Prego and baby adventures-

Lil' Trunks

Not long after the incident with Chi-Chi Goku had gotten comfortable living at Capsule Corp with Bulma, Trunks and Vegeta. Recently Goku has been having problems keeping his food down for obvious reasoons, but he still ate just as much an just as often. Vegeta was glad he could spar with his mate every day, taking breaks to spend time with Trunks and when Goku had to vomit. Things had been going smoothly so far.

Vegeta woke up in his room yawning, he looked down at the sleeping male in his arms. Vegeta smirked as he pet Goku's mess of hair as he glanced over to see his son sitting up rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he yawned cutely.

"Mmmn, Geta?" Goku turned around looking at Vegeta starting to wake up. Smirking Vegeta kissed his forehead.

"Yes Kakarot?" Vegeta asked still watching his son, never stoping his hand from playing with his mate's hair.

"Mmhh that feels good. How long have you been awake?" Goku yawned looking up at Vegeta.

"hn. Not long." Vegeta grunted looking down at Goku before he pulled away slowly getting up as his bed creaked unwillingly. Goku sat up yawing again, his eyes widened and he leaped out of the bed dashing over to the toilet to vomit. Vegeta sighed as he picked Trunks up and walked to Goku leaning down rubbing his back, soothing him. Finally finished Goku lifted his head and smiled at Vegeta, causing his mate to smile in return before heading downstairs to feed Trunks and make breakfast for Goku and him.

Goku slowly stood up and moved over to the sink to brush his teeth. 'Yuck nasty' he thought as he finished and made his way down stairs.

Vegeta was just finishing breakfast and Trunks was in his high chair feeding himself his milk as he watched his dad cook. Goku came down and kissed Trunks' forehead.

"Hey lil' buddy" Goku smiled down at the infant picking him up and craddled him taking hold of the bottle to feed Trunks. The cub smiled warmly at Goku as he reached his arms up to play with Goku's bangs. Goku chuckled as the cub pulled his hair and let go, watching it fall back into place as he repeated the action until the bottle was empty. Vegeta walked up behind them and he put a hand on Goku's shoulder leaning down.

"I'll take the bottle, breakfast is finished you can put Trunks in his chair while we eat." Vegeta whispered softly as he took the bottle and kissed Goku's head. Goku put Trunks in his chair and helped Vegeta set the table. As soon as all the food was placed on the table they sat down next to eachother and ate. Trunks sat there and watched his father and Goku eat laughing at them as they went.

Today they had planned to go to the park with Trunks, so once all the dishes were clean they got ready, Trunks was wearin his hat and onsie, Goku wore orange hightops, light blue skinny jeans and a form fitting blue muscle shirt that showed everything, Vegeta wore his biker boots, his blue latex shirt, a leather jacket and dark blue jeans that hugged his ass nicely. They all hid their tails, Goku and Vegeta his their's under their blets and Trunks was hidden under his onsie. Goku was packing Trunks' diaper bag and Vegeta stared at him holding his son. He watched his mate bend over picking up some of his son's toys to bring with them as he admired the veiw he licked his lips smirking. 'Wearing something like that, he's gonna get it when we come back that's for sure' Vegeta thought as he got up and grabbed the capsules full of food and a capsule with Trunks' stoller. Goku slung the bag over his shoulder and waited by the door. When Vegeta was sure they had everything they needed they headed out.

Once they made it to the park Goku took out the blanket he had packed earlier and laid it out underneath a tree. Veget placed Trunks in the middle as he sat down agains the tree trunk and Goku laid down on his side with his head propped up by his hand as they watched Trunks play with the toys they had brought.

Goku smiled as he watched Trunks play with his toys as he began to rub his stomach. Vegtea watches the whole scene and smiled as he skooted over to Goku laying down behind him as he placed his head on his shoulder and wrapped his arm around his waist. Goku turned his head and kissed him chasty blushing. They both turned to watch Trunks, they cub had stopped playing to smile at them then he pointed at them.

"Dad! Mama!" he giggled out. Both looked at the cub stunned. Goku looked at Vegeta.

"D-did he just call me mama?" Vegeta looked back down at his confussed mate and nodded, they both looked at the cub who was pointing at Goku saying 'mama mama'. This went on for a while, the two saiyans just stared at the cub shocked. People soon began looking at them, watching the couple and the baby, some showed discust, some admiration, others just laughed, no one stayed lond most just past by or avoided the little scene. Goku began to blush as Vegeta began to chuckle not to long after Trunks began whimpering as he crawled over to his father and Goku. He reached Goku and tugged on his shirt whimpering again.

"ba! Ba!" the cub coed. Smiling Goku sat up and held the cub reaching into the bag to feed him the bottle. Vegeta just sat behind them, his arms around Goku's waist as he laid his lead on his shoulder again watching his cub. Trunks took the bottle eagerly drinking his fill. Goku pulled the bottle away and put it back into the bag and Trunks burped smiling as he reaches up towards Goku.

