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Final Chapter 4: Remedy

Raven sat listlessly on the rooftop of her apartment building, staring out over the water of the bay to Titans Tower off in the distance.

I wonder what's going on? What do they think of me?...

No, I told myself it doesn't matter… Jinx is my life, my love… that hasn't changed but… I guess you can't really just leave you're old life that quickly.

She let out a low sigh.

"I know that sigh." Jinx said coming up next to Raven. "This seat taken?"

Raven smiled warmly, but tiredly up at her lover. "No"

The hex caster sat down cuddling up to Raven to keep off the light chill in the air. "You're thinking about home aren't cha'?"

"My home is with you."

"That's sweet an' all but you know what I meant." Jinx replied with a slightly sarcastic tone.

"Yeah I do, and I was thinking about the Titans."

"Debating whether or not you made the right decision?" She didn't let it show but she was anxious for Raven's answer to that worried that Raven would regret going this far with her.

"No, I know I made the right decision, I… feel it, but I wish I could still see them, they're my friends you know?"

"Yeah, I do, I hardly ever see Gizmo or Mammoth anymore, they were my family for quite a while." The thief pauses and gazes up at the sky. "I was pretty broke up for a while after we split up."

"Why did you all split up?"

"Gizmo got caught hacking into some government files, he got so far into their systems though that they offered him a job, put his skills to work for them. So he took that offer. They also offered Baran a job as a bodyguard for high ranking officials, his new uniform is a custom tailored suit." She let out a short hollow laugh. "No job for a thief though."

"Well at least they didn't arrest you, and if they had given you a job we wouldn't be here together." Raven replied hugging Jinx closer.

"Hmm, I suppose that is true, I could never work in government anyway."

Later that evening the two were enjoying an evening to themselves, Jinx was listening to music and drawing, while Raven was reading. As a song ended and another came on Jinx suddenly sprang up.

"Oh, I love this song! It's good to dance to." Jinx turned the volume up.

Remedy: By little Boots

I can see you stalking like a predator, I've been here before

Temptation calls like Adam to the apple but I will not be caught

'Cause I can read those velvet eyes and all I see is lies

No more poison killing my emotion

I will not be frozen, dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

Stop, stop praying 'cause I'm not not playing

I'm not frozen, dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

Move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy

I've got a remedy oh, uh, oh, uh, oh

Move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy

Here is my remedy oh, uh, oh, uh, oh

Spin me faster like a kaleidoscope, all I've got's the floor

Yeah, you can try but I've found the antidote, music is the cure

So you can try to paralyze but I know best this time

No more poison killing my emotion

I will not be frozen, dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

Stop stop praying 'cause I'm not not playing

I'm not frozen, dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

Move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy

I've got a remedy oh, uh, oh, uh, oh

Move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy

Here is my remedy oh, uh, oh, uh, oh

And when the music fades away I know I'll be okay

Contagious rhythms in my brain, let it play

No more poison killing my emotion

I will not be frozen, dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

Stop, stop praying 'cause I'm not not playing

I'm not frozen, dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

Move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy

I've got a remedy oh, uh, oh, uh, oh

Move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy

Here is my remedy oh, uh, oh, uh, oh

Move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy

I've got a remedy oh, uh, oh, uh, oh

Move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy

Here is my remedy oh, uh, oh, uh, oh

Raven didn't even realize Jinx had pulled her up to dance with her, entranced by the thief's graceful, twirls. She didn't know how she didn't make a total fool of herself trying to dance, maybe she did, all she could remember was Jinx, and the music. Moving together to the rhythm, Raven knew that no matter what, this is where she was meant to be, here with her.

The sun made its slow rise over the horizon peeking in through the slightly parted curtain to lay a thin beam of sun on the two sleeping women. Raven roused from her sleep nudged her lover.

"Come on time to get out of bed."

In response Jinx just cuddled closer to Raven mumbling incoherently.

Raven rolled her eyes "Come on there's probably a job waiting for us at Sherwood."

When the thief didn't reply Raven used her powers to turn on the shower before teleporting Jinx directly into it. Good thing she was already naked.

A surprised shout came from the bathroom, as Raven got up and grabbed clean clothes for both of them, before joining Jinx in the shower.

"Was that necessary?" Jinx asked as Raven stepped in.

"Maybe not, but it was funny." Raven replied kissing Jinx before grabbing the soap.

An hour later the two walked into Sherwood Forest, greeting thieves and fences that they had met over the course of their work together. Going up to the bartender and taking seats.

