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Not Alone...

Chapter 1:

Dougie swung his backpack carelessly beside him as he wandered down the corridors towards his locker to meet his friends. It was Friday, finally - only one more day to go before the weekend. Tom and Harry were already there, Tom leaning casually against his own locker and laughing at Harry who was doing some sort of impression.

"Alright ladies?" Dougie joked, earning a fake-hurt look from Tom and a smack across the back of his head from Harry. "Ow! Mate I was kidding!" Dougie giggled. He threw his bag down beside his mates, still chuckling, and started to get his books out of his locker.

"Sorry Doug" Harry laughed, casually reaching into Dougie's locker with a sly grin and pulling out his art sketch pad. "Ooh let's have a look at what little Doug's been drawing, shall we Tom?"

"Harry, give it back!" Dougie shrieked. Tom rolled his eyes before taking the book from Harry and giving it back to Dougie. Dougie sheepishly buried the sketch pad at the back of his locker. No one, not even his family, was allowed to see his sketches.

"Woah, no need to get so touchy Doug" Harry teased, ruffling his friend's hair slightly. Dougie stuck his tongue out at him in response. Tom shook his head at his two childish friends.

"Hey, where's Dan? It seems I could do with some mature company" Tom grinned.

"Danny? Mature? Nah mate, you won't find Danny being mature, EVER" Harry chuckled, ducking as Dougie tried to poke him. Tom looked up and down the corridor; there were students everywhere but their friend was nowhere to be seen. Almost as if on cue, Danny then appeared in the doorway at the far end of the corridor, head down and a hood covering most of his face.

"Why on earth is he wearing a hoodie? It's June..." Harry thought aloud as their friend approached. Danny flashed them a quick smile and started to get his books from his locker.

"Alright lads? Have a good one last night?" Danny said in his thick Bolton accent as he turned to face the guys for the first time, pulling down his hood as he did so. The three were slightly surprised to see no visible change to their friend's face. They had almost expected him to be trying to cover a black eye from a fight or something. Danny was always getting into fights.

"Yeah was good mate, would have been better if you were there though" Dougie answered him with a warm smile. "Anyway, what's with the hoodie? It's baking!"

"Dunno, mate. Felt cold I guess" Danny shrugged. Satisfied with Danny's answer, Tom and Harry said their goodbyes and left to go to their lessons.

Dougie turned to Danny. "Yay! Double chemistry with me now, mate! Aren't you lucky!" he said sarcastically, throwing his arm around his friend's shoulders jokily. Danny flinched slightly at the contact, then quickly tried to hide the grimace of pain on his face but Dougie had already noticed it.

Danny threw his arm around Dougie's shoulders and flashed him another smile to reassure him everything was ok. "Great... well, let's get it over with then... Come on" he said with a half smile. Dougie smiled back, but he wasn't convinced everything was ok. He couldn't stop thinking about Danny's strange behaviour all through double chemistry, or any of the lessons that followed. He decided he would have to keep an eye on his friend for a while.