After the game everyone started to head for the locker room, a part Scott who was chasing after an odd smell that was shadowing Allison, Stiles rolled his eyes "Can't you smelt she smell wonderful today."

"Yeeeeah I'm not a wolf she smell like Allison to me, urrh this water sucks what do you think?"

"No joke this stuff is worst than normal." Another player said walking pass

"Worry about that later need to speak to Allison." Scott said running off after the dark hair hunter, rolling his eyes again Stile threw the cup of water into the bin and went looking for something to get rid of the bitter taste, standing in front of the vending machine he picked his drink up and started to down it as he head towards the locker room. Walking he could hear people complain about the water and how some people went nuts for other people, Stiles was still waiting for Scott to come back from doing god knows what to Allison, so he waited until he was the only one in the locker room, he looked down at his phone 'Scott where r u?' nothing 'U said u will give me a lift back remember?' still nothing

"Wolf bloody hornyness!" he said as he headed for the showers, he peeled off the last of his clothes and walked into the hot showers, he felt achy nothing out the ordinary but this was an odd ach in his lower abdomen. …Note to self get dad to look into the blood water… "I wish people stop drugging me." He said out loud.

Wrapping a towel around himself he towel dried his head…need to get a haircut… he thought as he wiped the steam off the mirror and looking into it, his hair was a little too long now it started to go a little curly in places "Any longer and I will need to tie it up." He said as he ran his hands though his dark hair, there was a rattle of something in the room and he looked around the corner to looked into the deathly quiet room "Heeelo any one here?" he called out, nothing he shrugged and walked back into his locker to get his clothes. A sudden feeling of someone behind, goose bump formed all over his skin as a hot breath crossed the back of his neck, he swallowed the lump in his throat as he turned around and looked into the red eyes of Derek "D…Derek? Are you okay?" He asked, his mouth become dry, after a very long second of looking at him Stiles turned to get far away from the wolf but an arm stopped him from leaving he saw the claws show themselves looking back towards him, Stiles paled Derek had gone wolf on him and he was trapped "S…Snap out of it Derek it's me Stiles Scott's friend." He said but all the wolf did was growled and lower his head quickly to his neck and sniffed him, his nose found his pulse and took along sniff up his neck and shuddered at the smell that filled his senses clouding all thoughts and reasoning, moving one of his claw nails and sliced it down Stiles cheek making the teen let out a painful gasp , Derek leaned in grabbed his face tightly leaving bruises on the jaw as he trailed his tongue up the teens face letting the blood cover his tongue, tears started to burn Stiles' eyes and roll down his cheeks stinging his cut on his face.

The teen's blood was wonderful along with his scent it drove him over bored; Derek grabbed the thin boy by his arms letting his nails sink into his arms "AHHHHH stop your hurting my arm!" Stiles yelled as he was slammed into the lockers face first, he could feel the throbbing pain in his head making his almost black out, he could feel blood trickle down his face his legs were wobbly and shaky as Derek growled as he pulled the towel off Stiles' body leaving him bare, "St…op." The teen tried to chock out as he started to cry, Derek leaned in and growled out


Scott and Allison walked back to the locker room with smiles on their faces like the cat that had gotten the cream their arms around each other, they were talking about the strange scent Scott could smell on Allison "Maybe it was the water it was terrible." She said

"Yeah Stiles and a few others said the same thing." He said "Hey didn't your granddad bring the water for the game?" she looked at him and nodded

"But why would he do something like that?" she asked

"Who knows but either he royal messed up for him or he is really trying to…" he stopped talking and stood still

"Scott what wro…" before she could even finished she could hear screams coming from the boy's locker room, they both ran into the room the smell of blood, come, fear and pain hit Scott as they rounded the corner "Oh god!" the dark hair hunter cried out, the younger wolf ran to her side to see Derek sink is fangs into Stiles' shoulder and neck, Stiles eyes widen and screamed before he passed out in the larger wolf's arms.

