Sorry I haven't updated in so long. i totally got stuck XD and I'm still stuck on my other story, which this one happens to go hand in hand with. Those who have been waiting for an update on that I'm sorry bout that! But I have to finish this one before i finsih the other. I'll update again when i next have the chance!

"Shit!" Goku screamed, clutching his stomach as another contraction hit. Vegeta began tearing off the younger saiyan's pants to look at what was happening down there. Vegeta pulled the bloodied gi pants off of his mate as Goku's shrieks filled the air. When he saw Goku's slowly dilating hole he knew the cub was coming. He moved up to Goku, cradling the screaming saiyan, hoping to soothe away what pain he could. He wiped away his sweat with the wet rag he had brought in earlier. Goku whimpered, his contractions slowing down for a bit as he nuzzled closer to his mate."'Geta it hurts." the younger whimpered. The prince sighed rubbing Goku's scalp soothingly." I know mate, I know". The next few hours were spend with Goku screaming painfully as Vegeta held him close or checking to see if the cub was beginning to come. Goku was exhausted trying not to push just yet knowing the cub wasn't ready, not just yet. But he was close, oh so close. Vegeta went to check one more time, finally smiling in relief."Kakarot, he's coming your going to have to push soon" Vegeta said slightly relieved. Goku smiled weakly as e felt it was true. Goku's eyes widened, the cub had just dropped, drastically. Clutching his stomach to feel for the cub he waited for his next contraction, this one was the worst so far. Goku began to push, yelling loudly, Vegeta knew what was happening and he got into position, ready. Another few hours past, the cub slowly making his way down the tight passage, but soon Vegeta could see his head, smiling he encouraged his mate." I see him Kakarot, he's coming" Said saiyan smiled and began to push harder hoping he would come out soon, but he was running out of energy, thinking quickly he went super saiyan so he could make it. Not too far after the room was filled with a shrieking young one, taking his first breath of air. The cub cried and cries as Vegeta cleaned him off and cut the umbilical cord. Once the cub was set in his mother's arms he stopped crying looking up lovingly."Hey little one, that really hurt you know?" Goku smiled down kissing his son's forehead. The cub began to whimper at his mother. "I think he's hungry" Goku said looking at his mate, Vegeta chuckled as he removed his mate's shirt. The cub latched on suckling at the peer nub, gulping down the food Goku's body had provided for him. Gasping slightly Goku blushed and looked down. He didn't know he could do that, Vegeta just smiled as he watched his mate and the new cub.

It's been about a week since Goten has been born, a week since the cubs started sleeping with them at night and a week since Goku and Vegeta had any really intimate time together. Goku carried the cub all the time, never really letting the newborn go unless Vegeta was holding him, or Trunks was playing with him. Goku was very protective over his newborn cub, not even Bulma or Krillen was allowed to hold him. The cub had been taking up all the young saiyan's time and affection. Vegeta was a little frustrated, his libido was getting the better of him, and if Goku didn't help soon he might just leave the cubs in Bulma's care for a week, something he know his mate would hate. Goku was giggling slightly as Goten suckled on his mother's nipple eating his breakfast. Trunks was watching Goku as his tail entwined with the infant's. Vegeta was sitting next to Goku watching his mate as he purred feeding the cub. "Hey 'Geta?" Goku looked over to his mate as Vegeta turned his head gazing at Goku heatedly." Yes Kakarot?" Vegeta replied huskily, he never told his mate, but watching him breast feed was a real turn on for the saiyan prince. Goku blushes averting his gaze down to his son."Gohan wanted to come over and take Goten and Trunks to the look out, kinda like a play date. But getting them used to being up there as well." Goku said smiling as he switched sides as Goten eagerly gulped down his meal. Vegeta smirked, 'Perfect' he thought. Vegeta hummed kissing his mate's forehead in approval

Goku smiled as he leaned into Vegeta sighing happily, it's been awhile since they were intimate, and honestly he missed it. After the cub was finished feeding Goku got up handing the cub to Vegeta. Vegeta took to cub and instantly began to cradle him as Trunks stood up to make faces at Goten earning little giggles from him and Vegeta to had made his way up the stairs into the main bathroom to find the breast pump Bulma had given him, he never thought he'd have to use it. Once he filled two bottles worth he put everything away and began to pack the diaper bag with both Goten's and Trunks' things to spend a few hours with Gohan and the Nameks.

Once everything was packed Goku went downstairs to call Gohan. He stopped when he saw the cute little scene between the saiyan prince and the two cubs, Vegeta was humming a saiyan lullaby as Goten played with his hair, Trunks was playing with Goten's hair with his tail entwined with his giggling slightly. Goku smiled lightly as he turned to the phone quickly picking it up and dialing his son's number. '-he hell do you answer this thing?' Goku heard Piccolo on the other end." I had problems with a phone first time I used it too" Goku chuckled.' So it works? What do you want Goku? hey! Ow! Shinji stop pulling that! Ow!' Goku giggled at what Shinji was doing to his Namekian father." Can you put Gohan on?" Goku asked. A few seconds later Goku heard shuffling and some muffled 'stop's or 'ow's from the Namek.'Dad?' Goku heard his son say."Hey buddy, you think you could get the boys now?" 'Vegeta actually went for it?' Gohan sounded surprised, Goku just chuckled."Yeah he did, so you think you can get them? I already have everything packed."' I'll be right there!' both saiyan's hung up the phone and within a few minutes Gohan was there taking the cubs to the look out.

