A second chance at True Love

Arthur Pendragon lost the best thing that had happened to him when he was 16, fresh out of high school with the world at his feet.

What Arthur realized to late was that true love can never be replaced.

Breaking up with Merlin is the one thing he wished he could go back and change.

They had been high school sweethearts since the start of the 8th grade; they talked about everything, what they wanted out of life to the future they would share together.

By the 9th grade they had given themselves to each other completely, they were in love, madly, passionately in love and then it all changed.

By the end of the 11th grade and school completely he had called things off with Merlin, saying that he wanted to be free and that he wanted to experience all college had to offer; Merlin fought at first but when you find the love of yourself all over someone that isn't you, the fight just goes out the window.

It had been 6 years since that day and Arthur has regretted ever doing that to Merlin, for giving up on them, for letting him go and most of all for not spending the past 6 years with the man he loves.

Everyone that Arthur knew and loved had grown up and started their own family.

His sister, Morgana, had married her college boyfriend, Leon, and now has a 3 year old boy named Jake.

Lance and Gwen beat the odds with their long distances relationship, they never once let the distances make them question their love for each other, and now their happily married with twins, two beauty little girls, Mary and Maggie, they are going to have the boys at their feet when their older.

And Merlin… well Arthur didn't know about him, didn't know if he was seeing someone, married or had a family of his own and that hurt more than anything.

Arthur wanted to start his own family, he was 22 now and that was as his parents would say time for him to settle down, and that meant only one thing to Arthur, Time to find Merlin and beg for forgiveness.

It was late afternoon on a sunny day in July when Arthur got his chance.

Gwen had has Arthur if he wanted to go with the girls to the park and seeing as he could never say No to Mary or Maggie he agreed, once in the park the two 4years grabbed each other's ands and ran to the play park.

"So how have you been?" Gwen asked watching her daughters walk up to two little boys playing.

"I've been better, so Lance has the day off tomorrow, you guys doing anything fun?" Arthur asked trying to keep the subject off him

Lance had been working on a big piece for his gallery and it was finally finished and Lance had promised his family that he would not take on another project until he's little girls were finished with him, which meant that in 2 weeks' time Lance will once again be painting up a storm.

"Oh yes, were going to take the girls to the Zoo, it's all they can talk about really" Gwen smiled

Arthur looked over at the play park and smiled when he saw Mary having a little boy following her around like a lost puppy, but before Arthur or Gwen could start talking again another little boy with brownie blond hair pushed Mary over.

"Stay way from Percy" the little boy said

Both Arthur and Gwen where up and over there before they knew they were walking

"Gwaine" The little boy looked behind him

"How many times must I tell you that Percy can have more than one friend" His father replied

Arthur looked up ready to have a go at the father when all words died in his throat; there standing in front of him was Merlin, his long lost True love.

"Sory Daddy, but she take Percy" The little boy, Gwaine, replied

Merlin got down to the child's level

"Oh baby boy, no one can take Percy from you. But that doesn't mean you can push little girls like Mary around, now say you're sorry it's time to go home" Merlin told his son getting back up

Wait? How does he know Mary's name? Arthur thought

Gwaine turned to Mary who had been holding Percy's hand since the little boy had helped her up, Gwaine turned to his dad who nodded before looking back at Mary

"Sory Mary" Gwaine said pouting

"Mary what do we say?" Gwen asked her daughter

Mary pulled her shoulders back and smiled sweetly

"Percy my friend, he not play with big meanies" And with that she pulled Percy over to the jungle Jim

"Oh dear" Gwen said watching Gwaine's face full with tears.

Merlin just about court his son as he went to run at Mary who was sitting next to Percy smiling

"I see Morgana has gotten to her" Merlin joked picking up his son, as he did so he sun shined of his wedding band and made Arthur's heart tighten

"I'm so sorry Merlin, she's not normally like this" Gwen replied

"It's ok Gwen, I'll see you on Monday for the Girls check-ups" Merlin smiled

"Let's go and get Percy and go home" Merlin told his son

Before Arthur could say anything Merlin was gone, and little Mary was complaining that the mean doctor took her boyfriend.