"Derek." Scott growled, the other alpha wolf looked up an and backed away his eyes turned back to normal and he stood back dropping Stiles to the floor Allison ran over and caught to the teen before his head hit the benches, she then laid him in the floor on his side, "What do you think you're doing?" Scott yelled

"I…I shit I cou…I couldn't stop myself the scent his scent." He said as he covered himself up once he realises he still hanging out, he had blood all down his self all over his chin as he looked at the unconscious teen on the floor, he started to feel sick

"Scott we need to get him to the hospital he's bleed too much, the bite it torn." Allison said with tears in her eyes, Scott didn't look down as he watched the other alpha's face

"Call ambulance." He said as he took his jacket off and handed it to her, she laid it cross Stiles to cover him and to keep him warm "Go Derek I will speak to you later but for now go." He growled


"Derek!" Scott warned he was really pissed off and close to losing his cool and the last thing he or the others needed was him and Derek to start fighting, the older wolf ran out the locker room when he heard the ambulance and what sounds like police cars coming to the school "Shit his dad, this will be hell."

"Scott your eyes, loss the amber and the glow!" Allison begged as Scott tried to calm himself.

They were at the hospital and sat in the waiting room, Scott pace floor his body shacking with anger, fear and sadness, he looked over to his girl friend who lay a sleep on the chairs a blanket draped over her as she wore some of Scott's spare clothes that he kept in his lockers as her clothes was stained in blood, he was happy with that she was covered by his scent protecting her from other. He saw his mum come into the room she gave him a hug and held him tightly "I…Is he going to be okay?" he asked

"He will heal."

"You mean physically?" The wolf asked, she nodded

"Look why don't you and Allison go home I will call you when he wakes up at the moment his dad is in there with him." He told him "Scott he will be okay." She smiled weakly at him "Now get Allison home." he nodded "I know you're worried and scared but I will take good care of him." She kissed his forehead and left the room, he moved to the sleeping girl and bent down in front of her and shook her awake

"Ummm what?" she said sleepily

"Mum just been in she wants me to take you home, might be a good idea seeming you dad still hates me." She nodded

"Is Stiles okay?" she asked her eyes red and puffy

"He will be." He said

"Don't do anything silly Scott I don't need the vet to call me." She told him as she warped her arms around his arm and walked out the hospital, after dropping Allison off and getting evil looks from her dad and explains what happen leaving some bits out, once they did their good byes he ran to where Derek was living.

The next day Stiles woke up to see Scott looking back and blue "What happen to you." he said horsely, Scott sat up and looked at him

"I got into a fight with Derek." He said narrowing his eyes, the proof of scratches and bruises on his showed

"Oh." He said looking down "How bad do I look?" Stiles asked

"Not too bad you were bite so your gonna heal faster but it just might take while." He said, Stiles nodded and sat up winced

"Oh holy fucking hell!" He cried out, feeling tears burn his eyes Scott jump up and sat on the bed and touch his shoulder "Don't." He whispers as he flinched away from him


"Sorry I…I… I feel like I need Derek here it weird." Scott frowned and sighed

"No it's not wired, you remember when I told you that Allison scent was odd it was strong and I felt like I need to be with her?" Stiles nodded remembering the conversation

"Well Allison is my mate and well you were given out a scent of your own, one that made Derek go gaga and I think your right it was the water Allison dad just said it was his old man.

"Why would he do something like that if he knew it would do?" he asked

"He didn't know what it would do another hunter gave it to him told him it's great to get rid of wolves."

"Arsehole." They were quiet for a while, while Stiles ate some hospital food "So how is Derek." He asked not looking up

"Black and blue like me… he said he couldn't stop himself and right now he hates himself." Scott said nicking the a bit of Stiles plate and made a face at the horrid food "And I thought food was meant to be better." He said

"Serves you right for taking food of my plate, and Good… about the hating himself but are you saying I'm his mate?" The other wolf nodded

"Yeah you are."

...Three weeks...

Stiles frowned as he looked into the mirror of the bathroom of the hospital room; he had a few cuts and bruises that were not fading fast enough… fucking alpha dog… he thought he pulled the banged back to looked at the bite to see it was healing nicely the stitches could come out soon…wolf healing only good thing, still taking to long… there was knock at the bath room door and he turned to see Scott looking at him "Hey."


"How are you feeling today?" h asked

"Better than yesterday dad left not too long ago he brought me some clothes; he was telling me he thinks Jackson did it." Both teen laughed

"That is a scary thought."


"Why would he think that?"

"Not sure he wouldn't say."

"Oh wait I think I might know, he was saying some things around the school about it."

"What was he saying?"