Once the door was closed Vegeta tackled his lover, pinning the younger saiyan to the door, kissing him violently as he ground himself against the other. Growling out Goke's name, Vegeta lifted Goku and wrapped his legs around his waist grinding against him. This caused Goku to moan loudly and buck against the prince, silently pleading for more. They both pulled away, Vegeta attacking Goku's neck, sucking at his pulse point and nipping at his mating mark.

"O-Oh! 'Geta!" Goku bit his lip as he threw his head back, making a thumping noise as his head leaned against the door. Vegeta continued to nip and suck at his mate's neck, torturing the young saiyan. "Vegeta! P-please?" Goku whimpered as Vegeta turned and threw the younger onto the couch, quickly jumping on top and shredding his mate of his clothing, and quickly getting rid of his own. Goku looked up at his lover with glazed over, lust filled eyes as he gently ran his hands over the prince's hard sculpted body. Vegeta leaned forward causing their erections to brush against one another, both hissing out their pleasure. The prince, now impatient began to thrust against the willing body beneath him as he kissed his way down to Goke's nipples. Vegeta slowly lapped at the pert bud before taking it into his mouth, nipping at it causing Goku to writhe in pleasure. Vegeta now curious began to suck gently causing some of Goku's milk to spill out, once the sweet liquid reached his tounge, Vegeta began tosuck eagerly, trying to get as much as he could. Goku moaned out, this felt nothing like when Goten fed from him. Goku's tail began to frizz out, thumping against the couch, Vegeta's tail, just as puffed out, waved wildly through the air. Vegeta moved back up to kiss his mate feircely, teeth clashing, tounges fighting and twirling around one another. Vegeta began to lower one of his hands, gently tracing his Goku's puckered entrance. Goku moaned into the kiss, trying to impale himself on the prince's fingers. Vegeta took the hint and began to prepare Goku, thrusting his finger in and out slowly, barely brushing against the younger's sweet spot, soon he was adding two more fingers as Goku bucked his hips violently.

"Kakarot, I hope you ready because I can't hold back anymore" Vegeta horsely whispered into his loves lips before he crushed thier lips together, and thrusting himself into Goku quickly, nailing his prostate. Goku's eye widened as his eyes began to tear up from the sudden intrusion and mind blowing pleasure. Vegeta didn't wait for Goku adjust to the massive cock now inside him, embeded as deep as possible. Vegeta pulled away from the kiss, lifting Goku's legs over his shoulders, and gripping the younger's hips to gain more leverage. Vegeta set a hard fast pace, hitting his mate's sweet spot each time, Goku grabbed onto Vegeta's forearms, gripping so tightly there was sure to be a bruse later, as he tossed his head back and forth moaning out Vegeta's name. Each thrust sent them closer and closer to the edge. Vegeta bit his lips as he watched his lover's face contort in pure bliss. Goku's passage began to flutter, clenching and unclenching as he neared his end, Vegeta went super pounding as hard and as fast as he could. Goku came, clenching his velvet walls around Vegeta, causing the prince to climax into him. Vegeta let Goku's legs fall as he rested his forehead against the other saiyan, both needning to catch their breath. Goku moaned as Vegeta pulled out, excess come flowing out of his abused hole. The prince stood up, picking up Goku bridal style and carrying him up to their room. Goke wrapped his arms around Vegeta's neck sighing softly as he inhaled his mate's muscky sent mixed with the sent of sex in the air.

Trunks cackled loudly as he scurried through the halls of the look out. Piccolo stalked behind the prince, his face was dawned with squiggly lines that looked like bent cat whisckers, around his left eye was a lumpy circle and his forehead looked like a sloopy writing of his name. Piccolo's ki was fluctuating maddly, his cap following him as he searched for the cub that put perminate marker on his face. 'How the hell can that kid hide is energy already?!' Piccolo thought furiously as he searched every nook and cranny. Little did Piccolo know that the young prince had made his way outside and was now hiding behind Gohan's legs waiting for the Namek to find him.

Gohan was outside the lookout, cradling his baby brother as he sawyed back and forth, hoping to keep the cub asleep. He feared that when Goten woke up he wouldn't take the bottle Goku had packed for him, the cub was only a week old so it was understandable, but Gohan wanted to give his father as much time alone with Vegeta as possible. Gohan didn't expect Trunks to come and hide behind his legs, but he didn't mind. Gohan looked down on the floor, Shinji was playing with Dende and giggleing quietly, Trunks was trying to stiffle is own laughter. 'What did he do now?' Gohan thought worried, then Gohan sensed his mate's ki, soon after he saw said Namek standing in the doorway seething still covered in the marker Trunks had drawn on him, Gohan giggled slightly as Piccolo stood his ground in fear of waking the sleeping cub in Gohan's arms. Too bad it was all in vain as said cub began to stir, and open his eyes. Gohan got the bottle out of the bag and tried to feed it to his brother, who in turn began screaming and kicking his stubby baby legs in protest, hitting Gohan in his gut, which was quite painful. Goahn realizing that his brother wouldn't take the bottle took off towards his father's house, Piccolo not to far behind with a squirming Trunks in his arms.

Goku and Vegeta had just gotten out of the shower and were now sitting on the couch in the living room cuddling when they felf Piccolo and Gohan. Veget sighed as he got up to open the door, Gohan rushed in holding his screaming brother, Piccolo came in and dropped Trunks. When Vegeta saw the namek's face he began to cackle loudly as he picked up his son murmering a 'good job son' as his son smirked up at his dad happy for the praise. Goku had lifted up his shirt as Gohan passed Goten to him. The cub stopped his crying when he saw his mother and his next meal, as soon as he was in his mother's arms latching onto the offered nipple suckling gently, thankful for the meal.

Gohan and Piccolo left, Gohan was happy to give his dad and Vegeta some time alone, it was just too bad he couldn't give more.