His uncle bent down, the heat radiating off him smothering Harry, wrapping him in blanket of hopelessness and fear.

"Are you going to be a good, quiet little slut Harry?"

Harry whimpered and tried to squirm away, only provoking his uncle into pressing his knee's further into Harry's leg and grabbing his burnt arm, ripping the crude bandage harry had made out of an old, battered shirt and slamming it onto the freezing floor.

The pain exploded in a burst of red sparks in front of Harry's eyes, every muscle in his body tensed and spasmed as he tried to curl in on himself, but the heavy weight of his uncle prevented even that small mercy, he bit his lip over the gag in an attempt to stop himself from screaming, but couldn't help the strangled cry that escaped.

"I said ARE YOU?"

Tears streaming down his face Harry nodded frantically. Hating himself for it, he lowered his red blotchy face to floor, pride broken, hope shattered and let his tears drop soundlessly to the floor.

"Good" His uncle whispered softly. And from that moment on, Harry's mind was black, blacker than the coal stained floor he lay on.


A few weeks later saw a pale, bruised and skinny Harry weeding in the backyard, as he pulled out each towering plant his green, sunken eyes were vacant, not just like he wasn't in the perfectly kept garden with the sun beating down on his already burnt shoulders, but like he wasn't on the planet or any living existence at all, just an empty shell following instructions.

There was one thought he was focusing on however, and that was the fact that in a few days it must be time for him to move to the Weasley's. Yanking at a stubborn clump of nettles Harry decided that the thought was most likely the only thing keeping him the slightest bit sane. Sighing he leant back on his haunches and used his uninjured arm to wipe the sweat of his tanned forhead, wondering if everyone was still out and he could quickly grab a drink and some scrap of food that they wouldn't notice. It had been days since he'd last eaten and he was starting to feel the effects, there was the risk of getting caught after all, but it wouldn't be as bad as the punishment he'd get if he passed out and didn't finish his jobs. Mind made up he crept across the flower beds, down the side of the house and peered round. Brilliant, the car was gone! Almost skipping with joy Harry bolted back round to the back door, barely noticing when he scraped his elbow on the bricks. Kicking his shoes off he darted to the sink and dunked his head under the faucet. Once he'd drunk his fill, face and hair dripping he wondered over to the fridge and grabbed a slice of last nights pizza, grinning as he tore into it. Leaning on the counter he gazed out the window and surveyed his work, not bad he decided, but still plenty to do if he wanted to avoid the sharp edge of his aunts tongue tonight. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted something white in the distance in the sky.


Harry rushed to the garden to meet his familiar, as much as he knew it was better that she'd stayed with Ron, he'd missed her greatly. Narrowly avoiding a nip to his fingers as he passed her some bacon from the pizza he snatched eagerly at the letter. To his dismay there was only one piece of parchment, but if it held news of his friends, who was he to be fussy? Being careful not to rip he opened the carefully folded message.

Mr Potter

Due to security reasons, you will not be able to leave the Dursley's this summer. Professor Snape will collect you a day early to get your supplies, and escort you to the castle.

You must also not attempt to contact your friends as it may compromise your security, I assure you, they are well.

Professor Snape will arrive at 9am on the first of September, please be ready.

Prof. A.W.

After reading the letter a further three times, Harry crumpled it in his hands and slowly fell to the side, curling up. He wasn't sure what was worse, the fact he was subject to his uncles new favourite form of punishment all summer, or the fact the first friendly, if you could call it that, face he would see would be the scowling hook nosed face of Snape.

"Brilliant" He murmured as he watched Hedwig fly off after a friendly nip on his nose. "Just bloody brilliant"