Goku lifted Trunks so he was face to face with the infant smiling back at the cub.

"Mama!" Trunks giggled again as he began playing with Goku's hair once again. Vegeta watched chuckling softly at the scene. Soon Trunks grew tired and fell asleep, Goku took out a pillow he had packed and placed Trunks on it.

Hours had passed, Goku and Vegeta had eaten all the food they had packed. Trunks was now awake and playing with Vegeta's face and hair giggling loudly. Soon Goku and Vegeta packed up again to go home. Goku carried Trunks as they made their way him, Trunks playing with a toy the entire way home.

Saiyan Hormons

Today Vegeta and Goku were training in the Gravity Room as Bulma took Trunks shopping with her and her mother. So far the gravity was turned to 500x as to not hurt the ever growing cub Goku was carrying. Vegeta and Goku had finished their warm-ups now they were ready to spar, both facing one another in their battle stances.

Vegeta was the first to move as he darted towards Goku ready to kick but mindful if his stomach and the unborn cub. Goku blocked and returned the gesture.

As the sparring contiued flurries of punches and kicks were made, dodged and many hit. This went in for hours neither giving up or tiring. Soon as Goku began to try and kick his upper body Vegeta swooped down and swiped his leg around knocking Goku over only to have him fall ontop the prince. They both grunted as they hit the floor, Vegeta trapped under Goku.

"Gravity simulation Complete, returning to earth's normal gravity" the Computer stated after a few minutes as the two saiyans tried to catch their breath. Goku shifted slightly trying to get Into a better possition causing Vegeta to hiss out as his thigh brushed against the prince's semi-hard cock. Goku himself was already hard from the excitement and his hormons, so hearing Vegeta hiss out in pleasure deffinatly made it worse. Goku, in his pregnacy induced hormonal daze smirked as he shifted once again, this time he made their arousals rub together, causing both to moan out.

"Kakarot, what are you doing?" Vegeta gasped out as he looked at his mate. Goku just looked down innocently at his mate as he swished his tail back and forth seductivly. Vegeta began to growl at his mate aroused at his actions.

'He does NOT know what he's getting himself into' Vegeta thought as he remebered last month, the outfit he wore then just when they were going to have some fun Bulma walked in with a crying Trunks effectivly cock blocking him for the rest of the night. Vegeta smirked, well now he could make up for lost time. He grabbed Goku by the nape of his neck pulling him down in a soul searing kiss, this caused Goku to moan loudly in his prince's mouth as he began to grind himslef against Vegeta. Vegeta growling jumped up with Goku in his arms as he walked out and up to their room eager to pleasure his obiously needy mate. Once inside Vegeta gently placed Goku on the bed crawling ontop of him. Goku feeling play full flipped them so he was ontop and grinding their erections together. Vegeta purred out his pleasure getting the best of him as reached up and literally ripped Goku's shirt off and attacking his nipples. Goku mewled as he artched his back into Vegeta's mouth, his grinding growing more feverant.

"G-Geta! Mmmhn n-need you!" Goku cried out. Vegeta smirked as he began to pull the rest of their cloths off. Both now naked kissed again, Goku moving his hands up to rest on Vegeta's shoulders as Vegeta got out the lube and covered his fingers in it. Goku opened his mouth invting Vegeta for some tounge play, which he gladly accepted. As they made out Vegeta moved his lubed up fingers to his mate's entrance, circling the twitching ring before plunging a finger in, slowly thrusting it in and out as his younger lover pressed closer and used his tail to push his finger deeper inside. "mmmnnyaa!" Goku moaned as Vegeta stuck in two more fingers brushing over his prostate. "P-please! G-geta! Ah-ha! Inside! I-I need you inside! Please!" Goku pleaded. Vegeta, very happy with his mate's begging pulled out his fingers as he grabbed Goku's hips, alligned his weeping cock and shoved Goku's hips down impaling himself inside his tight entrance. "AH! HA!" Goku's eyes widened as Vegeta hit his prostate hard. Vegeta smirked up as Goku began moving himself up and down impaling himself as Vegeta aimed for his prostate each time as he thrust up meeting Goku each time. Goku was crying out, his back was arched as his head was thrown back, he was so close so soon and without warning he released into the air still riding Vegeta's Cock.

"Thats right Kakarot, ride me, ride me till you can't come anymore!" Vegeta growled out as Goku's length sprung back up again. Vegeta began using his full strength pushing Goku down harder as he began thrusting up faster and deeper.

"O-oh God! Geta, y-your so.. Ah! De-eep!" Goku moaned loudly. Vegeta smirked.