"You don't want to know I had to kick his arse a few times." Stiles made an 'Oh' shape with his mouth as he moved back to the bed, he was glad he were his own clothes, but he still couldn't get Derek out of his head, on one hand he is terrified of him but on the other hand he wanted his mate, he wanted to smell his scent to hug him and to smack him hard for hurting him

"Your thinking about him, you need your mate don't you?" The other wolf said moving to sit next to him

"Yeah I'm afraid so." He smiled weakly "I want to feeling him hold me but I also want to hurt him but I know he is hurting at the same time because I can feel him, but I am just so mad at him Scott, if he had a bit control I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be scared of him." he said trying not to cry, Scott placed a hand on his back and felt him stiffen before relaxing to the friendly touch

"I know, you know you smell different?" Scott finely said, Stiles raised an eye brow

"Yeah I smell like a wolf?" he said

"No, no it likes how Allison smells at the moment." He shook his head "Maybe I'm getting my smell cross wired." He said, he notices he smelt like that when he walked into the room

"Yeah maybe, I need you to call Derek."

"What have you got planed?" he asked as he pulled his phone out

"Just play along." He mumbled as he watches Scott text Derek to meet him at Stiles' house.

That afternoon Stiles was let out of hospital, his dad was hovering over him for awhile until he had to go work making sure he was okay and that doors were doubled locked even tho Scott was there to keep Stiles company he was still scared. It was 10 minutes later when Derek walked up to the door, Scott open the door before he could knock and let him not really talking to him as he lead him into the living room where he was sitting on the sofa looking down at the coffee in his cup, he frowned at the smell and putting on it coffee table "Stiles?" Derek mumbled

"Hey." He said not looking up "Does this coffee smell bad to you?" he asked picked the coffee cup back up and holding out to him

"Coffee?" he asked confused, was expecting the teen to scream at him and hate him but not to ask about how his coffee smelt

"Yeah coffee, Scott says it fine that the milk is okay and the coffee is new so maybe it's his nose he thought I smelt like Allison earlier today." He said shrugging as he took the older alpha wolf appearance; he looked terrible worst than him, he looked like he hasn't slept in three weeks since the 'thing'

"I said that you smell different and that is how Allison has smelt recently." Scott said leaning against the door frame, Derek took the coffee and smelt it

"It's fine Stiles." He said handing the coffee back; he looked at the teen who frowned deeply "Stiles we need to talk about what happen." Derek said,

"I know that is why your here?" He said

"I couldn't stop myself, I've know you been my mate for a while but…"

"Stop Derek, I'm not going to say its fine and I am not okay, I know I'm your mate but I am pissed." The wolf looked at him closely picking up on his scent his he frowned, just as he was about to say something Scott's mobile went off and he walked out the room.

Moving closer to Stiles and knelt in front of him "I will do anything you want." He said

"I don't want anything Derek, I am scared of you but at the same time I still need you because of this." He points to the bite "I know how you been feeling because you can feel mine to but I am not about to forgive you quickly. I thought about not talking to you or sending my dad after you or even Allison and her family but that would hurt more in the long run, so I am doing to say this next full moon you're on your own." He Said

"What, that wouldn't be good for you or either of us it will be hell." He said

"Yep I know but I will be more worried about the first change than where you are." Stiles told, Derek could smell his scent it was a lot stronger than ever before, his eyes widen at the thought …this was not good… "Scott what's wrong?" he asked as he was his friend walk back into the living room his face pale his wide looking like dinner plate

"Allison dad is going to murder me."

"Well we know he hates you, but why…" Stile said looking at him, Derek groaned

"He just found out Allison is pregnant." Derek said, all eyes looked to him

"How do you know?" Scott yelled

"You got her pregnant oh wow yep he is going to kill you." Stiles said, pinching the bridged of his nose Derek stood back up and looked at him

"Because the smell you pick up on her will be the same smell Stiles has, they're hormones had change their scent." No one said anything and the silence grew

"Are you saying Stiles is pregnant?" Scott finely said to break the silence

"Yes Scott it happens if an alpha is involved, somehow whatever set these their pheromones off were trying to keep us busy."

"Yeah for the next 20 odd years. YOU SON OF A BITCH I'M PREGNANT, HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO EXPLAIN THAT TO MY DAD!" he screamed at him Derek winced he could feel his anger roll off is heated waves, he jumped off the sofa and punched him in the face as hard as he good, Scott was shocked to see the big wolf just take it and stump back, after another three blows Stiles winced at his arm holding his shoulder he looked at the his hand and saw blood, he growled very wolf like as he looked at Derek "You better start explain how this works male pregnancy works." He hiss "And for the record two full moons on your own."