"So what'cha got for us?" Jinx asked.

The bartender an almost comically Irish man, red hair, plaid green beret with the little fuzzball on top and everything. "Weeellll, we got a few jobs here dat' ta two of yoo could do."

He pulled a few slips of paper out from under his beret. "Ah, yes here ta one I was tinkin' about, dis' one asked fer Jinx specifically. From what I remember es' one O' your ol' employers, back before you was a duo." He pauses for a second looking though a few more slips of paper. "O' and Red X was askin' for a bit a help too."

"Well if he asked for me specifically I'd hate to disappoint. Just a one person job?" Jinx replied.

"Yeah, looks pretty simple fer you."

"Then you could go help X while I do that."

"Hmm ok if you do need help call me." Raven replied.

"Alright, give me the target, and tell X Raven will be there."

"What is Jinx sick or something?" X asked as Raven walked up.

"She's on another job, so what's the plan?"

X nodded. "Right, pretty simple but I needed someone to help me move the damn thing, guy wants me to steal a grand piano."

"A piano?" Raven asked. "With the money it takes to hire us couldn't he have just bought one?"

"This is like Bach's piano or something, that's why he wants it."

"Oh, that makes more sense. Well let's get to it then."

On the other side of Jump by the bay Jinx dropped silently down from a ceiling panel into the darkened room. Psh piece of cake.

Suddenly the lights flicked on revealing Robin standing by the display case.

Oh this is bad.

"Gigs up surrender Jinx." The boy wonder said.

"Just one question: How'd you know?"

"The job was a trap, the guy placed it in return for a lenient sentencing for his crimes, guess there is no honor among thieves."

"He was no thief, just an employer." Jinx blasted a hex at the concrete floor throwing up a cloud of dust before flipping out through the window behind her.

"She's on the run, get ready!" Robin shouted into his comm.

Jinx ran down the alley away from the shop when a giant green elephant blocked her path, she turned down another alley away from him, she continued running into Titans forcing her to change direction.

They're leading me somewhere, they planned for me to run! While running Jinx pulled her phone out of her pocket.

"Raven?" Jinx asked panting.

"Jinx? What's wrong?"

"The Titans, the job was a trap they're leading me somewhere, I don- SHIT-"

A bird-a-rang knocked the phone from her hand, she kept running hoping Raven would arrive before whatever the Titan's were planning unfolded. Suddenly breaking from the buildings onto a long narrow strip of road that led to Titans tower she skidded to halt but all her routes were cut off, so she ran down the road hoping to buy Raven some more time, but they got in front of her again halfway down the bridge. Starfire and BB having flown ahead to block her with Cyborg and Bird brain behind her.

Ah shit.

The boy wonder stepped forward with his Bo staff, run ragged like she was Jinx doubted that she could keep up with him for very long.

"Shit, X Jinx is in trouble I have to go." Raven said quickly putting away her phone.

"Go, I can finish up here." He replied admiring the large piano sitting in the woods outside the estate.

Raven took off flying towards the bay as fast as she could, which with her new reserves, was very fast. She found Jinx on the bridge leading to the tower, in a losing battle with Robin, as she approached he delivered a series of hits that put Jinx on the ground rolling in pain. Her anger flared, and when she landed between Jinx and Robin her eyes were glowing crimson.

"Jinx are you alright?" Raven asked quickly, not taking her eyes off Robin.

"I've –ach- been better." Jinx replied.

But taking a glance to look her over she could tell she was hurt, it looked like her left elbow was dislocated, a broken rib, as well as being covered with scrapes and bruises some of which were already turning a dark purple.

"Don't you think that's a bit excessive?!" Raven angrily growled to Robin.

"I needed to get your attention." He replied calmly.

"You've got it."

"Cyborg now!" Robin shouted.

Electrical nets shot from launchers on the side of the road covering her and Jinx.

He planned this, he used Jinx to get to me!

"You're dangerous Raven, we can't let you run amok out here." Robin replied.

It was Jinx's pained scream that finally sent her over, she was being electrocuted by the nets. Which she realized were actually sapping some of her power, it may have stopped her before but she was much more powerful now. With an angry yell she let out a blast of dark energy disintegrating the net, she glanced back to Jinx who was breathing heavily, before teleporting her to a rooftop nearby.

"I didn't want to hurt anyone, our thievery never did, but you've gone too far this time, I don't care if you go after me, but hurting Jinx to get to me is too much."

