Famous School Love

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or the characters.

"Do you want to go shopping, guys "said Alice the hyper pixie. She is one of my best friends and I have been friends with her since we were eight and since then she loved shopping and it looks like her love of shopping is growing bigger every day. She has been dating jasper for 4 years now.

"sure Alice but remember tomorrow there is school so only two hours shopping okay" said Rose , my other best friend who I have also known since I was eight and she always loved modeling and styling people. She has been dating Emmet for 3 years now.

Then there is me I am an actress and my whole life is an act for the person who I love, does love me but not the kind I want he just see's me as his loving best friend.

Sorry B I am not coming home tonight E.

That was Edward who texted me and you may all be wondering why he was talking about coming home and the truth is we actually live together even though we are still in school.

Ok B-

"Yeah let's go guys and do you also want to have dinner there too" I hope that did not sound desperate because I don't want to dine alone.

"So was it my brother who texted you to tell you he is busy tonight" said Alice, darn how the heck did she know. I just nodded.

"Why do you live with him when he is always busy at home and sometimes at school" o there we go again they are teaming up with either tell him how you feel about him or move out of the house.

"He is my best friend Rose and besides" I desperately needed to change the topic, "weren't we meant to be shopping" that should get them of my back. "Yep let's go" said Rose. I bet get ready for a long journey.


We had finished shopping and we had ordered our pizza and we were watching one of my movies I was in. after the movie was finished the girls went home and I was left home alone. I went to my bedroom and started reading Wuthering heights. (AN: it's the next morning) I woke up and went to make breakfast, but what shocked me was to see Tanya in my/our house eating breakfast with Edward In one of Edward's shirt and boxers. "Hey B hope you don't mind that Tanya crashed here" said Edward. "Sure I don't," Yes I do! "But you could have told me we had a visitor so I could have been dressed properly and oh hi Tanya". Why the heck did he bring her here when I am not friends with her?

"Hey Bella cute pj's" said the devil herself. I am pretty sure I blushed 5 different shades of red. "Well I better get ready, see you at school." I said, I did not want any more embarrassment.