Chapter 4

The doorbell rang incessantly causing Goku to get up from his place on the couch, holding a feeding Goten to answer the door. Vegeta was in the Gravity Room, as Trunks sat in the kitchen watching the monitor, watching his father train.

"Hi Bulma" Goku said cheerily, no trace of anger in his voice as one might expect from the conversation he had mere days ago with his friend. The blue-haired CEO walked in smiling as sat down on the couch, watching Goku feed his cub. Bulma smiled at her friend.

"So Goku, I'm throwing a get together tomorrow, around four, the whole Gang will be there. I was hoping you, Vegeta and the boys could come. Gohan is coming with Shinji and Piccolo, I thought you could to." Goku bit his lip nervously 'Everyone is gonna want to hold Goten if we go, 'Geta said it was normal to not want anyone to hold him the first few months. I don't know, I want to see everyone, but it's hard.' Bulma looked at the Saiyan expectantly. "Well?" Just then Vegeta exited the Gravity room, grabbing a towel to wipe off his face as he picked Trunks up and sitting on the couch next to Goku, kissing his cheek. "I got you zoo tickets so you guys could do something while I get my place all cleaned up and ready" Bulma added, Trunks looked up at the word 'zoo'.

"Zoo? Wassa Zoo?" Trunks looked up at his dad expectantly. Vegeta just grumbled to himself, then looked at his son.

"A place, humans have animals in cages for display and amusement" Vegeta answered blatantly, rolling his eyes. Goku giggled as Trunks looked up at his father with wide pleading eyes. Vegeta just sighed, "Okay, We'll go, but after I take a shower." Vegeta put Trunks down as he headed upstairs to take a shower.

Goku just finished feeding Goten so he took Trunks upstairs with him so he could pack Goten's diaper bag and dress himself and. Once everything was packed, and everyone dressed they headed downstairs.

When they came down Bulma noticed that Vegeta wore his badman shirt with black pants, Goku wore a skintight long sleeve that was blue with a black vest and skinny jeans, Trunks was dressed in a grey Capsule Corp shirt and shorts, Goten was wearing an orange onsie with blue sweat pants and an orange version of Trunks' old baby cap, and all their tails were hidden. She giggled as she handed Vegeta the tickets. Vegeta just huffed as Trunks smiled as he looked up at his dad, grabbing onto his pants leg tugging slightly trying to get picked up. Vegeta just leaned down and picked him up as Bulma walked outside to her car and leave. Vegeta, Goku and the cubs left, taking off into the air to the zoo.

Once they arrived to the zoo they turned in their tickets and headed to the first exhibit, which happened to be monkeys. Vegeta put Trunks on his shoulders as Goku held Goten. Trunks looked into the cage and cocked his head to the side then looked down at his dad then over to Goku, then back at the monkeys; he waved to them and giggled. After that they visited the Tiger exhibit, the Bear exhibit, Wolf exhibit, Loin exhibit, the bobcats, exotic birds and crocodile exhibits. Lastly the visited the ape and gorilla exhibit, this was what annoyed Vegeta, practically every creature in a cage had a tail, Do humans have some problem with species that have tails?! He thought. Trunks smiled at the primates waving and making funny faces causing some of them to either turn around or start making a lot of noise. This made Trunks laugh, Goku could stop the giggles from coming out as Vegeta sighed, slightly annoyed. Shortly after that they stopped by a restaurant to have lunch, soon Goten got hungry so they had to leave to Capsule Corp to go feed him in closed doors. Once arriving, Vegeta set Trunks down on the couch as he searched for Bulma. Goku sat down next to Trunks, lifting his shirt. When Goten saw the offered food he stopped whimpering and began to suck earning a giggle from his mother as he ate.

"Oh hey Go-"Bulma stopped in her tracks as she saw Goku feeding the newborn cub, she never saw a man Brest-feed before, it was shocking to say the least. Vegeta coughed, snapping Bulma out of her thoughts. "Oh, heh, yeah. Hi Goku! Did you have fun at the zoo?" Vegeta huffed as he picked up Trunks and sat down, putting him back in his lap, wrapping his arm around Goku's shoulder bringing them close.