"You're dangerous Raven, your emotions rule your powers we can't let you go so unstable."

"Maybe if you would have stopped to listen to me before you would have known that I merged my demon side, I'm in control of all my power."

With that street lamps began to bend under the force of her power from just how angry she was, the water around the bridge began to thrash angrily, and small stones floated into the air around her.

"This is too much Robin we don't have anything that can contain her, she's a lot more powerful than she used to be!" Cyborg shouted.

"We have to take her out! She's too dangerous to let go!" Robin shouted back. "Titans go!"

Raven stood ready burning with black fire around her hands. Easily blocking Robin's attacks before sending him skidding down the road. Using her energy to block Cyborg then chucking him half a mile out to sea.

"This is just like Slade for you again isn't it?" Raven growled. "You've made it a personal vendetta because you can't stop me, just like you did with Slade."

"We beat Slade, good always beats evil!" Robin shouted back.

"There's a problem with that, Slade was actually evil! I could destroy this whole goddamn planet if I wanted to!" With that she floated into the air a few feet, the water angrily thrashing moved away from the bridge as storm clouds rolled in, and large boulders floated into the air around her." I could be just like Trigon, I have the power, but I'm not, all I want to do is be with Jinx, don't you think letting off with some petty thievery is an acceptable price to pay for keeping me from bringing the apocalypse?!"

The Titans we're struggling just to stay on their feet in the maelstrom that Raven had created, but her voice always rang loud and clear.

"I don't want to hurt anyone, I never have, and I still don't, but this is your last warning! Hurt her again, and someone will get hurt, I promise you that."

Raven lifted a large boulder in front of her enveloping it in obsidian energy she whipped around flinging the rock, with a loud crack as it accelerated past the speed of sound in a few meters, and pounding strait through the cross of the T on Titans tower, destroying the entire middle section. She floated back down to the ground allowing the maelstrom to dissipate, as a loud groan filled the air and the two arms of the tower fell off without the middle for support.

"Have I made myself perfectly clear?" Raven asked.

The Titans stood dumbstruck at the display of power Raven had just shown. Mixed with the physical power had been a mental message, that broadcast Raven's willpower, they couldn't stop her because she fought for love, the fact that she had the power, and would use it to defend that love.

"Good" With that Raven teleported over to Jinx who was leaning against an A/C unit watching.

"You just- I you… bleialbrhf?!" Jinx spluttered.

Raven smiled. "Yeah?"

Raven bent down as blue energy encased her hands and she began to heal Jinx's injuries.

"Screw banging a demon, I bagged a freaking demi-god!"

Raven laughed.

"Would you actually really hurt of them for me?" Jinx asked more seriously after Raven's laughter faded.

"If they hurt you again like this, whoever was responsible would never be able to do it again, if Robin tries anything like this again he'll eat the rest of his meals through a straw." Her voice was steel conviction.

"Jesus Rae, didn't know I meant that much to you." Jinx replied quietly.

"You mean everything to me, if… if I lost you I." tears started to fall from the Empath's eyes. "I don't know what I'd do something terrible."

Jinx hugged her close. "I'm right here Rae, sshh."

Jinx gently stroked Raven's hair comforting her. "You know my powers always go a little AWOL when I get angry, I'd be afraid to see what would happen if someone took you from me."

"You'd probably sink a continent or something."

Jinx chuckled. "I would too. We're freakin scary, you and I"

"You've got better looks than the boogey man."

"Pfft HAHAHA." Jinx laughed hard for a while. "Yeah? Heh you're a bit softer on the eyes than Lucifer."

The two laughed together.

That night back in their apartment, something happened, something neither of them could ever explain. They went to bed together and went at it, but more than just passion filled the room, Raven's dark energy flowed out to mix with Jinx's electric pink energy. And something beautiful happened, the two lovers wouldn't know for a few weeks though.

But it eventually became obvious that Jinx was pregnant, so the two made a decision. They moved to a nice house outside Berlin in Germany, and kept thieving, working with the guild in Berlin. And when their daughter was born it was only natural that she receive her parents training, with Raven's intelligence, Jinx's grace, both of their magic, and values. They had started what would come to be a long line of master thieves, their descendants would go on to steal the impossible, some of their greatest achievements being The Eiffel tower, The White House, Easter Island, and a small planet. With the greatest work being Raven and Jinx's theft of a small pocket dimension where they then built a family estate that would be passed on for generations.

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