At 5 months Stiles sat in his kitchen looking down at his bump, today the whole pack are going shopping for baby stuff for the new built Hale house, his dad wanted into the room and looked at him "You okay?"

"Umm yeah find hunky dory." He said with a smile

"Hunky dory? Okay what's up?" he asked pouring himself a coffee

"Gerard he made some threats yesterday against me and the others how are pregnant with wolf cubs." He said frowning even deeper than before his hand rested on the bump rubbing back and forth

"He did what? Was anyone else was there to hear him?" he asked, Stiles could see his father thinking about killing the old man,

"Danny was there." He shrugged

"I will have a word with him and then deal with Gerard you should have to worry about that old git, have fun shopping today, I got to be going someone keeps stealing raw beef from the shops." He said shaking his head, Stiles bite his lip knowing who had has been taking the raw beef and he thinks his dad knows he knows.

...Meanwhile at the Argent household...

Allison sat on the kitchen counter a tub of bloody raw beef next to her and a blow of chocolate spread, she was humming happily as she picked a piece up letting it dripped for a moment or two before covering it in chocolate spread, and then eating it with a smile on her face like it was god's greatest gift to her, Chris stood watching her from where he stood by the door, he hand rested on the bump as she happily ate raw chocolate coated meat, he was so angry when he found out she was pregnant with Scott's child but he become more scared of his daughter she wouldn't her anyone but Scott and the others of Derek's pack near her bump and if he tried he will end up worst than last time. Gerard walked into the room and frown at his son and then at his granddaughter "You know Allison you have no idea if that baby will be human when it's born it could be a wolf like." He said

"So." She replied, he put the fake kindly grandfather act on and walked up to her, her eyes locked on to his movement as he popped another chocolate coated meat in her mouth,

"Dad I don't think that is…" Chris started but was hushed up

"I don't think you understand my dear, this child could be dangerous and should be destor…" he put his hand out and touches her thigh; her eyes widen and took his hand and twisting it back,

"TOUCH ME AGAIN AND I WILL RIP YOUR HAND OFF!" she shouted before letting him out "And I would like to remind you that this is your fault, now if your don't mind I'm going to get ready, Scott is picking me up in a minute." She said walked off out the room leaving the two men stun.

Scott, Derek and Jackson frowned as he watched the happy group going gaga over pink little booties and how Stiles so how found one that had a print on the front in big blue lettering 'Mama's little pup' they were all buying one, Erica came over with a smile on her face flicking her blonde hair back "You not even pregnant and your going mental like the rest of them." Jackson said looking like he was going to be sick

"Nawww come on now Jack is the pains getting too much for stone face Jackson."

"S…Shut up." He said,

"Any how I find this all cute, plus Isaac needs me." She smiled bouncing back to the other

"Most of the pack is pregnant, three are human one is wolf without this mate and the other wolf is just nuts."Scott said Derek looked at him and then back at the group it seem Isaac and Allison are now fight over a pack of nappies

"Oh god here comes the hormones." Jackson said covering his face

"Is it just me who seem to be having a stroll thought the park with this pregnancy?" Derek asked

"Mum tells Allison to let it go!" Isaac growled the wolves froze when they hear what Isaac said and that Stiles moved to in to sort it out

"Allison here see the same pack it with the same amount of nappies and the same creepy child on the front for the same damn price."

"Thanks." She said

"Say you're sorry to Isaac?" Stiles asked looking at her

"Sorry Isaac I didn't mean to go caty on you." she said giving him a hug before moving away.

"Erica!" Derek called out she moved back to the three and smiled sweetly as the tree looked at her "Did Isaac just call Stile mum?" Derek asked

"Yep." She smiled "What don't tell me you don't think he's not our mum?" she said frowning

"Well I knew he was pack mum type but I didn't you guys knew?" Derek said

"What the pup hug in the kitchen didn't give it way?" Scott chuckled as he walked over to Allison who was looking at more baby clothes

"JACKSON DANNY JUST FAINTED!" Stiles screamed down the aisle.

It was a few weeks later and Stiles was and the rest of the pregnant pack was in kitchen all sharing a tub of raw beef, and whatever else they wanted to eat, while the rest of the pack went to deal with Gerard, he had kidnapped some of the pregnant members of the pack and had then locked in cages treating all sorts of nasty things, a few got smacked in the face some had cuts, but they got out alive a okay and having fun just talking about up and come tests and the sudden sympathy pains that Derek and Scott are feeling like Jackson, they sound it funny, after finishing their snake they head up to Derek's and Stiles' bed room and they piled on falling asleep and when their mates come home they piled on as well all sleeping close to each other.