"Want me to go deeper?" Vegeta horsed out. Goku nodded eargerly. Smirking once again Vegeta flipped them over still inside Goku, which caused him to squeak, supprised. Vegeta lifted Goku's legs over his shoulders and proceded to hammer into his mate. Goku felt him go deeper and still nailing his prostate and he quickly came covering them both in his seed, Vegeta whose cock was clamped down on couldn't take anymore as he shot himself inside the pregnat saiyan. They both stilled as Vegeta let Goku's legs fall and put their foreheads together trying to catch their breath smiling at eachother.


As Goku's hormons kicked in, so did his cravings. Vegeta for one loved his overly active hormons, he fucked his mate left and right, all night and during the day inbeetween Trunks' naps. Goku's cravings, not so much. The younger saiyan craved a variety of things, odd combinations no one would have ever thought of. Even Gohan couldn't stomach the concocktions his father came up with (having recently moved in with his father not long after they built the house).

"Geta!" Goku whinned from the living room. Vegeta was in the kitchen making his mate a bowl of chocolate icecream with sliced piccles, mustard topping, diced unions and garlic sprinkles, the entire time he had to control his gag reflex hoping not to barf. Gohan was playing with Trunks on the floor, and when he saw what Vegeta had brought his father he imediatly turned green in the face, rushing to the bathroom, Trunks on the other hand was laughing.

Vegeta handed Goku his bowl of 'evil' and picked Trunks up sitting next to his mate as he played with the cub.

"Thanks 'Geta!" Goku kissed Vegeta's cheek and dug in eating the icecream with enthusiasim moaning at the taste. Once done with the bowl of 'evil' Goku put the dish away and sat back down next to Vegeta and Trunks.

"EEEEEEEEECCCCK!" Gohan shrieked as he ran out of the bathroom and jumped into his father's lap shacking. This caused Trunks to turn and start hissing and growling at Gohan, thinking he was going to harm the unborn cub. Goku looked down at his son.

"Gohan? What's wrong?" Gohan looked up at his dad, pouting.

"S-SP-SPIDER!" Gohan yelled pointing at the bathroom. Vegeta rolled his eyes and grunted, handing his hissing cub to Goku. Once in Goku's arms Trunks looked down at his mama's slightly protruding stomach, he reached down rubbing it as he began purring. Gohan giggled and sat to the right if his father as Goku smiled down at the cub. All of a sudden many crashes were heard from the bathroom, followed by a string of curses and banging. Then you heard water running and alot of it.

Vegeta came out, soaked to the bone, his hair hanging down his face, utterly drenched from head to toe. Goku burst out laughing at his mate, whose tail began to twitch in annoyance.

"Vegeta?" Gohan asked trying to stiffle his own giggles as Trunks laughed loudly.

"The damn thing kept moving! I ended up blowing up the bathtub" Vegeta huffed out crossing his arms. Now Gohan was laughing too.

Am I pretty?

As Goku's stomach began to grow, Goku began worrying about his figure and if Vegeta still thought him attractive or not. He had been hiding it and dening his lover in bed lately, Vegeta was confused as to why. Trunks felt the tension between them and often blew things up to snap them out of it. Gohan tried talking to his dad for Vegeta but all that happened was Goku crying and locking the bedroom door keeping everyone out. Vegeta was worried, stressed and frustrated. He hadn't gotten off in weeks and he was determined to find out why and tonight. Gohan was staying at the look out for the day and Bulma had taken Trunks for some mother-son bonding, seeing as she barely saw her boy that often anymore. So they two saiyans were alone for the night.

Goku was upstairs taking a bath in the family bathroom. The expecting saiyan laid in the large tub, it was big enough for 5 people to bathe comfortably.

Goku sighed as he sunk down deeper into the water so only his head was above water smiling as the warm water relaxed him, suddenly there was a knocking on the door.

Vegeta stood outside the bathroom door waiting for his mate to respond.

"Vegeta?" Goku's muffled voice was herd, Vegeta sighed. 'well atleast he's talking' he thought.

"Kakarot, can I come in and talk to you?"

Goku was shocked, he blushed maddly and shook his head as he gripped his tail nervously.

"n-no." was the reply Vegeta heard. The prince sighed as he placed his head on the door.

"Kakarot please." Goku's eyes widened. 'did he just say please? He NEVER says that.' he though gulping. He curled himself into a ball sitting up, hiding his stomach as he looked down, his tail wrapping around him in a comforting manner.

"O-okay then" Vegeta smiled as he entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He walked over to his mate looking at the way he was sitting, then it hit him, he finally realized what was going on, sighing he kneeled down next to the tub.

"Kakarot, what's wrong? You haven't been acting the same. You won't let me touch or hold you. You've gotta tell me mate." Vegeta reached his hand out only to find Goku flinch back from his touch. "I didn't do anything did I Kakarot? If I did you have to let me know!" Vegeta was getting frustrated. Goku looked up suprised.