"Baby he is not your boyfriend, 1st your too young and 2nd he is already taken" Gwen smiled at her daughter who pouted just like Morgana

"I'm 4" Mary said holding up four fingers

"That's still too young" Gwen laughed

"So you've talked to Merlin?" Arthur asked finally asked

"He's the girls doctor Arthur of course I talk to him" Gwen smiled sadly

"He's married" Arthur muttered

Gwen put a hand on Arthur's arm and smiled

"Talk to Lance tonight at the pub" And with that said she went to get her girls, Maggie didn't want to leave and was very unhappy when her mother told her it was because her twin had been naughty.

Later that night at the pub Arthur had question Lance about Merlin, being his best friend Lance knew just how to answer the questions. And when the night was over Arthur drunk as he was made a plan to get the man he loved back.

Fate maybe a cruel mistress at times, but go off what she has written for you and she will still have you complete your destiny even if you don't want to.

No one can run from fate, she knows your every move and will hunt you down.

The next morning Arthur got up early, he rushed to get ready before jumping in his car and heading to the park hoping that Merlin would be there, of course when he got there it was still early and not many children where in the play park, not wanting to seem creepy Arthur sat down on a bench not close but still able to see. When Arthur looked at his watch to find that he had been sitting there for a whole, Arthur thought it best to give up and try again some other time, but as luck would have it just as he was about to leave he noticed Merlin and his little boy enter the play park.

Arthur quickly rushed over to the coffee shop and brought himself a coffee and Merlin one of those silly milkshakes you can only fine in coffee house and of course a cookie for little Gwaine, before walking to the play park.

"Hey, I've got coffee" Arthur said

You haven't seen the guy in 6 years and that's what you come up with? Lame

Merlin turned and looked at Arthur confused before smiling and taking the offered drink

"Thank you, I must ask Arthur why?" Merlin questioned

"I needed something better than 'hi'" Arthur smiled

Merlin laughed and turned to watch his son

"You have a wonderful boy, you and your partner must be so proud" Arthur asked fishing

"No partner, and thank you, I try my best" Merlin replied

"Oh, but I thought" Arthur cut off not wanting to upset Merlin in fear that he might leave

"The ring?" Merlin asked smiling sadly

"Yes" Arthur answered

"I was married once a lot time ago" Merlin replied turn to watch Gwaine play with the other children

"Gwaine seem happier today" Arthur commented

"Yes, he loves Percy and fears that someone will take him away that's why he act the way he does, but when Percy is with his dad, Gwaine is great with other children" Merlin smiled

"Wow, true love at the age of 3" Arthur guessed

"I'm 4" Gwaine told him, having come over for a drink

"I'm sorry my mistake" Arthur smiled

Remembering the cookie in his bag, Arthur asks Merlin if it would be Ok to give it to Gwaine

"He can have it after dinner, thank you Arthur that was sweet of you" Merlin smiled

This continued for the next week or so, Arthur bring a milkshake and a cookie for Merlin and Gwaine, they would sit and talk while Gwaine played and every time Arthur had to say good bye was like a knife to his heart.

But one day as they were about to say their good byes Merlin asked Arthur if he wanted to join them for dinner at his place.

"Yes, I would love that. Shall I bring anything?" Arthur asked

Merlin smiled

"Just yourself Arthur"

"Cookies?" Gwaine smiled up at his father

Arthur could help the chuckle that came out, the little was cute.

"If you ask Arthur nicely he might being you some cookies for after dinner" Merlin replied smiling down at his son

"Can you please bring some cookies? Pretty please" And then Gwaine did the one thing no adult could say no to.

A bloody puppy dog face, sometimes Arthur really hated that look but this wasn't one of them

"Of course buddy" Arthur smiled