"NO! it's not you" Goku yelled, then whispered the last three words as he looked back down. Vegeta grabbed Goku's chin and lifted, forcing Goku to look him in the eye.

"Then what's wrong?" Vegeta searched his eyes for something, anything.

"D-do you think I'm pretty?" Goku whispered. Vegeta was floored, he thought for sure his mate would think himself fat, but this, this was new. Goku looked up expectantly, Vegeta only smiled.

"Kakarot, your gorgous." Vegeta was staring lovingly into Goku's eyes. Goku began to smile as he put his hand over Vegeta's and moved it to caress his cheek. Vegeta kissed his forhead lovingly as he kept caressing his face. Goku leaned up to kiss his mate, Vegeta met him half-way imedatly deepening the kiss, proceding in a battle of dominace that Vegeta quickly won. Vegeta leaned down picking Goku up bridal stlye, carrying the dripping saiyan back to their room.

Once inside he walked to the bed, still kissing Goku, his shins hit the edge of the bed, throwning Goku on the bed Vegeta jumped on top of him, taking both wrists in one hand, pinning them above his head, keeping Goku from covering himself.

Vegeta smirked down at Goku, who was now beet red and spralled out on the bed, his massive erection dripping slightly from his arousal. Deciding to use both hands Vegeta bound Goku with a ki ring keeping his arms in place as Vegeta was free to worship the godly body beneath him. He was bound and determined to make his love realize how beautiful he truely was.

Vegeta began running his hand up and down Goku's body, caressing and kissing the exposed skin in his wake. He made his way down farther and farther until he reached his prize. He took the throbing arousal in his hand, stroking it slowly but forcfully causing his mate to cry out in pleasure. Wanting to further please his mate Vegeta took his length into his mouth, sucking the weeping appendage. Soon he began bobbing his head up and down, fondling Goku's balls. Soon Goku spilled himself and Vegeta eagerly drank what was given to him.

He pulled away kissing Goku once more as he reached over to their bed side grabbing the lube and preparing his lover. Once Goku began pushing back on his fingers trying to get more did Vegeta deem him ready. Pulling away to slick up his neglected erection and lining up with Goku's entrance Vegeta quickly thrust in, burring himslef to the helt making Goku scream out as he unexpectantly came, crying out. Vegeta stilled trying to let his lover get used to having him inside him again. Soon enough Goku pushed down on Vegeta signaling his wanted him to move. Vegeta set a fast and burtal pace as Goku's erection came back to life standing at attention, ready for more. Vegeta rammed into Goku's entrace, hitting his prostate each time causing the younger siayan to cry out his lover's name and arch his back. Soon both came screaming their release. Pulling out and collapsing next to Goku, Vegeta pulled Goku into his chest holding him as they fell asleep.

Mood swings and saiyan nesting

As Goku neared his due date, the more moody he became. And with Gohan moving out already and their new grandson things took their toll. Everytime Gohan and Shinji came do visit he was sobbing and hanging all over them, much to Trunks dismay. When it was just the three of them, Goku occupied all of Trunks' time and was overly affectionate towards Vegeta, they couldn't even spar anymore! Goku got upset easily too, Vegeta had gotten mad one day saying he couldn't spend much time with his son thanks to Goku. This set off an hour long sobbing fest in which Goku made it clear that Trunks was THEIR son throughout his cries, that Goku thought this was how he wanted it to be. Vegeta felt guilty and eventually appologized to the distraught saiyan.

Recently after Vegeta trained and went to take a shower, Goku stole his dirty cloths, hiding them God knows where. Vegeta had a hunch, expecting saiyans made a nest, normally composed of soft objects smelling of their mate. There was only one problem though, he was running out of clean clothes to wear.

Goku was taking a nap in the nest he had made, and Vegeta was watching him, thinking of how he could get his clothes back, Trunks was curled up next to Goku's stomach purring as he rubbed at it. Vegeta sighed, 'there's no way I'm going to be able to get my clothes back, I hope he doesn't take anymore or I'll be naked until the cub comes.' he thought exsaperatidly. Vegeta walked over and kneeled down next to Goku and brushed some hair out of his face, smiling. Goku leaned into the touch slowly opening his eyes.

"Hey" Goku whispered.

"Hey yourself Kakarot" Vegeta smiled as he kissed his forehead, "Go back to sleep" Vegeta whispered before he kissed him on the lips before he placed his lover's head on his lap as he played with Goku's hair. Goku soon fell back asleep. Trunks also soon fell asleep. Vegeta just watched. 'My family huh?'

Part 2 coming soon! Not sure what to write yet about baby Goten and his family. Hopefully it will be more entertaining though XD. I hope you enjoyed.